Toddlers and Chimpanzees Share a Surprising Unspoken Language

Prior to developing the capacity for speech, toddlers communicate their desires, demands, and discontent using a diverse repertoire of physical gestures. As a new study shows, there’s a significant amount of overlap between the gestures employed by human children and those made by other ape species, a finding that’s casting new light on the origin of primate communication. Read More >>

Chimp Beds Are Way Less Filthy Than Human Beds

In a twist that rivals cinema’s best, a new study published Tuesday in Royal Society Open Science suggests a horrible truth: we’ve been the damn dirty apes all along. It found that beds made by one of our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees, contain little personal filth, meaning germs and parasites from their own body, and certainly much less filth than what’s typically seen in human homes and beds. Read More >>

RIP Chantek, the Signing Orangutan Who Was Just Like Us

There is no permanent good in this world. One minute, everything seems fine. The next minute, the forces of darkness steal away Chantek, the beloved, 39-year-old signing orangutan. Read More >>

Homebrew Horror Films Made to Study Apes’ Memory

When Japanese researchers wanted to see if chimps could learn things from simply viewing a situation just once, they needed to create situations where apes would anticipate a noteworthy event. So they made their own horror films just for apes. Read More >>

Climbers Helped a Zoo Make Sure its Orangutan Habitat is Escape-Proof

The Kansas City Zoo didn’t have the best track record when it came to penning-in its primates—two gorillas got out in 2012 and two chimpanzees ran away in 2014 (I assume they all were brought back?). So when building a new orangutan habitat, the zoo brought in some experts to test the sheer rock walls for climb-ability. Read More >>

Scientists Learn How to Speak Monkey

Researchers at Durham University claim to have translated the various calls in use by a species of ape in Thailand, with the gibbons surveyed apparently having 450 regular "words" -- ones they use to communicate dangers and chat about what interesting insects they fancy having for dinner. Read More >>

Watch This Robo Ape Evolve Into a Robo Human In Just a Few Seconds

Some of you may remember the iStruct robotic ape. It was developed by Germany's DFKI to presumably bring us one step closer to a cyborg version of Planet of the Apes. Well, it's unfortunately advancing faster than we'd feared, and has seemingly condensed millions of years of robo-evolution into just a few seconds and is now able to stand and walk around on just two legs. Read More >>