Researchers Are Sorry They Used ‘Derpy’ in a Research Paper

Much like the universally true advice to “never tweet,” it’s probably a good idea to just avoid internet language and memes when you’re working in a professional capacity. Two well-intentioned researchers learned that the hard way recently when they didn’t do enough research on the term “derpy.” Read More >>

Samsung Is ‘Sorry’ For Being a Bit of a Sexist Jerk

Samsung's been on a bit of a sexist roll lately, but at least the company's doing the decent thing and 'fessing up, apologising for 'any offence caused' by portraying the fairer sex as a binge-drinking, nail-file-obsessed bunch of swimsuit models. Read More >>

Apple UK Seems Marginally More Apologetic as it Removes Page Resizing Code

Apple continues to make an absolutely huge mess of apologising to Samsung, with the Javascript that initially hid the legal correction from view now removed from the UK site so its half-arsed apology is a little more visible. Read More >>

Apple Posts Its Apology To Samsung, But For Real This Time

After trying to be snarky and biting with its court ordered apology to Samsung, and being reprimanded by the UK court and told to fix it, Apple has now put a second, simple, much less back-handledly “Samsung’s dumb and we’re the coolest” apology on their UK webpage. Hopefully this will be the end of it. Read More >>

Apple’s Samsung Apology Hits the UK Newspapers, But Doesn’t Seem Any More Heartfelt

Apple's apology to Samsung has hit the printed newspapers today, with the above text spotted on page five of today's Guardian. It's shorter than the one it was ordered to rewrite, but does it sound like Apple means it this time? Read More >>

Apple Can’t Even Say Sorry Correctly

Oh dear Apple, I know you're bitter and twisted about having to apologise to Samsung and tell the world that it didn't copy you, but at least you could do it right the first time eh? A UK Judge has slammed Apple for adding "untrue" and "incorrect" details to its apology. Read More >>

Apple Posts Its Apology to Samsung Online, in Arial

Last week Apple lost an appeal against a UK High Court of Justice ruling, and was told to post a public apology to Samsung. In Arial. Now it's popped up online. Read More >>

Apple Loses Samsung Apology Appeal — Has to Say Sorry in Public

Apple has lost its appeal against the findings of a previous case with Samsung in the UK, when judge Judge Birss found that Samsung's Galaxy Tab range hadn't copied Apple's iPad design and ordered Apple to run apologies on its web site and across print media. Read More >>

Megaupload Founder Gets Apology From New Zealand’s Prime Minister

You know that evil man who helped facilitate piracy across the globe? He's just earned himself a grovelling apology from the prime minister of New Zealand, over the continued mess that is his prosecution for illegal file sharing. Read More >>