A Brief Explanation of Facebook’s Scary New iPhone Bug

A handful of folks recently spotted an unwelcome addition to the Facebook app for iPhone. Some stray swipes on the News Feed would inexplicably reveal the viewfinder for the phone’s rear camera. It’s unclear if the camera was recording, but there it was lurking in the background of an app that’s infamous for running all kinds of unwanted processes in the background. Facebook finally addressed the issue on Tuesday, but this might just make you wonder what else that app is doing that you don’t know about. Read More >>

Baffling App Lets iPhone Users Talk To Each Other On The Tube

There really is an app for everything, and now there's one for talking to iOS users on the London Underground. Read More >>

Measuring Tape in Augmented Reality Is Way More Exciting Than It Should Be

There are a few reasons to be bullish about augmented reality. It’s just neat is the most important reason. Its practicality is another great factor. But above all, the fact that Apple is about to unleash its app developers to go crazy with AR in iOS 11 means that a tonne of content should be coming. This humble measuring tape app is just the tip of the iceberg. Read More >>

Uber Gives Drivers Free Language Training In Battle With TfL

In the escalating turf war between Transport for London and taxi rivals Uber, the on-demand ride app has announced it's giving its drivers a free English language course. This is in response to TfL's declaration that all drivers from non-English-speaking countries had to pass a £200 exam to prove their competency - a decision that's been in and out of court over the last few months. Read More >>

How to Browse Windows Folders Using Tabs

Tabbed browsing has changed the way we surf the web, making it ridiculously easy to load sites in the background and switch between a bunch of pages in seconds. Now, you can get the same interface for browsing through your files on Windows. Here’s the tool you’re going to need and how to use it. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Bought London-Based Keyboard Maker SwiftKey

SwiftKey is the most innovative and interesting predictive keyboard maker in the business, and Microsoft is a software giant that’s trying to push its artificial intelligence cred a little higher. It’s a match made in heaven, to the tune of $250 million (£173.7m). Read More >>

Wayfindr Digital Navigation for Blind People Launches at Euston Station

The Wayfindr system -- a method of guiding people with eyesight problems around the place using beacons and smartphones -- is being tested in London, with a trial now running within the warren of tunnels that make up Euston tube station. Read More >>

Finland Chooses Nokia 3310 as its National Emoji

Finland’s official tourism website has designed a series of national emoji (the first nation to do so, as ThisisFINLAND proclaims) with what we assume is pride. The emoji are supposed to “reveal the weirdnesses and the strengths of the country and its people”. Read More >>

Yahoo Kills Passwords With Simple Phone Sign-ins

Yahoo just laid another brick in the road to its password-less future: on a blog post, the company showed off its new mail app and another way for users to enter their accounts without needing to remember a password. Read More >>

Facebook Tests Search-Powered Link Sharing to Keep You in its World

A technical twiddle to the mobile Facebook app is being tested on some social guinea pigs in the US, with a small sample of iOS users now having the ability to add links to their posts -- links populated by the site automatically searching for URLs previously posted. Read More >>

Sony App Lets You Take Photos by Poking Your Camera in the Eye

Sony's having a shot at making camera remotes obsolete, by releasing an app that lets users trigger a shot by holding a hand over the eye sensor. Read More >>

Google Allowed to Have Every .App Domain Name

Google has splashed out a massive $25m (£16m) on buying exclusive rights to use the .app domain suffix. Read More >>

Instagram Deletes Millions of Fake Accounts

Did you just lose several thousand Instagram followers? That'll be because all your selfie-snapping fans were fakes -- Instagram has just had a major purge, deleting millions of inactive and bot accounts. [Instagram] Read More >>

How to Download iOS 8 Without Deleting all Your Stuff

Now that iOS 8 is finally here, many an iPhone user has eagerly swiped over to the update screen only to find that the greedy install package just won't fit. But don't worry — you don't have to go on a deleting rampage. All it takes is a few simple workarounds, and you can have your iOS 8 and keep your data, too. Read More >>

Facebook’s Slingshot Ready For International Image-Throwing

The Slingshot app from Facebook is now available internationally, unlocking the latest photo-sharing tool for us lot. The idea is you can only see a message if you send something back to the sender first, holding incoming pics and vids hostage until you do so. Get it for Android or iOS right now if you like [Slingshot] Read More >>