A Collector Is Trying to Bring a Rare, “Previously Unknown” Apple-1 Back to Life

The Apple-1 is the very first product from the minds of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and when one of the 50 or so boards known to still exist sells at auction it’s a big deal. These fragile pieces of computing history regularly fetch upwards of $300,000 (£215,472). Read More >>

A Holy Grail of Personal Computing Hits the Auction Block

Later this month, one of the rarest specimens of hardware history will go up for auction: a working Apple-1. While most will people will never be able to afford to bid on it, this is a great opportunity to look at this beautifully ragtag machine before it disappears into someone’s collection. Read More >>

A Rare Apple 1 Prototype Just Sold for More Than £620,000

Apple products tend to carry a high price tag, but would you pay $815,000 (£623,482) for one of its products? What if I told you it was an Apple 1 prototype built by Steve Wozniak? Read More >>

See How to Build an Apple-1 Replica From Scratch

Few of us have the $905,000 (£570,000) needed to purchase one of the remaining original Apple-1 computers that Steve Wozniak built in Steve Jobs's garage, but modder-extraordinaire Ben Heck has the next best thing: a new three-part series of tutorial videos showing you how to build a fully-functional Apple-1 replica from scratch. Read More >>