Game Subscriptions Have Never Been Cheaper

With Google’s Stadia cloud based gaming service arriving sometime next month with a £9/month subscription fee, the competition is already preparing for an all out war this holiday season. Today Sony announced it’s officially dropped the price of PlayStation Now from £13/month to £9, but with even more competition looming, you can probably expect further discounts. Read More >>

Okay, Apple Arcade Is Probably Going to Be Good

Apple Arcade probably isn’t going to suck. Maybe you already assumed that because you’re an Apple fan, or because you recognise that £5 for a selection of thoughtfully curated games could be a good deal. But questions have lingered about the service since Apple first announced it last spring. After a couple of hours playing through some of the biggest titles for the service ahead of its 19th September launch, I’m tentatively excited. Read More >>

Apple Arcade Just Released Early for iOS 13 Beta Users

If you’re an iOS 13 beta user who’s been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Arcade, it looks like you may be able to access Apple’s subscription gaming service a full three days ahead of its official launch date. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday

Every year it feels like Apple’s big iPhone event offers fewer and fewer surprises. This year was no different. Once again, we got three new phones and a new Apple Watch. But we also got some new and interesting details about the company’s future. Read More >>

All the New Details About Apple Arcade

Apple’s annual September event may traditionally be all about the iPhone, but with Tim Cook bringing services into the fold, it was expected that Apple would reveal more about its hotly anticipated gaming and streaming services ahead of their official launches this autumn. And today’s event kicked off by right away introducing us to Apple Arcade and demos for three of its offerings. Read More >>

Apple Arcade Arrives in 19th September

After announcing the subscription service at WWDC earlier this year, Apple has now revealed that Apple Arcade will be launching later this month. The service will go live in over 100 countries on 19th September, and it's going to cost $4.99 a month for a family plan - which isn't bad going. Read More >>

Google is Testing a Monthly Subscription Pass for Play Store Apps and Games: Report

It feels like a lifetime has passed since WWDC 2019 in early June, when Apple announced Apple Arcade, a monthly subscription service that gives users access to a curated list of games on the App Store. Now, while people continue to wait for Apple Arcade to go live later this autumn, it seems Google is testing out something similar with its Google Play Pass. Read More >>

Report: Apple May Spend Over Half a Billion on its Subscription Game Service

Sources say Apple is spending hundreds of millions of dollars, and may exceed half a billion dollars in total funding, for its upcoming Arcade game subscription service, the Financial Times reported this weekend. Read More >>