The Best Stuff From Apple’s MacBook Pro Event

Today’s Apple event was, uh, shockingly similar to Microsoft’s live event yesterday. Both opened with a montage of each brand’s products helping differently abled users experience the world through technology. Read More >>

Why the Headphone Jack Had to Die

Apple’s new generation of iPhones will not include a standard 3.5mm headphone input. The decision signals the demise of an audio port that’s been used for more than 100 years — and honestly, it’s about time. The death of the headphone jack is a very good thing. Hear me out. Read More >>

I Stuck Apple’s AirPods in My Ears and it Shockingly Wasn’t Terrible

Apple finally went through with it. It killed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. In its place, you do have the option of using headphones that connect to the Lightning port. But Apple thinks the future is wireless headphones. And AirPods are its vision for that future. Read More >>

iphone 7
iPhone 7 First Impressions: Not Just the Same Thing All Over Again

Apple spent a lot of time at its big reveal event explaining that the iPhone 7 is the most “refined” iteration yet. Which is just a fancy way of saying that this phone’s design is going to look very similar to last year’s phone. Aside from a slightly different finish for the jet black model (glossy!) and some redesigned antenna lines, and that apocalyptic loss of a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus look very similar to their predecessors. Read More >>

Apple Event Round-Up: All the Best Bits From Tonight’s iPhone and Apple Watch Reveal

Apple's event from San Francisco is done and dusted – bringing us new iPhones, Apple Watches and the arrival of Mario in app form. Check out all of the night's coverage, rounded up for you in one easy place. Have at it! Read More >>

Pokémon Go Comes to Apple Watch

Pokémon Go is getting deep integration with the Apple Watch, as just announced at Apple's special event. Head over to Kotaku UK to read more about it. Read More >>

Apple Watch is Discounted and Still Not Worth The Cost

It’s been almost a year since the first Apple Watch was released, and following its poor sales numbers, we were hoping that we might get some much-needed love at Apple’s special press event today. Read More >>

What to Expect From Apple’s Massive “Hey Siri” Event This Week

Another iPhone day is upon us, but this year, there’s a twist. While we can undoubtedly expect to see a new phone, we also expect a look at a very meaningful upgrade to the aging Apple TV. The latest iPhone will put more power in your pocket. The new Siri-ready Apple TV might just transform entire home. Read More >>

Siri Has a Lot to Say About Apple’s Big Announcement

Apple’s next event is September 9 and there’s lots of speculation about what they’re going to announce. Instead of hanging your head about wondering, why not just ask Siri? Well, she’s not telling, and she is being quite coy about the whole thing. Read More >>

What’s Behind the Next Apple iPhone 5 Event

Although you can't clearly see Scott Forstall's deranged face on this drawing, everything in this graphic showing the mechanics of Apple's next iPhone event—starring Tim Cook as master of ceremonies—is true. [Joy of Tech] Read More >>