Don’t Fall for This Sneaky Lost iPhone Scam

Phishing scams have a history of employing some impressive web design skills to trick people into giving up their Apple ID credentials. But a new attack, thoroughly detailed by Joonas Kiminki at Hackernoon, shows just how far, and how convincing, these scams can be. Read More >>

Widow Told to Provide a Court Order For Access to Her Dead Husband’s Apple ID

Apple's Canadian division has come in for a bit of media haranguing over the case of the Apple ID of a deceased man, with the tech giant demanding a court order to force it to hand over the password of an account to his widow. Read More >>

Beware This Dangerously Convincing Apple ID Phishing Scam

Just 24 hours after the world learned about the dangerously convincing Google Docs phishing scam, a security company revealed a very similar exploit involving the Apple ID log-in screen. And, weirdly enough, it's hosted on EA's website. Read More >>