eBay Is Giving You 10% off Phones and Accessories All Week to Celebrate the iPhone 11 Launch

Pre-orders are open for the iPhone 11 after last week's launch event and not to miss out on snaffling up some of the cash that's being chucked about, eBay is having a sale to celebrate. Read More >>

Why Is It So Hard For Apple to Put Touch ID Back in a Phone?

Bloomberg is reporting that a form of Touch ID could be coming to the iPhone as soon as 2020. That’s a little at odds with a report last month from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the iPhone would be getting Touch ID in 2021. So what the heck is going on? Read More >>

Apple’s Finally (Slowly) Giving Up on 16GB Phones

Forget fancy cameras in your iPhone, or iOS 10, or the lack of a headphone jack. The real thing to celebrate out of today’s iPhone 7 announcement is the end of the piddly 16 gigabyte iPhone. That dreaded “out of storage warning” will now be a thing of the past...at least until you load up your 32GB iPhone with millions of videos of your cat doing something cute. Read More >>

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Orders are Now Live

Get those credit cards ready, because pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are now live, so you can grab the phone of your choice, for delivery next Friday. Read More >>

New iPhones Won’t Work on O2’s 4G Network at Launch

The reason O2 wasn't listed as a 4G network partner at this week's big Apple event may be due to the network having failed Apple's stringent mobile tests, meaning there's going to be a delay between the launch of the two new phones on 4G contracts and them... actually working on 4G. Read More >>

O2’s iPhone 5S Pricing Is Not For the Faint-Hearted

Just in case you were holding out for a miracle, the first network to let loose their iPhone 5S pricing is...well...let's just say, avert your eyes now. It's not cheap, as you might have guessed. O2's prices start at £120 upfront on a 24-month contract at £37/month for the 16GB 5S model. Ouch. And that's not even 4G -- that'll cost £47/month for 5GB of data. [O2] Read More >>

The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Could Replace Passwords

The much-rumoured fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5S is here, and it's pretty awesome. It's more that just fingerprint scanner, too, embedded in the home button to enable faster log-ins (and more secure too, we should think.) Hello, NSA! Read More >>

The New iPhone Camera’s Flash Illuminates Photos Without Ruining Them

Today, we got a look at the the future of the iPhone camera. Apple's doubling down on its imaging tech in hopes that it can catch the eye of the people who really care about the quality of their images. At the centre of the new push is a flash system that'll keep the blast of a strobe from ruining your photos. Read More >>

Apple Really Does Have an iPhone 5C, and Boy Is It Colourful

The iPhone 5C sure is bright, in lime green, yellow, blue, pink and white -- colours which match iOS 7's colours, in case that isn't obvious. Read More >>

iOS 7 Will Be Available September 18th

The next version of Apple's iPhone and iPad software will be updating devices on September 18th. In case you missed our hands-on of the beta version back in June, take a look here. Read More >>

iOS 7 Hands-On: A Brighter, Friendlier iOS (Update: Walkthrough Video)

Apple threw all its design toys out of the pram last night, ditching skeuomorphism and all its trappings for a steamroller-flat design with a colour scheme stolen from a magic fairy tripping on crystal meth. Although it's not out 'till something our Yank friends call 'fall', we've managed to get our hands on a copy of the beta, and have taken it for a little ride. Read More >>