Apple Sues Former Chip Designer, Who Says Apple also Spied on His Texts

Let it be said, Apple is not afraid to take people to court. The company’s latest beef involves Gerard Williams, a former employee who purportedly spearheaded the design for Apple’s A-series processors. You know, the itty bits of silicon that have powered Apple’s marquee gadgets since the iPhone 5S. Read More >>

Apple and Nvidia Are Over

The last vestiges of Nvidia and Apple’s long-term relationship are ending shortly. On Monday Nvidia published the release notes for the next update of its Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) platform and noted that “CUDA 10.2 (Toolkit and NVIDIA driver) is the last release to support macOS for developing and running CUDA applications.” That means all future versions of CUDA will lack support for Apple devices, which could leave a decent share of the pro community, as well as the hackintosh community, without support for the most popular discrete GPUs being made at the moment. Read More >>

Good Luck Writing a Letter With Apple’s Mac Font

Slipping this one into its 30th anniversary Mac celebrations on the d-low, Apple has put together a font that's made up of images of each of its Mac computers from across its three-decade history. Read More >>

Apple Celebrates 30 Years of Mac With Retrospective Video…and Moby

30th birthdays are a time for reflection: Looking back at former glories, worrying about the growing paunch by the belt line, drawing in lost hairs onto a balding crown with a Sharpie pen. Not so for Apple though -- it's celebrating 30 years of Mac computers this year, and has got all its trendy mates around to pay homage at its altar of pricey computing. Read More >>