My Tiny Baby Hands Need the iPhone SE

September 19, 2014 was a dark day. It was a little rainy, my mother was in town and stealing my weekend, and a whole lot of iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses were coming into the office for benchmarking and review. The one bright spot was that my own iPhone would be arriving that same day, and finally replacing the water-logged iPhone 5 I’d been using for months. I ripped off the plastic wrapping and pried off the cardboard lid and finally wrapped my hands around a phone that would ultimately ruin the lives of every single person who has tiny hands or tiny pockets. Read More >>

iOS 9.3: All The New Features For the iPhone and iPad

The new Apple iOS 9.3 is here, and it’s full of tiny enhancements that will make life on an iPhone (or iPad) much easier. It’s important to note that Apple’s latest update to its mobile operating system is iterative (up from 9.2 to 9.3), so there won’t be any drastic changes. Nonetheless, Apple has added some helpful improvements that will help keep your information safer than before. Here’s a look at all the new features in iOS 9.3: Read More >>

CareKit is Apple’s New Ambitious Health Monitoring and Tracking Tool

Apple has introduced its most ambitious health service yet, an open-source app development platform called ‘CareKit.’ It’s basically a way to help people keep track of their medical treatment, and to share information with doctors remotely. Read More >>