Apple News+ Is a Total Mess

It’s been three weeks since Apple announced News+, an ambitious service that offers hundreds of magazines and a handful of newspaper subscriptions for $10 (£7.60) a month. This is the first of two major new paid services Apple plans to launch this year, as part of a major effort to revitalise its business in the face of flagging iPhone sales. Unfortunately, Apple News+ doesn’t work very well. Parts of it don’t work at all. Read More >>

Apple News+ is a Revamped Apple News, Complete With a Subscription and Magazines

So Apple News is, as expected, getting a revamp. Rather than just a curated system that offers up news websites, Apple News+ (as it's called) is going to start offering up magazines for you as well. More than 300 of them, apparently, and here's everything Apple told us about the new service. Read More >>

All the Apple Rumours You Can Handle Heading Into Its Streaming and News Event Next Week

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s an Apple event on 25th March. That’s probably why we’ve seen Apple quetly drop some refreshes of familiar products these past few days. Monday saw two slightly beefed-up iPads, Tuesday brought news of an upgraded iMac, and yesterday, Apple quietly released new AirPods. Read More >>

Apple Prime Would Be a Gigantic Hit, Huh?

It’s imminent. Multiple outlets now report that Apple will announce new video streaming and news subscription services at a celebrity-studded event in Cupertino, California on 25 March. BuzzFeed News cited anonymous sources who said the event would take place at Steve Jobs Theater and focus on the news service. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman corroborated that report and added that Apple’s long-rumoured streaming video service would also be announced—and with the participation of several Hollywood A-listers to boot. So it sounds like no small affair. Read More >>

Report: Apple Is Trying to Get Newspapers to Fork Over Half of Revenue From Planned Subscription Service

Tech giant Apple, which is trying to pivot to services as sales of some of its electronics slow, is reportedly working to launch a subscription-based news service that would get readers past paywalls and share the revenues with publishers. But according to a Tuesday report in the Wall Street Journal, many of those publishers aren’t thrilled with those terms – especially because Apple wants half. Read More >>

Apple Doesn’t Know How Many People Use its News App

Apple News is the long-awaited replacement for Newsstand that landed with iOS 9 last year. It’s a simple news app that displays content from a host of big-name publications, allowing users to read stories from right inside the app. Unfortunately, it seems that Apple has been failing to keep track of whether anyone’s really using it. Read More >>

Apple Invents News, Sorry, Brings Apple News App to the UK

Apple News has launched in the UK (hurrah!), so your daily current affairs catch-up may be a touch more exciting, but equally depressing, this morning. If you’ve downloaded the latest iOS update, which also brings a raft of new emoji with it, you’ll automatically get Apple's shiny new News app. Read More >>

Apple is Blocking Its Own News App in China

Apple’s News app has officially launched in the US, with trials in the UK and Australia. But if you’re travelling to China, don’t plan on accessing the app from your phone. Apple itself is reportedly blocking it from loading news in the country. Read More >>

Apple News Is Better Than Newsstand, But That’s Not Saying Much

Well iOS 9 is here and it’s the most minor major—or maybe the most major minor—upgrade to the Apple’s mobile software in recent memory. But there are a few brand spanking new apps to talk about, and one of the big ones is Apple News. Read More >>