A New Patent for the Next Apple Pencil Has Surfaced With Touch-Sensitive Features

Apple could be launching the next iteration of its stylus with the ability to recognise gestures. Read More >>

iPhone 11 Won’t Come With Apple Pencil, Reports Sadly Suggest

Apple's unveiling of the new iPhone 11 series is mere hours away, but an eleventh-hour leak from renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has suggested it's going to be missing a few features. Notably, it won't come with Apple Pencil support like we all predicted (and hoped) it would. Read More >>

You Can’t Charge the New Apple Pencil with Qi

Not only does the original Apple Pencil not work with the new iPad Pros, not only does the new Apple Pencil not work with the old iPad Pros, but we've also now found out that the new Pencil won't wireless charge through Qi devices. Read More >>

The New iPad Pro Doesn’t Work With the Old Apple Pencil

When Apple announces new things you expect it to also announce a bunch of new crap you can buy to accompany them. Cases, accessories, adaptors, and so on. If you're an upgrading iPad Pro owner you may need to go out and buy yourself a new Apple Pencil too. That's because the original Lighting-powered Pencil isn't compatible with the new iPad Pros. Read More >>

Apple Stealthily Hikes Up Prices of Existing Products in the UK

… and now we can breathe easy. Apple decided to leave its ‘one more thing’ segment out of last night’s event, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Read More >>

What to Expect at Apple’s March 21st Event

The invites for Apple’s big March 21st event finally went out today, and we already have a good idea of what to expect. According to the rumour mill, there are two new products that will be revealed: a 4-inch iPhone SE and an 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Read More >>

New iPad Air 3 Rumours Suggest Previous iPad Air 3 Rumours Were Probably Accurate

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard that the next iPad Air will essentially be a smaller version of the iPad Pro, featuring support for the Apple Pencil, as well as quad speakers and an LED flash. According to Engadget, which cites a ‘reliable source’, all of that is indeed true. Hallelujah. Read More >>

iPad Air 3 Set to Land in March With Apple Pencil Flashiness

There isn’t a great deal of mystery surrounding Apple’s ‘surprise’ March event anymore. Everyone’s pretty sure that a new 4-inch iPhone will arrive, alongside a bunch of other Apple-branded goodies. The latest leak slaps the iPad Air 3 on the table. Read More >>

iPad Pro Gets 3D Touch Through Apple Pencil Hack

It may be Apple's newest, biggest (best?) tablet yet, but Apple still found a way to keep us holding out for the iPad Pro 2. Rather than going the whole hog and packing the maxi-tab with all the current-gen Apple innovations, the Cupertino company failed to put 3D Touch controls into the iPad Pro. It'll inevitably land with the next-gen version of the slate, but that's not stopped one plucky tinkerer from getting a facsimile of the feature running on the tablet. Read More >>

Apple Confirms You’ll Be Able to Pre-Order the iPad Pro This Wednesday

Today Apple confirmed the company’s new monstrous iPad Pro will be available for preorder online starting this Wednesday, November 11th, and can be found in Apple stores, select carriers, and at authorised reseller locations later this week. Read More >>

Apple Pencil: The Stylus Steve Jobs Warned Us About

This afternoon we met the iPad Pro, a giant iPad that’s aimed at professionals. With it comes the Apple Pencil: A stylus that Phil Schiller called “one of the most advanced technologies we’ve ever created.” Read More >>

Apple Fucking Pencil?

It's like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it. In multitasking, if you see a task manager... they blew it. Users shouldn't ever have to think about it