Apple’s Retail and Online Stores Chief, Angela Ahrendts, to Leave By April

Apple’s head of retail and online stores, former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, is departing the tech giant after five years, CNN reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Tumblr Disappeared from the App Store Because of Child Porn

On Friday, niche blogging platform Tumblr became suddenly and inexplicably unavailable on Apple’s app store, and since then users posting adult-themed content have claimed their blogs are being deleted by the site without warning despite no official statement from either Tumblr, its parent company Oath, or Apple. The reason, as some had grimly suggested, was confirmed to be because of child pornography being hosted on the site. Read More >>

Apple Geniuses Finally Finish Working on Covent Garden Store

The flagship Apple store in Covent Garden will reopen on the 26th of October after three months closed for refurbishment. Read More >>

Apple Store in Amsterdam Reportedly Evacuated After iPad Went Up in Flames

An Apple store in Amsterdam’s Leidseplein square was briefly evacuated after an explosion believed to be the result of an overheating iPad battery, Dutch broadcaster AT5 as well as Dutch blog iCulture reported. Read More >>

Robbing an Apple Store Looks Exactly as Easy as You’d Expect

Stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products didn’t call for an Oceans Eleven-style elaborate heist. No, it simply required less than thirty seconds and moving with a sense of purpose. Read More >>

Apple Is Removing Anti-Theft Cables From iPhones in Some Stores

Apple is testing out a new way to display iPhones in some stores in the UK and Canada—completely naked. On Saturday, Apple will reopen its fancy flagship store in London after a year-long renovation, showing off the brand new iPhone 7 without any security tethers, which presumably makes it extremely easy for any casual shopper to pocket one. Read More >>

Apple’s First Store in Singapore is Powered by the Sun

Despite Singapore having a long and profitable relationship with the iPhone, Apple has never got around to opening a retail store there. Well it seems the sun has set on the lack of Singaporean glass gadgetry cathedrals, with the announcement of a new store, and a network of solar panels to power it. Read More >>

Apple Security Caught Booting Black Kids Out of an Apple Store

An Apple Store manager in Melbourne has been forced to apologise to a group of local schoolkids, after staff and security guards kicked them out of the shop for suggesting it looked like they "might steal something." Read More >>

Apple’s Subliminal MacBook Display Messaging Makes You BUY BUY BUY

Anyone who's paid any attention over the past decade or so will know that Apple is like the anti-Burger King. Things are done Apple's way, and what everyone wants is (mostly) out of the question. The perfect example of that in action is Apple declaring that all Apple Store MacBooks' displays must be kept at a 76-degree angle. Read More >>

Apple’s Genius Staff to Offer Buyers Fashion Advice to Help Pimp its Watch

The job of the Apple Store "Genius" is apparently about to change, with Apple asking its team of nodding drones to start offering fashion and lifestyle advice to sell prettier straps to potential buyers of the Apple Watch. Read More >>

China’s Newest Apple Store is a Calligraphy Masterpiece

I am defiantly not an Apple Store kinda person. I've yet to queue up for the latest iPhone, certainly don't aimlessly browse around during my lunch hour, and buy all my cases off Amazon. But Apple's latest chunk of Cupertino on foreign soil would make me change all that. Read More >>

Apple Now Accepts PayPal Payments

The Apple Store will now let you buy stuff online with PayPal in the US and the UK. Along with the new payment option, Apple is also promoting PayPal Credit, which lets you pay for that shiny new MacBook in interest-free monthly instalments, rather than having to sell a kidney upfront. [re/code] Read More >>

Apple is Reportedly Hiring Fashionistas to Help Flog its Watch

With the impending launch of the Apple Watch, many people have been wondering how a company geared towards selling gadgets to techies will flog £3,000 fashion accessories to Vogue editors. According to documents seen by 9to5Mac, the solution lies in hiring fashion-conscious staff. Read More >>

Irish Tax Loophole That Lines Apple’s Pockets Will Close Within Four Years

The "Double Irish" tax loophole that tech companies like Apple have exploited to such great financial success over the years will close within the next four years, it has been confirmed. Ireland's finance minister Micheal Noonan has outlined a new budget plan that will phase out the tax-avoidance scheme that saw companies move their revenue to an Ireland-registered offshore address, allowing them to cut huge amounts off their tax bills. Read More >>