Apple Unveils World’s Least Portable Laptop

You can say a lot about Apple—it brought smartphones and personal computers to the mass market, it changed the technology industry forever, it was controlled by a megalomaniacal asshole for much of its existence—but you’d have a hard time getting even the staunchest critic of the company to argue its products weren’t groundbreakingly pretty. Read More >>

A Band of Thieves Dressed Like Apple Workers Keep Stealing iPhones From NYC Stores

Earlier this year, three individuals stole a total of 67 iPhones from an Upper West Side Apple store. Last week, 19 more iPhones were snatched from a SoHo store. How could these criminals possibly infiltrate the impenetrable security of a retail store run by certifiable geniuses? By dressing like Apple store employees, of course. Read More >>

Apple Store Genius Bars Will Use Algorithms to Decide if Your Broken iPhone is a Priority

The Apple Store Genius Bar system for the most part is great -- it's your one-stop shop for getting any Apple-related problem fixed, be that a faulty device or learning how to use tricky new software. However, with so many people using one Apple device or another, wait times for an appointment can be exceptionally long. An overhauled Genius Bar system may work to significantly reduce those wait times. Read More >>

Apple’s Worldwide Retail Takeover in One GIF

Apple opened its first brick-and-mortar store back in 2001, and they've spread to pretty much everywhere since, as you can see in this animated map from Business Insider. Is there anywhere you can go where there isn't an Apple Store nearby? Read More >>

Apple’s “Spaceship” HQ Design Looks Like the Fanciest Apple Store Imaginable

There's a cohesive design DNA that runs through all of Apple's hardware, so naturally there'd be an equally cohesive look across all the company's architectural concerns too. But even if Apple's now-greenlit "Spaceship" campus looks like one of its own retail stores gone super-sized, it still looks as though it'll be one hell of a cool building to work in. Read More >>

A New Apple Store in Spain Is Being Built on 15th Century Ruins

Here's a fun game: archeological dig or building a new Apple Store? In at least one case, the answer is both. In what's supposed to be the basement of a new Apple Store in Madrid, workers have uncovered a 15th century hospital. Read More >>

The Apple Store’s New Mystery Machine Helps Unbreak Your iPhone Screen

Just the other day, Apple announced that you can now get your smashed iPhone screen fixed in-store for the low (?) cost of around £100, with or without AppleCare in select stores. This is the machine that lets them do it. Read More >>

Apple Stores Will Open at 8AM In the UK On Friday For the New iPad

Apple’s announced that it’ll open its stores across the UK at 8AM this Friday, March 16th, to sell the new iPad. If you’re after one anytime soon and don’t already have your pre-order down, now you know when you’ll have to be in the queue by; probably 8AM Thursday. Read More >>

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Every Single Apple Store on the Planet in Under 60 Seconds

Apple Stores, those atom bomb-lit, alabaster opium dens of consumer electronics—they are everywhere. From suburban America to Paris, Apple's retail tentacles are wrapped around our thigh, swinging iPads back and forth. Let's explore them all at warp speed. Read More >>