Amazon Prime Video is Coming to Apple TV After Years of Delay

After years of delay, Amazon and Apple have finally reached an agreement to bring the Amazon Prime video app to Apple TV set-top-boxes everywhere. Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement today at the company’s annual developer conference WWDC 2017. Read More >>

5 Apps to Get Almost Any Content on Your Apple TV

You’ve got your shiny new Apple TV hooked up to a big display... so how do you get all the videos you own up there on screen? Easy enough for your iTunes movies, not so straightforward if your content’s on a Windows laptop or an Android tablet. Here’s how to get almost anything streamed to your Apple TV. Read More >>

Apple’s New TV App is Worthless Without Netflix and Amazon Video

Apple just announced a new TV app for Apple TV, and it’s basically going to be useless. The TV app is supposed to keep track of all the shows you watch across apps available on Apple TV, but there’s a huge catch. The TV app will not include Netflix or Amazon Video, two of the most popular subscription video streaming services. Read More >>

Apple Invents TV

Today in Cupertino Tim Cook wowed the audience by announcing a new app for the Apple TV, and the app has the worst name available—TV. Read More >>

Apple’s New ‘TV Guide for Streaming’ Won’t Include Netflix: Report

50 per cent of households in the former colonies now subscribe to some sort of video-on-demand, but finding out what’s available through multiple services remains a giant pain in the arse. Fortunately, a long-rumoured Apple TV update aims to solve this by creating a centralised guide between apps. Unfortunately, it reportedly won’t include the most popular streaming service of them all. Read More >>

The Best Set-Top Box for All Your Binge-Watching Needs

Unless you’ve got a Roku TV or one of the latest premium sets from Samsung or Sony, there’s a good chance you need to invest in a set-top box. Unlike the software built into many “smart” TVs, a set-top box is easy to use. The software and apps are all specifically designed to be operated from the sofa, the remote is typically dead simple, and the array of viewing choices are much broader than what you find built into your six-year-old 720p set. Read More >>

A Single Text Can Give Hackers Access to Your iPhone

Last year’s Stagefright vulnerability, which could let someone control your Android phone with just a text, was a terrifying security hole that affected 95 per cent of all Android devices. It seems Apple caught a similar bug. Read More >>

Apple TV tvOS Update Improves Siri Voice Commands and Remote App

Apple's hobby TV service has been given another incremental update at WWDC 2016, building on last year's full overhaul of the Apple TV set top box. Read More >>

Five Apple TV Apps That are Actually Great on a Big Screen 

Last September Tim Cook unveiled the fourth-generation Apple TV and told us: “The future of television is apps”. The jury’s still out on that one, but in the eight months since then we’ve seen a ton of tvOS-compatible apps hit the App Store. Here are five that we think are perfectly made for enjoying on a big screen. Read More >>

Everything You Can Say to Siri on the New Apple TV

Siri is a big part of the next-generation Apple TV. You can use the personal assistant app to choose content, identify movie actors, skip songs and more. If you own one of the latest puck-shaped boxes, then here are just about all the things you can say to Siri — just press and hold the microphone button on the remote and start talking. Read More >>

Voice Control on Apple TV is About to Get Much More Useful

When the new Apple TV was announced, the inclusion of Siri was a strong selling point — too bad it turned out to suck. Finally, though, Apple is making voice control on the set-top box rather more useful. Read More >>

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Apple TV Master

Apple at last decided to give its TV box an upgrade worthy of the name last year, and if you’ve bought yourself one of the new devices (or got one as a gift from Father Christmas) then there’s lots to explore. The Apple TV has a simple, straightforward interface but there are still a number of hidden features and tools available to take advantage of. Read More >>

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The 20 Best Gadgets of 2015

Technology is all about progress. Sometimes it’s incremental or subtle, but other times it can be colossal and even transformative. In 2015 we saw a metal and silicone cornucopia of gadgets and gizmos. There were amazing deals, sad departures, brand new product categories, and even world-changing ideas. These are the 20 best gadgets from 2015. Read More >>