Apple TV Owners Might Get Apple’s Incoming Original Content For Free

Rumour (and CNBC, and MacRumors) has it that Apple is working on a new digital video service with the interesting business plan of spending £££ on content and then giving it away for free. Read More >>

Apple Just Bought a ‘Netflix for Magazines’ App and Whoa, What Year Is It?

Apple exec Eddy Cue took the stage at SXSW in Austin on Monday to talk about Apple’s latest moves into content. The biggest news of the day is that Apple has agreed to purchase the all-you-can-read magazine subscription app Texture. Cue also talked about Apple’s plans for TV shows and answered questions about purchasing Netflix. Read More >>

Go Update Your Apple Devices to Fix the Telugu ‘Text Bomb’ Bug Now

What started out as a seemingly simple bug turned into a real hassle when people figured out it was possible to crash iMessage, Twitter or even the Wi-Fi app on Apple products by inserting a single character from the Indian language of Telugu. And once an app had crashed, it would keep crashing forever until you took somewhat extreme measures like deleting and reinstalling the app, erasing entire conversation threads, or upgrading to a beta version of your device’s OS. Read More >>

Maybe There’s Hope for Apple’s Original Videos After All

It looks like Kristin Wiig will soon star in a half-hour comedy series. Produced by Reese Witherspoon’s company and inspired by the upcoming Curtis Sittenfeld short story collection You Think It, I’ll Say It, the new project actually sounds like it might be kind of great. And guess what: it’s an Apple series. Read More >>

The Apple TV App is Finally Appearing on UK Devices

A certain Cupertino-based firm wants all the programming that floods into your eyeballs to go through Apple TV. To assist in this goal, Apple has finally started to roll out the TV app for its microconsole. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Video Finally Lands on Apple TV

While Google and Amazon continue to bicker back and forth about which company’s services will be available for what platforms, it seems Apple is finally getting its act together now that Amazon Prime Video is available on the Apple TV. Read More >>

Apple TV 4K is a Damn Good Set-Top Box 

I would not want to be a dedicated Apple TV user and an obsessive TV consumer. In the years since its release, the little black box by Apple has often lagged behind competitors, seemingly forgotten by Apple in favor of phones, computers, and even watches. And the Apple TV’s status as the “other” on Apple’s list of sales feels evident when you notice how late to the 4K party it is. Roku launched a 4K box last year and Nvidia launched an Android-based one two years ago. Fortunately (for Apple fans) the Apple TV 4K is so polished it almost feels like it was worth the wait. Read More >>

The 4K Apple TV Won’t Let You Download 4K Video

If you plan on picking up yourself one of those fancy new 4K Apple TV boxes, there's something you might want to consider first. It's not actually possible to use it to download 4K video from iTunes. Instead, you're stuck with streaming. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Today

Holy heck, everyone, Apple just announced new iPhones, and for the first time in years, they actually look new and different. The big headliner is the iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) while the appearance of the iPhone 8 surprised some fans. Less surprising were upgrades to Apple TV and the Apple Watch. But seriously, today’s big event was an iPhone show. Read More >>

Apple TV 4K Is a 4K Apple TV, Finally

Apple has some catching up to do in the streaming wars, and today’s announcement of the latest Apple TV firmly positions it as... a way to watch 4K videos through iTunes. That’s the big news, but there were a few additional tweaks that might convince you to give it a chance. Read More >>

Tonight Is iPhone 8 Night: Here’s What We’re Expecting

Apple’s iPhone 8 event is coming up fast, and we’re expecting Tim Cook and company to announce far more than new handsets. Here’s a quick primer. Read More >>

4K Movies on the New Apple TV Will Probably Cost Way Too Much

Apple is gearing up for its annual product announcement in September where it will reportedly debut a more expensive iPhone and a new 4K Apple TV. Apple wants to be able to tell customers that they can get 4K movies for a slightly less-extortionate price than its competitors are offering, but movie studios hate this idea and both sides are out of their minds. Read More >>

References to 4K Apple TV With HDR Support Have Been Spotted in HomePod Firmware

It looks like an Ultra HD-compatible version of Apple TV could be in the works. Yet another leak has stemmed from the firm’s recent HomePod firmware – code from which has already lead to iPhone 8 secrets surfacing – suggesting 4K Apple TV is indeed going to be a thing. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Video is Coming to Apple TV After Years of Delay

After years of delay, Amazon and Apple have finally reached an agreement to bring the Amazon Prime video app to Apple TV set-top-boxes everywhere. Apple CEO Tim Cook made the announcement today at the company’s annual developer conference WWDC 2017. Read More >>

5 Apps to Get Almost Any Content on Your Apple TV

You’ve got your shiny new Apple TV hooked up to a big display... so how do you get all the videos you own up there on screen? Easy enough for your iTunes movies, not so straightforward if your content’s on a Windows laptop or an Android tablet. Here’s how to get almost anything streamed to your Apple TV. Read More >>