Future Apple Watches Could Scan Your Veins to Detect Gestures

While accelerometers and gyroscopes are generally how smartwatches detect hand movements, a newly-released patent hints that Apple may be considering scanning veins in your wrist via the Apple Watch to detect non-touch gestures in the future. Read More >>

Here Are All the New Features Coming to Your Apple Watch

If you want a hint at the big changes coming to the Apple Watch this autumn, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote is the event to watch. Kevin Lynch took the main stage today to detail all the updates coming in watchOS 7, which gives us a pretty good idea of what’s in store for the Apple Watch Series 6 when it launches later this year. Read More >>

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Slow-Mo Footage of the Apple Watch Puking Up Water is Somehow a Beautiful Thing

The Apple Watch has always been able to shrug off some amount of water, but since the Series 2 it’s been able to survive being completely submerged, accidentally or not. The only caveat is that water can get trapped in the smartwatch’s speaker, a problem Apple has solved with a clever water-eject feature that is fascinating to see in action through the lens of a high-speed camera. Read More >>

11 Apple Watch Apps You Need to Install ASAP

If you’ve finally splurged on a brand new Apple Watch (or been the lucky recipient of a very nice gift), you’re probably wondering: Now what? The Apple Watch comes with plenty of great built-in features, but you should hit the watch’s App Store to find third-party options that can make the device even more useful. Read More >>

Enough With the Ugly Apple Watch Bands

If there’s one thing Apple prides itself on, it’s design. (The company even published a £250 coffee table book about how iconic its products look.) But while they certainly are distinctive, whether you like these designs is another matter. Generally speaking, Apple knows how to make pretty products, but there’s one exception. For some reason, Apple keeps subjecting us all to some real unsightly Apple Watch bands. Read More >>

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Facebook is Working on a New Messenger App for the Apple Watch

Facebook's latest experimental app – developed under its alternative brand name 'NPE Team, from Facebook' – is a version of the Messenger app specifically designed for the Apple Watch's tiny interface. Read More >>

Heart Rate Limitations Show Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Medical Advice From the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the smartwatch to beat. It’s massively popular, has a full range of features, and compared to some of its competitors, leads the way in rethinking how wearables can function within the health sector. During the Apple Watch portion of Apple events, you can generally expect a feel-good reel of real-life users sharing stories of how the watch saved their lives by notifying them of their irregular heartbeat. That said, Apple’s own application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its ECG app admits the watch does not detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) for heart rates exceeding 120 beats per minute – a limitation that a Forbes report suggests could leave a large number of Apple Watch users with a false sense of security. Read More >>

Patent Reveals Huge Apple Watch Redesign

The US Patent & Trademark Office has published a patent that features an Apple Watch that is missing its most iconic physical feature - the digital crown. Read More >>

Stop Trying to Clone the Apple Watch

At this point, there’s no denying the Apple Watch is the smartwatch to beat. It’s feature-rich, massively popular, and when you wear one, it confers a certain sensibility about you, the tech-savvy consumer. But for the love of everything holy, can other smartwatch makers please stop trying to shamelessly ape the design? Read More >>

The Decade Smartwatches Actually Became a Thing

Over the past ten years, smartwatches have gone from futuristic tech relegated to sci-fi flicks to something so common, it’s not a surprise to see multiple people sporting them on your daily commute. These wrist-sized computers can’t do quite as much as your smartphone, but these days the modern wristable can do everything from tracking your heart rate to paying for your coffee. Read More >>

Apple Partners With Orangetheory Fitness for an Even Smoother High Tech Gym Experience

Fitness tech isn’t new. Before smartwatches that could take your ECG, there were old-school clip pedometers. That said, stepping into an Orangetheory on a weekday night might have been the most futuristic workout of my life – and I regularly work out with no less than four wearables strapped to my body. Read More >>

Patent Hints the Apple Watch May One Day Track Parkinson’s Disease

It’s no secret Apple’s got designs on the Apple Watch being some sort of medical device. It introduced ECG capability on the Series 4, which was also cleared by regulators in multiple countries, and then with the Series 5, Apple announced it was launching a series of medical studies for hearing, reproductive health, and mobility and heart health. Now, a newly released patent also hints that Apple might be looking to expand the Watch’s tracking capabilities to include tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Read More >>

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Argos Cyber Monday Offer Cuts Apple Watch Price to £189

Black Friday may have come and gone, but retailer's sales are only starting to wrap up - like this Apple Watch deal at Argos. Read More >>

You Can Now Control Your Roku From the Apple Watch

If you happen to be somewhere in the intersection of Roku and Apple Watch owners, good news. On Friday, Roku launched a free app for your wrist that features voice controls and the ability to find your remote. Read More >>

Apple, Please Don’t Cram Stuff Into the Apple Watch Band

If patents are to be believed, Apple is potentially mulling moving wireless antennas into the bands of future Apple Watches. The idea is, doing so would free up space in the watch case for other components. This sounds great on paper, and while of course I’d love to see a bigger battery in the Apple Watch, I’m begging you, Apple – please, don’t do it. Read More >>