Swelling Batteries Prompt Extension On Apple Watch Warranty

Apple is pretty great about honouring its warranties and even recently changed its policy on fourth generation iPads to allow for an upgrade if something’s wrong with the device. Now, the computing giant is giving customers an extra two years of coverage in case that expensive watch face pops off. Read More >>

You Can Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Game Boy That Sucks

Like many people who dropped hundreds of pounds on an Apple Watch, Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan was disappointed at how little his pricey wearable could actually do. Instead of complaining about it online like most of us, he decided to solve the problem himself by writing a Game Boy emulator capable of playing Pokemon Yellow. Unfortunately, it kind of sucks. Read More >>

Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Tiny Macintosh Computer While it Charges

Turning the Apple Watch on its side while it’s charging overnight puts it in Nightstand Mode so you can always see the time. But with Elgato’s amusing new W3 stand, instead of a tiny alarm clock, your Apple Watch becomes a miniature replica of the original Macintosh computer on your bedside table. Read More >>

Latest Update Bricks Some Apple Watches

Whoops. The latest software update for the Apple Watch bricked the device for some users. Even worse? It looks like the only way to really fix the problem is to return the Apple Watch to the Apple Store. Read More >>

Tim Cook Reports Record High Apple Watch Sales After IDC Records 71% Decline

A day after the release of an IDC report saying that Q3 Apple Watch sales declined by a stonking 71% year-on-year, Tim Cook has claimed that sales growth is now “off the charts”. All of those generic Christmas buying guides are clearly working. Read More >>

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No-one is Buying Smartwatches Anymore

Remember how smartwatches were supposed to be the next big thing? About that... Read More >>

UK Government Said to Have Banned Apple Watch From Meetings

A bizarre claim that the Apple Watch could be and might well have been hacked open by Russian spies has led to the devices being banned from critical UK cabinet meetings, amid fears other countries could eavesdrop on the sounds of foreheads being hit into tables and the masses of sighing being done by our political leaders. Read More >>

The Apple Watch No Longer Totally Sucks

The original Apple Watch wasn’t amazing, but it did what it set out to do. You could answer phone calls on your watch, see notifications from your phone, and even track your heart rate. And with the most recent software upgrade, the watch has speed and interface improvements that refine it further. You can now text from the thing! Or write an entire e-mail. The trouble is that only geeks want that kind of smartwatch, so for the new version, called Series 2, Apple’s focused on what people really demonstrably want: a fitness tracker. Read More >>

The WatchOS 3 Update Triples Speed on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is much maligned. The Apple Watch is much maligned. Compared to competitors it’s ugly as sin. Worse, it’s slow and clunky to use. I bought one back in April when the price dropped and immediately named it My Great Regret. Now I am half-tempted to wave it in the faces of Android Wear co-workers and shout My Great Triumph, because WatchOS 3 finally made the two year old Apple Watch into a great smartwatch. Read More >>

Apple Watch Series 2 Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

The Apple Watch was destined for disappointment when it launched in 2015. Many prophesied that it’d usher in a golden age of wearables, much like the iPhone did for smartphones. But that didn’t really happen. Maybe the Apple Watch Series 2 can change the narrative. Read More >>

Pokémon Go Comes to Apple Watch

Pokémon Go is getting deep integration with the Apple Watch, as just announced at Apple's special event. Head over to Kotaku UK to read more about it. Read More >>

Looks Like the Apple Watch 2 is Getting a Bigger Battery

There are quite a few criticisms levelled at the Apple Watch (and smartwatches in general), but the main issue people had was with the battery life. It would usually last though the day, but nobody wants to have to worry about charging their watch every night. Thankfully the second generation should be getting a welcome upgrade. Read More >>

Double-Sided Strap Lets You Hide Your Apple Watch Shame Under a Nicer Timepiece

Like a horological version of a mullet, watchmaker Sinn has created something it calls the Dual Strap System allowing someone to wear both a traditional watch, and the Apple Watch, at the same time. It’s business up front with the analogue timepiece, and a party in the back with all of the added smartwatch functionality. Read More >>

Apple Watch 2 Will Have GPS and a Larger Battery (If You Still Care)

It's fair to say that, after years of waiting for the thing, the Apple Watch launched last year to a muted response. It had its fans, but with estimates that only 12 million were sold in its first year on sale (a decent number by wearable standards, but nothing compared to the numbers Apple's mobile products normally manage), it was a relatively poor harvest in Cupertino. Read More >>

Is the Apple Watch’s Crown Dial Coming to the iPhone and iPad?

The thumbwheel was the signature feature of BlackBerry’s original handsets, and while touchscreens have made them mostly obsolete, the Apple Watch proves there’s still a place for physical dials. But is Apple finally planning to introduce that rotating crown to the iPhone or iPad? A recently published patent suggests that the company might be considering it. Read More >>