How to Download Everything from Your Favourite Streaming Services

Don’t let a long flight or a loss of signal get in the way of your music and video streaming: Just about all the popular services let you cache downloads for offline use, and Netflix just upgraded its download mechanism to be smarter—downloading the next episode of shows you are watching and automatically deleting the old ones. Here’s how to take advantage of it, and find the features in all the other streaming services you use too. Read More >>

Report: Apple Restructuring Its India Sales Division After Weak iPhone Sales in First Half of 2018

Apple has been having a rough time in India including the loss of three key executives as it continues to struggle to beat single-digit market share in the country, which is the third-largest market for smartphones in the world, according to a weekend report in Bloomberg. Read More >>

How to Make Your Mac Play Nice with Your Android Phone

Getting iPhones to play nice with Windows can be a challenge, but so can getting Android to play nice with Macs — and it’s that second setup we’re going to tackle here. Read on to find out how to get all your apps working together and your files seamlessly synced between a Google-powered phone and an Apple-powered computer. Read More >>

‘Full Version’ of Adobe Photoshop is Reportedly Coming to iPads

Adobe is bringing the “full version” of its industry-standard Photoshop app to the iPad, and its other desktop apps may follow suit, according to a report from Bloomberg today. Get ready to unsharp mask all the things. Read More >>

usb c
I Actually Like USB-C Dongles

Today, Apple finally pulled the 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro from its store. This marks the end of the dongle-free MacBook Pro, and now only the super-outdated MacBook Air, which you shouldn’t buy anyways, still has ports besides USB-C. Headphone jacks aside, Apple just moved one step closer to being a USB-C only laptop shop. Read More >>

Even Cities Pick a Side in the Never-Ending Battle Between Samsung and Apple

The majority of people have an opinion when it comes to the whole Apple v Samsung spat that's been going on for nearly a decade, even if they claim not to. As it turns out you can also make the conflict on a city by city basis, to see which phone maker is more popular in specific areas of the country. Read More >>

Robbing an Apple Store Looks Exactly as Easy as You’d Expect

Stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple products didn’t call for an Oceans Eleven-style elaborate heist. No, it simply required less than thirty seconds and moving with a sense of purpose. Read More >>

Hey Look, Apple Just Announced New MacBook Pros

Apple isn't one for giving anyone a heads up on when it's going to launch new products, unless there's a big stage event involved, and given there are always rumours circulating about hardware refreshes, it's hard to tell when something real will arrive. So we've all just been blindsided by the fact Apple has just unveiled a new MacBook Pro, promising it to be faster and packed with even more features than before. Read More >>

Sonos Speakers Finally Get the Airplay 2 Support We’ve Been Waiting For

After its somewhat premature announcement of Airplay 2 support, Sonos is finally updating a few of its speakers to actually support Airplay 2. That means your iOS device can now bring the music management and multi-room audio feature to a few more of its smart speakers, including its newest Beam soundbar. With Airplay 2 on Sonos speakers, now you can tell Siri to turn the volume down instead of doing it with those clumsy fingers of yours. Read More >>

Former Apple Engineer Reportedly Charged With Stealing Autonomous Car Secrets

Imagine being an engineer at Apple, one of the most coveted positions in tech. On top of it, you work in the ultra-secret autonomous car division. And you blow it all by leaving for a startup in China and stealing Apple’s trade secrets on the way out the door. That’s what authorities believe one man did this past weekend, and now he’s been slapped with court charges. Read More >>

Apple Music Has Reportedly Beaten Spotify in the US With the Users That Matter Most

As Tidal continues to struggle, Apple Music has found major success, and if a report leaked to Digital Music News is true, Apple Music may have just become the most popular on-demand streaming music service in the US—at least as far as paying users go. Read More >>

Apple’s New iOS Police-Blocking Feature Has a Pesky ‘Workaround,’ Security Firm Says

Apple’s latest version of iOS, released yesterday, includes USB Restricted Mode, a security measure that seems designed to prevent unwanted decryption of iPhones by both bad actors and law enforcement using passcode cracking tools. Read More >>

Apple’s Police-Blocking iOS Update Is Here

It’s finally here. Apple’s long-awaited feature that is intended to keep bad actors from bypassing Apple’s encryption and breaking into your phone is now available. On Monday, the component went live in the latest iOS update and you should just go ahead and download it. Read More >>

Analysts Reckon Apple Will Scrap iPhone X and SE Due to “Pent Up Demand” for Newer Models

Apple isn't known for ditching its phones particularly quickly. Since it only sells a handful of devices, it's able to sell and support them for years longer than other manufacturers would, which is why you can still get 2015's iPhone 6S. But some analysts reckon that Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone X and SE later this year, all to focus on the three handsets rumoured to arrive around September/October time. Read More >>