How to Abandon iOS and Switch to Android

Having guided you through the not-all-that-straightforward process of switching from Android to iOS, we’re back to tell you how to go in the opposite direction. (Make your mind up will you?) Going from Apple-powered devices to Google’s platform is either ridiculously easy or rather taxing, depending on your current setup. Read More >>

Apple Is Reportedly Working On Built-in AI Chips For Future IPhones And Other Devices

Back in 2011, Apple was right at the forefront of implementing artificial intelligence software in its products. Six years on though, Siri no longer seems like a technological marvel, while rival giants Amazon have skipped ahead of the Cupertino colossus with AI-driven devices like Amazon Echo. Yet if reports from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman are accurate, it looks like Apple could be about to implement dedicated AI chips in future devices. Read More >>

Sir Jony Ive Has Scored Himself A Part-Time Job

Sir Jony Ive, Apple designer extraordinaire and man whose pencil is responsible for the iMac and iPhone, has netted himself a new job! Don't worry though, he's not leaving Apple, this new gig is an unpaid position as Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. Read More >>

Apple Reveals It Received at Least One Secret FBI Request For User Data

In its biannual transparency transparency report, Apple revealed that it received a National Security Letter. But unlike other tech companies who have been ordered to turn over customer information to the FBI, Apple hasn’t yet published the demand letter it received. Apple’s transparency report also includes several new categories of government requests, an indication that the company is becoming more granular in the way it reports data about its interactions with law enforcement. Read More >>

New Leaked Shot Suggests The IPhone 8 Will be Bigger Than the IPhone 7s, Smaller Than the IPhone 7s Plus

What's this? More leaked images of upcoming Apple products? Egad! My all too sensitive ticker simply can't handle the strain of all these surprises. Ahead of the presumed September reveal of three new iPhone models - the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, and the long rumoured iPhone 8 - new images have surfaced apparently showing off molds of the upcoming devices. Read More >>

Apple’s Blaming Third Party Batteries for Those Exploding Headphones

Back in March, while flying between Sydney and Beijing, a woman was quite badly burned after her headphones caught fire. The brand of headphones hasn't been revealed, but since Apple has released a statement on the matter it seems more than likely that they're Apple-manufactured. Read More >>

The Most Interesting Part of Apple’s New £4 Billion Campus Is a Pizza Box

This morning, Wired magazine published an early look into Apple’s brand new spaceship campus. The giant circle features the kinds of ridiculous details you might expect from Apple, like sliding glass doors that weigh 440,000 pounds each and 9,000 trees supposedly durable enough to survive the forthcoming climate crisis. Read More >>

Apple Doesn’t ‘Need’ to Buy Anything

With a market cap that is, as of this writing, hovering around $800 billion and more than $250 billion in cash, Apple is fucking loaded. Not even its decidedly flat earnings report last week can change the fact that it is the most valuable publicly traded company of all time. Read More >>

iTunes Is Coming To The Windows Store

Apple is bringing iTunes to the Windows Store. Why, you might ask? Well, because people are looking for it there. Read More >>

How Smart Watches Might Actually Improve Your Health

If you sacrifice style to strap a clunky Apple Watch or Fitbit to your wrist, one of the tradeoffs is supposedly the ability to better monitor your health. But so far, the health benefits of tracking your step count or heart rate are mostly unproven. In fact, some research has suggested the benefits are actually nil. Read More >>

5 Things Google Assistant Does Better Than Siri

Good news for anyone with an Android phone that isn’t a Pixel: Google Assistant is rolling out to more phones, new and old. That means many more of us will be able to take advantage of Google’s latest and smartest AI. There are some things both the Google Assistant and Siri are excellent at—like pulling up emails or showing photos you’ve taken in the last week in a specific city (Apple really seems to be catching up to Google in the image analysis department). Read More >>

The EU is Planning New Legislation After Complaints Aimed at the Likes of Apple and Google

A few days ago it was revealed that a number of music streaming services, including the likes of Spotify and Deezer, had complained to the EU about the likes of Apple and Google abusing their 'privileged position' at the top of the market. Now it seems as though the EU is taking notice. Read More >>

The FBI Paid Nearly £700,000 to Unlock the San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone

Following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in December of 2015, there was a lot of controversy over whether Apple should help the FBI open one of the terrorist’s phones. Ultimately, the FBI found a private company that helped crack it open, but we had no idea how much that effort cost the government. Until now. Read More >>

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google: Which One Would You Ditch First?

A simple question in a tweet has thrown the geek world into chaos. Like a truly horrible version of Shag, Marry, Kill, Farhad Manjoo's tweet asks you to imagine jettisoning the big names of tech. And it's hard. Read More >>

How to Secure Your Home From Corporate Snoopers

Looks like corporate Big Brother might be watching your every move. Back in February US electronics company Vizio was forced to pay millions for secretly snooping on customers, but the TV tech giant isn’t the first corporation to go 1984 in peoples' homes. Amazon and Google have microphones in every room thanks to the Echo and Home, and Samsung and Microsoft can use cameras to watch you. Can you kit out your house with TVs, talking speakers and security cameras without getting spied on by the corporate entities behind them? Read More >>