Rejoice! The New MacBook Air Is Repair-Friendly… Kind Of

If you’ve ever listened to an Apple hater rant about why Macs suck, chances are you’ve heard those “You can’t repair or upgrade it yourself!” arguments. But with the new MacBook Air and Mac mini, Apple seems like it’s ready to toss Mac diehards a smal but welcome bone. Read More >>

Reports: Newest MacBook Pro Bricked If Not Repaired By Apple

New reports from Motherboard and MacRumors suggest that Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro, as well as the iMac Pro, can be bricked if the repairs are not performed by Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider. Read More >>

Apple is Getting Sued Over AppleCare+

Oops. Looks like Apple is facing another class action lawsuit. Read More >>

Apple MacBook Retina Displays Prone to Screen Smearing Stain Problem

They may be beautiful to look at when they're working properly, but it appears that Apple's Retina MacBook line has a significant fault when it comes to its screens. An increasing number of users are complaining that their laptop displays are becoming ruined by blotchy, stain-like patches that progressively grow, making the screens unusable. Read More >>

AppleCare Now Covers Worn-Out Batteries

Built-in batteries mean a built-in expiry date for gadgets: lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their ability to hold charge over time, eventually dying an ignominious death, and rendering your expensive gizmo useless. Unless you're MacBook user and you’ve got AppleCare. Read More >>

AppleCare Repair Costs for iPhone 6 Revealed

AppleCare repair and replacement costs are out: under Apple's protection plan, a new screen comes in at £86.84 for the iPhone 6, £106.44 for the 6 Plus; out-of-warranty battery replacement is £59; and broken phone replacement runs £236.44 for the 6, £266.44 for the 6 Plus. [AppleCare via iMore] Read More >>

Butterfingers Rejoice as AppleCare+ Plans Extend to Other Countries

Good news for globetrotting Apple users: AppleCare+ now covers service in other countries. Seems the plan, which used to apply only to the country of purchase, now lets you get the coverage offered wherever you are. [TechCrunch] Read More >>

Is Amazon Working On Some Sort of “KindleCare”?

There's been a (pretty shaky) rumor kicking around lately that Amazon might be trying its hand at a smartphone, and now there's some circumstantial evidence that Amazon might be getting ready to push in another direction as well. According to GigaOM, Amazon might be getting into warranties. Read More >>