School Bans Sausage Rolls From Lunch Boxes

Bradford's Shirley Manor Primary Academy clearly likes to think it's as posh as its name suggests, as the school has launched an attack on the favoured food of the proles -- the sausage roll. The popular meat tube has been banned from appearing in the lunch boxes of children, alongside fellow processed meat favourite the pork pie. Read More >>

Google Test Of AI’s Killer Instinct Shows We Should Be Very Careful

If climate change, nuclear weapons or Donald Trump don’t kill us first, there’s always artificial intelligence just waiting in the wings. It’s been a long time worry that when AI gains a certain level of autonomy it will see no use for humans or even perceive them as a threat. A new study by Google’s DeepMind lab may or may not ease those fears. Read More >>

Researchers Figure Out a Way to Keep Apples Fresh for Weeks

Our current solution to apples that start to soften (just bake them into a pie) has been working well for hundreds of years. But a new method could give us apples that stay crisp for several weeks. Read More >>

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Cooking an iPhone 6 in a Lava Lamp is a Really Bad Idea

Shoot 'em, microwave 'em, taser 'em; for something that costs the best part of a month's wages, we sure do love torturing iPhones. It verges on creepy if you think about it too much, the tech equivalent of crowding around a paramedic at work. Will the poor little iPhone survive? Someone call the insurance company and make the appropriate arrangements. Read More >>

Borough Market Opens an Apple Store (With a Difference)

Oh Borough Market, we see what you've done here. Celebrating its 1,000th (!) year as London's premier fruit and veg emporium, it's marking the occasion with a celebratory festival. The centrepiece? A minimalist "Apple Store", showing off 1,000 different types of apple. As in "apple" the reasonably priced fruit, as opposed to "Apple" the extortionately-priced technology powerhouse. Well played guys, well played. [London SE1 via Tech Digest] Read More >>

Apparently Apple Wasn’t Too Happy About That Dr Dre Video

Remember that video from a few weeks back where Dr Dre bragged about becoming a billionaire? Turns out Apple wasn't particularly impressed with the revelation, especially since that long rumoured buyout of Beats hadn't been finalised at the time. Read More >>

Miserable Winter May Trigger UK “Cider Drought”

Get the pints queued up, as there might be a run on that nice kind of apple juice that's so easy to glug down. The National Association of Cider Makers suggests brewers may struggle to find enough apples this year, after the wet winter over saturated many of the apple trees used to create the brew. Read More >>

Why Apples Don’t Taste as Delicious Anymore

Fuji apples were, once upon a time, objectively and irrefutably the most delicious apples you could sink your teeth into — anyone who said otherwise was either a liar or a witch. These days, though, Fuji apples just aren't quite hitting the spot like they used to, and we might never see them reach their former glory again. Read More >>

A Woman Who Bought Two iPhones Was Scammed with Two Apples Instead

When you're looking to buy an Apple iPhone from a classifieds ad, you expect certain things. Like it having a working touchscreen. Like it maybe be in one piece. Like it actually being an Apple iPhone and not... just an apple. A woman made the dear mistake of buying two apples in an iPhone box when she really wanted two iPhones. Oof. Read More >>

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How To Make Smooth Whiskey Even Smoother

Bourbon and rye are absolutely wonderful just as they are, but variety is the spice of life. What if you could take a delicious whiskey and make it even smoother? Attenuate that high-proof alcohol bite? It's easier—and even more delicious—than you think. Read More >>