Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Startup Hopes to Launch This Year

The chance to pay for your car insurance only when you actually do a bit of driving should come to the UK market later this year, as insurance startup By Miles prepares to launch its pay-per-mile products. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week’s Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

Well the nice weather stopped almost as quickly as it started, but at least we don't have to sit in our own homes moaning about how hot it is - all while drowning in a pool of our own sweat. Instead we get to sit inside and moan about the rain, because we can never be happy about anything in this country. While you're all no doubt busy being miserable about something or other, make sure to check out these apps and see if they can lift your spirits. Read More >>

Measuring Tape in Augmented Reality Is Way More Exciting Than It Should Be

There are a few reasons to be bullish about augmented reality. It’s just neat is the most important reason. Its practicality is another great factor. But above all, the fact that Apple is about to unleash its app developers to go crazy with AR in iOS 11 means that a tonne of content should be coming. This humble measuring tape app is just the tip of the iceberg. Read More >>

12 Tools and Apps That Make Working From Home Easier

More and more of us are ditching the traditional office environment for anywhere we can get wi-fi. Working away from an office presents its own unique set of challenges. If you haven’t yet made the switch to an online office suite (like the ones made by Google, Apple, or Microsoft), then we’d recommend that as a first move. Not only does it mean you can log in and work from any computer, it makes sharing your work and collaborating with others much more straightforward. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week’s Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

This week is absolutely killing me, and doing wonders for my productivity. And by that I mean my productivity is tanking. If only summer holidays were a thing for adults... Even though it's June and the schools haven't shut down yet. But, you know, someone has to earn money to pay the rent. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week’s Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

It has been a big week with lots of news. Some good, some terrible, and some kind of meh. It's the perfect time for the weekend, and we just have to get through Friday to get there. If you need to pass the time, make sure to check out this latest batch of apps. Read More >>

Clubcard Points for Uber Rides Rumour Could Trigger Cabbie Tesco Boycott

There's something new for taxi drivers to be angry about today, as reports suggest that Tesco might be about to do a deal with ride-enabling app Uber -- letting customers use clubcard points to pay for trips home with their newly acquired doughnuts and cheese. Read More >>

Binky Is a Perfect Pacifier App for People Who Can’t Stop Looking at Their Phone

The fact that we all walk around with our heads down compulsively tapping on our phones is no longer even worthy of satire, it’s just a fact of life. Binky is an app that’s kind of like a social network that doesn’t connect you to anyone. It understands the banality of our mobile screen time and gives you something to do that accomplishes nothing... just like a real social network! Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week’s Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

It's June! And with June the weather has... worsened? Bit weird. It was bright and sunny last week, and I couldn't sleep without an open window ad a fan. This week I don't want to get out of bed because my flat feels like a fridge. Crazy how nature does that, but I'm certainly not complaining about being too hot when I'm trying to go to sleep. Read More >>

Digitising Museums is a Waste of Money, Says V&A Boss

The new head of London's glorious V&A museum looks like he's about to bin spending on digitising collections and creating apps, audio tours and other digital content, as he thinks the average museum punter isn't interested in any of it and would rather these places stay as unique non-digital quiet spaces. Read More >>

Ten iMessage Apps Actually Worth Installing

Last year, Apple launched mini apps for iMessage in a bid to liven up its default messaging app and fend off competition from third-party alternatives — but are any of these add-ons actually any good? We went deep to look for iMessage apps that offer something genuinely useful or fun (or both). Read More >>

The 5 Best Apps for Recording Calls on Your Phone

Whether you’re interviewing rock stars, planning an event with folks from work, or just need to get your grandpa’s rants down on (digital) tape, there are plenty of apps ready and waiting to record your calls for you. Read More >>

Sphero’s New Lightning McQueen Makes Me Excited For the Future of Robotic Toys

I might be the only person at Gizmodo that likes Sphero’s new Cars toy. My colleagues hate the way the robot announces it’s going to sleep, and the long animated process it takes to wake up. They’re also horrified by the very existence of sentient automobiles and tractors that moo. But my colleagues are too caught up in trying to understand Pixar’s Cars world to realise that they’re playing with the incredible future of robotic toys. Read More >>

Pope Francis Didn’t Look Happy to Meet President Trump, But Technology Can Fix That

No, Hollywood isn’t planning a reboot of The Addams Family. This is a photo from earlier today when President Trump met Pope Francis at the Vatican. Needless to say, the pope doesn’t look too happy about the situation. But it’s nothing technology can’t fix. Read More >>