Apple Might Let You Change Your Default Apps, Other Giants Could Finally Get a Fair Shake

Potentially yielding some bitterly-contested ground, Apple is thinking about allowing its users to replace their default essential apps like Safari, Mail, and Apple Music with third-party apps, Bloomberg reports. [Muted golf clap.] This comes less than a year after the US Supreme Court paved the way for app-related antitrust lawsuits, ruling that iPhone users in America could sue Apple for using its App Store monopoly to drive up prices with its 30 per cent commission on sales. Read More >>

This App Tells You When Nearby Smart Devices Are Snooping on You

The devices we use every day are increasingly voice-controlled or internet-connected, even if they probably shouldn’t be. If you’re also one of those folks that’s morbidly curious about which of these devices are hiding behind bullshit privacy policies to collect reams of data on you, there’s now a handy app for that. Read More >>

TikTok Adds Parental Controls to UK Version of App

TikTok, which as far as I can work out is some sort of proving ground for viral content before it is transferred to the more familiar legacy social networks I might actually use, is introducing parental controls to its UK app, with worrying dads now able to transfer all parental responsibilities to the reworked checkboxes within the app's Family Safety Mode. Read More >>

hq trivia
Zombie HQ Trivia May Not Be Dead Just Yet

Following earlier reports that beleaguered game app HQ Trivia was finally shutting down for good after failing to secure funding, founder Rus Yusupov says the app may have a shot at surviving after all. Maybe. Read More >>

Microsoft Rolls Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Into One Unified App for Android

Microsoft is finally bringing three of its obligatory products under a single, unified app for Android—meaning users who use all three apps will no longer be required to install all three individually. Read More >>

hq trivia
HQ Trivia Has One Final, Drunken Hurrah

After hearing yesterday’s news that HQ Trivia was penniless and abruptly shuttering, host Matt Richards paid $5 out of his own pocket so its last show could have some sort of prize for viewers who stuck around until the very end. Read More >>

Well, Looks Like HQ Trivia’s Finally Dead

Let’s be honest, the writing’s been on the wall for a while now. Read More >>

The Best Apps for Customising Your Android Phone

One of the reasons for choosing Android over iOS is the extra customisation options you get – you can really dive deep when it comes to tweaking the appearance of Android, pixel-by-pixel, and there are a huge number of apps around to help. Make use of some or all of these to give your Android device a whole new look. Read More >>

Eight-Year-Olds Can Still Rinse Mum’s Credit Card for £1.5k of In-Game Junk

A sad-faced mum whose kid blew £1,450 on an in-app transaction bender is trying her best to get Apple and the credit card companies to write off the debt, but it's not looking great thanks to the exemplary hacking skills of the eight-year-old in question. Read More >>

The Best Apps to Help You Get to Sleep

You may well use your phone to help you get out of bed in the morning, but have you tried using it to get to sleep? A plethora of apps are ready and waiting to bathe your bedroom in all kinds of music and sounds, and many of them come with a built-in sleep timer that means you don’t have to leave them playing all night. These are our favourites. Read More >>

Google Reinstates Co-Star App After It Claims ‘Anti-Astrology’ Bias

Popular astrology app Co-Star has been reinstated on the global Google Play Store after it was unceremoniously struck off due to alleged metadata violations in a very Scorpio move. Read More >>

play store
Google’s UK Play Store is Full of Scam Apps That are Brazenly Topping the App Charts

Someone at Google has seriously dropped the ball if the Play Store is anything to go by, with a bunch of scam apps infiltrating the platform for long enough to make it to the top of the charts. Read More >>

How to Measure Almost Anything Using Your Phone

Your phone can do it all. It’s a portable music player, diary, digital camera, communication device, calculator and just about everything else. But you might not have considered that it can also replace your measuring tape. With the right sensors on board and the right apps installed, you can measure more data with your phone than you might think. Read More >>

How to Video Capture Everything That Happens on Your Computer Screen

Being able to record your computer screen can be useful for all kinds of reasons – from streaming your gaming exploits to the world, to showing your parents how to turn on their antivirus software – and there are numerous ways of going about it. These are the top software and hardware options to consider. Read More >>

Google Will Kill Off App Maker in 2021

Another one bites the dust, as Google's enterprise-centric App Maker joins the teeming hordes of expired Google services. Read More >>