This New Mac App Makes Navigating Your Contacts Less Nightmarish

I have not organized my contacts in the Apple Contacts app in nearly a decade. For every meticulously maintained contact (usually people I mail gifts to for the holidays) there are hundreds of other contacts polluting the field. So many it would take me a few days and a lot of wine to finally sort through them all. This is a problem, and one that Flexibits, the makers of the very excellent calendar app Fantastical, has been promising to fix. Finally, after years of development CardHop is here, and it’s a pretty damn good solution for anyone tired of messing with Contacts. Read More >>

The BBC is Launching a Personalised Version of iPlayer Radio for Your Car

If you're lucky enough to have a car that runs Apple's Carplay or Android Auto, and you like listening to all the radio stations the BBC has to offer, you're in luck. The corporation has announced that it's releasing a personalised version of the BBC iPlayer app for both platforms. Read More >>

The Uber App Will Stop UK Drivers From Working Excessive Hours

Uber has been facing a lot of criticism, particularly since it lost its licence to operate within London. Now, though, one of those criticisms is being dealt with, because the app will stop UK drivers from working excessive hours. Read More >>

How to Pick the Best Browser For Your Phone

Perhaps you’ve been using the same browser since you first unboxed your phone, or perhaps you switch between them on a weekly basis. There are just as many choices for browsers on mobile as there are on desktop and each runs a little differently. Below we’ve run through every major browser available—from stalwarts like Chrome and Safari to newer browsers like Puffin. Read More >>

Tinder Thinks ‘Sassy’ Emoji Are the Answer to Shitty Men Online

On Wednesday, Tinder introduced a new “Reactions” feature which lets users send each other a range of animated emoji. And in support of this feature, the dating app has launched a bizarre new campaign to explain how these cutesy animations are the solution to skeezy behaviour online. Read More >>

Shitemove is a Browser Extension That Adds Some Truthfulness to Estate Agent Listings

The majority of you probably live in some sort of accommodation without your parents, which means you had to deal with letting agencies or estate agents. And their adverts' tenuous relationship with the exact truth. Well now there's a browser extension that makes those ads a little more realistic. Read More >>

OS Does AR so You Can Look at Your Phone All the Time When Outside

It's OK, the clever people at the Ordnance Survey have come up with a perfectly valid reason for you to be looking at your phone even in the middle of nowhere -- AR. The official OS map now overlays local data and place names atop the app's fed in camera display, meaning you don't need to get your eyes dirty by looking directly at a field. Read More >>

Facebook Has Launched the Slimmed Down Messenger Lite in the UK

Facebook's apps are infamous for the amount of data and battery they soak up, which has led to some people ditching the social network's ever-growing suite of apps. But that's not a good thing. Not from Facebook's perspective anyway. Because it wants you on Facebook all the time, ever disconnecting for so much as half a second, it's released Messenger Lite in the UK, US, and Ireland. Read More >>

Pigeon Panic is an AR app That Lets You Frolic With Everyone’s Favourite Flying Disease Bags

Pigeons truly are the feathered rats of the bird community. While certain parts of their anatomy may taste splendid when prepared by Michelin Star restaurants, the average pigeon you'll find on the streets is a gormless, disease-ridden popping machine. Thankfully, the stars of a new iPhone augmented reality app are much less objectionable. Read More >>

Ikea Just Bought… TaskRabbit?

It sort of makes sense. Swedish flatpack furniture giant Ikea just acquired American labour on demand startup TaskRabbit. As some have pointed out, Ikea just bought a company that already employs people to build its own furniture. Makes sense! Read More >>

HSBC’s New App Lets You See All Your Bank Accounts in One Place

Chances are you have more than one bank account, a current account and a savings account perhaps. Maybe a joint account with your partner. The problem is that the best deals come from separate banks, making it a bit of a chore to keep on top of it all. Especially in the age of mobile banking when every bank and building society has their own app. Well HSBC is looking to change that. Read More >>

Brexit Bus Repurposed to Advertise Banking App

The Brexit Bus has a new temporary owner, with financial app Monese taking control of it to promote some weird thing to do with international money transfers that we'll probably never understand, let alone use. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tests Shopper Honesty With DIY Checkout App

Sainsbury's is combining the two things we love -- looking at mobile phones and buying doughnuts -- into one convenient product. It's testing an app that lets shoppers pay for their goods entirely by smartphone, skipping the hellish world of the supermarket checkout system altogether. Read More >>

Citizen, the Creepy Crime-Fighting App Formerly Known as Vigilante, Somehow Gets £9 Million

Citizen, the extremely dubious rebranding of Vigilante—an app which notifies users of 911 reports near them and encourages them to go out and shoot videos of the crimes and their aftermath—has somehow managed to acquire a new round of eight-figure funding. Read More >>

Want a First Class Train Upgrade? You Can Bid for It

First class upgrades when travelling by train are notoriously expensive, especially when you buy them on the day. As someone who frequently travels, and frequently sees dozens and dozens of plush first class seats available while I'm sandwiched in standard class like I'm being shipped to some kind of cattle market, it's more than just a bit frustrating. Read More >>