9 App Hacks to Help Declutter and Save Time in Your Day

Plenty of the apps you use every day include handy timesavers that you might not have noticed yet, but fear not—we’re here to point them out for you. Use these tricks to claw back some minutes or even some hours out of every day, time you can use for something more productive or enjoyable. Read More >>

Banking Newcomer Monzo Now Supports Apple Pay

Monzo launched three years ago, with banking restrictions enabling the app-based company to offer current accounts last April. So it's more than fair to say they're pretty new to the whole banking scene, and have done pretty well for themselves in that time. Monzo has been offering Android/Google Pay to its customers since last October, but today it's announced that iOS customers will be able to use Apple Pay as well. Read More >>

HQ Trivia is Upping its UK Grand Prize to £1,000 as of Today

In case you missed last night's game of HQ Trivia, the famed quiz app is making a big change starting today. No it's not a bunch of features you'll (probably) never use, instead it's upping each game's grand prize from £550 all the way up to £1,000. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Unskippable Six-Second Ads Have, Sadly, Arrived

Things have been rocky for Snapchat. After going public in March 2017, Snap Inc. has seen its stock price drop by more than 50 percent in a little more than a year, while taking a $40 million loss on unsold Spectacles and more or less cancelling a redesign that had users complaining in protest. So in an attempt to generate more revenue, Snapchat is inserting new unskippable ads into its still relatively popular social media app. Read More >>

Snapchat is Ditching Its Hated Redesign so People Will Finally Stop Complaining

Remember that massive Snapchat update that pissed off basically everyone? Well, Snap is pulling a bit of an about-face and issuing a redesign of the redesign after receiving nothing but a barrage of boos from its once loyal userbase. Read More >>

Find and Remove the Most Troublesome Apps on Any Device

Bad apps are draining your battery life, sucking up your local storage, and causing your devices to crash more often than they should—and the worst part is, you might not realise who the worst offenders are. Here’s how to track down badly behaving apps on the major desktop and mobile platforms, and kick them to the kerb. Read More >>

HQ Trivia Will Let You Spy on Your Friends’ Answers, But Only on Friday

HQ Trivia has been rolling out features to make its live quiz platform a lot more social, so you can keep up with how your friends have been doing without necessarily being in the same room as them. Now, though, it's been testing a new feature that lets you see exactly what answers your friends have given. But only on a Friday. Read More >>

Squirrel Is a New App That’s Just Like Slack but Made by Yahoo, and We’ll Leave It at That

Well this is odd. It looks like Yahoo is releasing a new messaging app. The invite-only service is called Squirrel, as Android Police reports, and honestly it looks a lot like Slack, but with a focus on families instead of office productivity. It might turn out to be a huge hit, just a new, creepy way for Yahoo to gather more data about you, or maybe it’s simply yet another messaging app doomed to failure. Read More >>

Apple Is Reportedly Cracking Down on Apps That Covertly Share Your Location Data

At a time when every tech company is desperate to avoid news that third-parties got their hands on user data without their knowledge, Apple is reportedly cracking down on app developers who have been transmitting users’ locations without their consent. The practice has long been part of Apple’s guidelines, but apparently wasn’t being properly enforced. Read More >>

Signal’s Disappearing Messages Have a Huge Flaw on Macs

A bevy of secure messaging options exist to serve the needs of whistleblowers, journalists, and those wanting greater privacy in general, and among them Signal has become one of the most trusted. It even comes baked in with “disappearing” messages that users can set to self-destruct anywhere from five seconds to one week after they’re checked. Read More >>

Facebook is Developing Avatars, Which Are Just Like Bitmoji Except Not Owned By Snap

Just like it did with Filters, Snaps, and Stories, Facebook is duplicating another feature that previously existed on its competitor Snapchat. Read More >>

The Rebirth of Vine Just Isn’t Going to Happen, Is It?

On Friday, Dan Hoffman, a co-founder of the defunct six-second video app, announced via Twitter that v2, his Vine sequel, is now indefinitely on hold. Hoffman said his vision of a small passion project was engulfed by too much attention, and that he would need a larger team and potential investors (?!) to see it through properly. Read More >>

Countdown’s Rachel Riley Launches Quiz App FleetWit In The UK

Look out HQ Trivia - it appears that you have a new rival on this side of the Atlantic too as today quiz app FleetWit officially launches in the UK, with the help of TV's Rachel Riley. Read More >>

Brighton Joins Attacks on Uber and Refuses Licence Renewal

Hammered men on stag dos may soon have to find a new way of ordering a taxi to scrape them back to the Travelodge, as Brighton council has joined the war on Uber by refusing to renew the minicab firm's licence. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Help You Find Love (So Please Hand Over More Data)

Facebook, still reeling from a scandal concerning the improper sharing of tens of millions of its users’ data, now wants to get even more intimately involved in your life. At the F8 developer conference today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network will soon offer dating features slated to roll out later this year. He noted that there are almost 200 million people who identify as single on Facebook, “so clearly there’s something to do here.” Read More >>