Amazon: What If You Thought of Doing Manual Labour for Us as More of a Workout

On Monday, Amazon’s PR department touted the story of a woman who allegedly lost a tonne of weight working for its Flex delivery service in the US. In the company’s framing, Flex isn’t a dystopian project to reduce shipping costs by letting an army of expendable, plainclothes contractors compete to score “last-mile” delivery gigs. It’s a fun workout! Read More >>

Want to Quit Facebook? These Are the Best Alternatives for Most of What Facebook Does

After the discrimination, the creepy advertising practices, the data breaches, the political mess, and the sense that the world’s biggest social network just isn’t much fun to use any more... maybe you’re finally considering leaving Facebook. But what are you going to replace it with? And will your friends come with you? Read More >>

Huawei’s StorySign App Translates Kids’ Books Into Sign Language

John Lewis Elton John ad didn't make you cry? Well, prepare your feels for this one from Huawei, because we watched it and now it's raining on our faces: Read More >>

The Best Note-Taking Apps for Any Task

Being a notepad and pen replacement is just one of the roles that smartphones fill for us now—alongside being a digital camera, a musical jukebox, an address book, and an ever-expanding encyclopedia. Not all the options are created equal, though. Whatever the reason you need to take down notes, these are the best tools to do the job. Read More >>

Inkvite Is The Writing App For The WhatsApp Generation

Getting started with writing can be overwhelming. A blank page, no word count and a bajillion ideas fighting for precedence. Read More >>

Learn How to Use Siri Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Announced as part of the iOS 12 update and now available as a separate app, Siri Shortcuts (or just Shortcuts) lets you do more with Apple’s digital assistant—you can wrap up a bunch of different tasks and launch them with one voice command. If you’re not sure exactly how this can be of use, keep reading. Read More >>

New Dating App Lets Women Be Anonymous, But Not Men

Anyone who's ever tried online dating, especially while female, is no doubt aware of what a giant bin fire it can be. Lots of apps have tried to fix the disconnect between men's and women's experiences (men tend not to get many messages, while women get horrible sleazy ones and dick pics), with apps like Bumble having women make the first move and similar. But a new app's gone even further, making women completely anonymous while men have profiles. Read More >>

Tumblr App Has Inexplicably Disappeared From Apple’s App Store

Tumblr has mysteriously vanished from Apple’s App Store, and it’s not clear why. Read More >>

Baffling App Lets iPhone Users Talk To Each Other On The Tube

There really is an app for everything, and now there's one for talking to iOS users on the London Underground. Read More >>

Cloudflare Promises Faster Internet and More Privacy on Your Phone With New DNS App

Earlier this year, Cloudflare launched its DNS service, and now it’s available for free on iOS and Android. Which means faster, more private internet on your phone. Read More >>

Facebook Launches Lasso, Its Short-Form Video Competitor to TikTok

With seemingly little fanfare, Facebook has launched its new app Lasso, a standalone short-form video platform that’s been billed as a competitor to TikTok. According to TechCrunch, the app is Facebook’s attempt at winning over its dwindling demographic of teens. Read More >>

Android Will Soon Let You Update Its Apps While You’re Still Using Them

There was plenty of Samsung buzz coming out of two individual events this week, not the least of which included the unveiling of its yet-unnamed foldable device. Another neat reveal coming out of the Android Dev Summit, however, is a feature that will allow users to continue using Android apps while they’re being updated. Read More >>

Why an iPad is Worth It

Last week we asked what the hell the point of the iPad was anyway – and you responded. It seems quite a few of you are still getting real use out of an iPad in 2018, and we’ve collected some of your reasons for firing up a tablet rather than a smartphone or a laptop. Read More >>

Opera for Android Removes Those Annoying Cookies Messages, With a Catch

For years we've had to deal with those irritating pop-up messages that insist on telling use that websites use cookies for one reason or another - something that's only got worse since the GDPR. It's especially annoying on mobiles, where those banners and pop-ups can take up too much space and take ages to dismiss. There's good news from Opera, which has announced its Android browser will dismiss those notifications. Read More >>