After Resignation of HR Chief, Yet Another Uber Exec Faces Allegations of Discriminatory Behaviour

Earlier this week, ridesharing giant Uber’s Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey resigned under allegations that she systematically shot down internal complaints about racial discrimination within the company — indicating at least some prior concerns about a toxic company culture of wild abandon during the tenure of former CEO Travis Kalanick have continued under his successor, Dara Khosrowshahi. Per a New York Times report on Friday, fellow top executive Chief Operating Officer Barney Harford is now attracting attention for allegations he too made a less than stellar impression on Uber’s female and minority workers. Read More >>

Firefox Focus Browser for iOS Can Now Lock Your Internet History Behind FaceID

Firefox has got bit into the whole internet privacy thing with the Firefox Focus smartphone browser, automatically removing things like trackers and ads, plus letting you delete your browsing history nice and easily. But if you like keeping your browsing history around for one reason or another, iOS users now have the option to safeguard it behind FaceID. That way nobody will go snooping and find out what presents you're buying them. Or what porn you've been watching. Read More >>

Lego’s Got a New AR App, and it’s All About the BrickHeadz

Lego's invested a lot in AR apps recently, the the point where it was involved in Apple's WWDC keynote during the section where Apple was bigging up all the possibilities offered by ARKit 2. Now there's a new augmented reality Lego app available, all focused on the Brickheadz. Shockingly it also appears to be exclusive to Android, at least for the time being. Read More >>

Opera for Android is Now the First Browser With a Built-in Crypto Wallet

Opera has already shown itself to be more than willing to adapt to the new crypto currency fad that's been sweeping the world, with built-in tools that prevent sites from using your device to mine crypto coins whenever you use them. Now its decided that this isn't enough, and has launched a new crypto wallet that doesn't rely on separate apps of extensions. Read More >>

Workout Data From Fitness App Used to Identify Government Spies and Military Personnel

In the latest incident of seemingly innocuous data sharing leading to potentially dangerous exposure, the popular fitness app and activity trackers Polar Flow has been revealing the location of military and government personnel working at sensitive locations, according to ZDNet. Read More >>

India Calls on WhatsApp to Stop the Spread of Hoax Messages That Have Led to Lynchings

WhatsApp is promising to introduce new features intended to prevent the spread of hoax messages in India following reports that more than one dozen lynchings have occurred in the country as a result of false rumours spread on the popular, Facebook-owned messaging service. Read More >>

Can’t See the RAF Centenary Flyby Over London? Don’t Worry, There’s an App for That

You may have noticed that this year is the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, and lot's being done to celebrate that fact - including a flyby over Central London on 10th July. If you want to see all the planes, and can't actually make it to the capital on that day, you needn't worry. There's actually an app that will let you watch the whole thing in augmented reality, no matter where you are. Read More >>

HQ Trivia Will Start Rewarding People Who Play Every Day

HQ Trivia doesn't want all its players to be like me, and stop playing because the quest to actually win seems inherently futile. The questions are hard, there are always rumours of bots ruining the fun for everyone else, and frankly I can't be bothered anymore. But plenty still play daily, and HQ wants those people to stick around, so it's offering the reward of extra lives for the people play every day. Read More >>

Uber May Be Planning Merger With Middle Eastern Competitor Careem, Insists This Merger Is Different

Ride-hailing giant Uber is planning to merge with its competition in the Middle East, though unlike prior deals in Southeast Asia, China, and Russia, it says it will remain in control of the merged entity. Read More >>

The NHS Appointment-Booking App is Coming This Year

The digital part of the NHS is preparing to launch an official, health service-wide smartphone app, with the power to let the ill or the just worried book an appointment through their magical interaction devices. Read More >>

Your Tinder Photos Are Finally Encrypted Thanks to a 69-Year-Old US Senator

Tinder may be known primarily as a millennial hookup app but thanks to a little pressure from a 69-year-old, married Baby Boomer senator, the dating service is more secure. Tinder parent company Match Group announced this week in a letter to Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden that it will finally encrypt photos uploaded by its users. Read More >>

Apple Maps Is Reportedly Getting a Complete Overhaul

Even among the most die-hard Apple fans, the kind who swear by first-party apps like Safari, Apple Photos, and Messages, there’s still one app that often gets ignored in favour of something made by Google: Apple Maps. Read More >>

Careless App Developers Leave Millions of Sensitive Medical and Financial Records Exposed

Thanks to poorly secured backend databases, a few thousand mobile apps are leaking substantially sensitive data, including personal health information, plaintext passwords, and financial transactions, researchers have found. Read More >>

Grandkid Rental App Wants to Hook Up Lonely Old People With Willing Young

A well-meaning app that pairs lonely old men with willing youngsters could soon launch in the UK, with the ambition of hooking up the elderly with young people able to do chores or just have a cup of tea and a little moan about immigration. Read More >>

Uber Regains Temporary License to Operate in London After Promising to Stop Being Terrible

Ride-sharing giant Uber, which lost its license to operate in its millions-strong London market in September 2017 amid a Transport for London (TfL) ruling the company was “not fit and proper to hold a private operator license,” has won at least a temporary reprieve in its battle against UK regulators. Read More >>