Google, Burned by £3.8 Billion Fine, Tells Europe that Phone Makers Will Have to Pay to Preload Apps

In response to the record-setting $5 billion (£3.8 billion) fine recently levied against Google by the European Union, the search giant is making some changes. Today, it announced that manufacturers will soon have to pay a licensing fee to ship devices into the European Economic Area (EEA) with Google apps pre-installed. Read More >>

The iPad Is Soon, Finally, Getting a Full Version of Adobe Photoshop

Apple’s about to get a big assist from Adobe when it comes to the company’s efforts to legitimise the iPad Pro as a productivity tool. Today, at its MAX conference in Los Angeles, Adobe confirmed that Photoshop CC – a full, un-compromised version of its photo-editing app – will be available for the iPad early next year. Read More >>

5 Online Subscriptions That Don’t Actually Suck

Remember a time when you paid for your music, and your movies, and your software with a one-off payment rather than a recurring subscription fee debited from your bank account each month? Those times are fading into history for most of us. Subscriptions are now king and practically inescapable. Read More >>

I Can’t Stop Taking Pictures of Very Smooth People (Including Myself)

Have you heard about the latest Apple-related scandal? No not the right to repair one, or the servers potentially infiltrated by the Chinese government one. I’m talking Beautygate! A growing number of iPhone XS and XS Max users have noted that the cameras on these devices are aggressive in their skin smoothing, and one Twitter user even claims Apple acknowledged it was a bug — riiiiight. But on the Oppo Find X, skin smoothing is a feature and I can’t stop taking pictures using it. Read More >>

Now Even Ghostbusters Has a Pokémon Go Clone

Pokémon Go wasn't the first augmented reality game, nor the first to bring real world aspects into the virtual world. But it was the first one to gain enough popularity for the rest of the gaming industry to notice. We've had clones featuring Garfield, Jurassic ParkThe Walking Dead, with more on the way. Now the latest one to mimic that style of play is Ghostbusters. Read More >>

Exclusive: HQ Trivia UK is Launching Two New Shows, Including the Winner-Takes-All ‘The One’

There are times when I forget HQ Trivia is a thing, having found myself bored of never winning I gave up on it months ago. But clearly it's still doing pretty well for itself, because the company has just announced two brand new quiz shows are set to launch in the UK. There's HQ Sports, which launched Stateside back in July, and a new quizzical winner-takes-all show called The One. Read More >>

Google Translate Finally Lets Us Choose Between Listening to American English and Proper English

In the past Google Translate has only been able to deal with one type of dialect for each language, which means the input and output speech for English was all American. But now things have changed. The iOS version of the app now lets users change dialects for a variety of languages, meaning we can finally hear things spoken in a more familiar tone. Read More >>

GP Contact App Told to Stop Pretending it Works Like it Says

GP at Hand, one of the services offered by wannabe future digital health provider Babylon Health, has been told off by authorities for offering a chat with a GP in "minutes" through the modern solve-it-all of a smartphone – as customers first have to switch GPs in order to use the online consultancy service. By which time the redness will probably have gone away by itself. Read More >>

Google Is Killing Inbox—Here Are Some Alternatives

Bad news for fans of innovative email systems: Inbox by Gmail is shutting down, less than four years after it first saw the light of day. If you’re a deeply invested Inbox user, where can you find the same sorts of features and tools beyond next March? We’ve got some ideas. Read More >>

New App Aims to Make Train Travel Easier for Disabled Passengers

Public transport isn't the most user-friendly way of travelling around if you have some sort of mobility restriction, especially where trains are concerned. Assistance is available, but the system still is time consuming and doesn't account for delays, cancellations, and all those other things that happen far too often in this country. But the Rail Delivery Group has now announced it's moving this system into a new app, which will allow passengers to amend any assistance requirements they might need. Read More >>

O2 is Bringing Michael Bublé to Augmented Reality

There's a long-standing meme on the internet that claims Michael Bublé spends 10 months of the year hibernating, only to emerge around the Christmas period to do his thing. Bublé has actually popped up early this year, just like the Christmas chocolate in my local Tesco. He's partnered with O2 in a move that will bring him into the world of augmented reality. Read More >>

Apple Celebrates Buying Shazam by Removing the Ads

Apple is famed for having been the first company to reach a trillion dollar valuation, something possible because of all the money it manages to rake in from the likes of iTunes and the App Store. So it certainly doesn't need to trouble itself with adding adverts to its many first party apps, which is presumably why it's gone and pulled adverts from the free version of the newly acquired Shazam. Read More >>

How to Get More Out of Your Chromebook by Running Linux Apps

Chrome OS, itself based on the Linux kernel, can now run Linux apps—the circle is complete. If you’ve got the latest version of Chrome OS, and a fairly new Chromebook, you can now install some of the best applications Linux has to offer. Here’s how to go about it, and why you might do it in the first place. Read More >>

YouTube Kids Is Getting Some Totally Sensible Parental Controls

The YouTube Kids app never really seemed to live up to its kid-friendly potential. Since it came out in 2015 to make browsing online videos “safer and simpler for kids,” the service has gotten a good bit of shit for both its ads and all the weird stuff its algorithms let through — like this video of a cartoon pig drinking bleach. Read More >>

The Super-Private Tor Browser Gets a Huge Update, But Should You Switch From Chrome?

Chrome wasn’t the only browser to get a visual overhaul this week, because the privacy-focused Tor Browser was also given a new lick of paint, as well as a host of under-the-hood upgrades, and refinements to make it easier to use for newcomers. There are now more reasons than ever to make Tor your daily browser of choice. Read More >>