TVPlayer’s Premium Subscription Will Let You Record Live TV and Store it in the Cloud

Remember TVPlayer? You should, because it's an app available damn near everywhere that lets you watch over 70 Freeview channels on your phone/computer/smart TV and so on, without having to pay. All without an aerial, thanks to the magic of streaming. Read More >>

UberEats is Offering European Couriers Free Accident and Sickness Insurance

Last week gig economy powerhouse Deliveroo announced that it would start offering its couriers the option to buy insurance that will minimise the financial burden of being injured, ill, or generally unable to work. Not to be outdone, UberEats has confirmed that it will be giving couriers in some European countries similar insurance - the main difference being that it'll be free. Read More >>

Google Play Rejected An App Because it Mentioned BitTorrent

BitTorrent apps aren't exactly hard to come by on Google Play, particularly in comparison to the iTunes App Store. But BiglyBT just got its own app rejected from the Android-centric app store because of the word 'BitTorrent' in the description. Read More >>

Westminster Council is Threatening to Crackdown on Food Delivery Apps

Services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats have made it much more convenient to eat food from your favourite restaurant, because you can have it delivered to your home. But Westminster Council is threatening to crack down on restaurants using those services, in an attempt to minimise disruption and prevent the city from being "swarmed" by moped drivers. Read More >>

Uber Settles Lawsuit Alleging It Obtained Rape Victim in India’s Confidential Medical Records

Uber has been accused of a lot of very, very bad things over the course of its existence, including a culture of rampant sexual harassment, spying on competitors and users, and covering up hacks by paying off the hackers. But one of the worst things it’s allegedly done was shadily obtaining the medical records of an 26-year-old female passenger raped by an Uber driver in India in order to try to discredit her account as an act of corporate sabotage. Read More >>

Researchers Just Developed a New Tool to Identify Security Holes in Banking Apps

Gone are the days of queuing up at the bank all day to get things done, because we have apps to do most of that stuff for us. When it comes to the bank, security is everything - regardless of whether we're talking about a vault or the electronic systems. The bad news is that no electronic system is 100 per cent secure, but the good news is that researchers have a semi-autonomous tool that can help identify them. Read More >>

Paying Rent Will Soon Help Your Credit Rating

The government's looking into ways of adding rent payments into credit check scores, seeing as rent is the one big bill people always try the hardest to pay and this proof of being good at money management may help young folk encumber themselves with gigantic mortgages on awful flats until they die. And it's looking for someone to assemble an app to help. Read More >>

raspberry pi
PiTunnel App Gives You Secure Remote Access to Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis are great for lots of things, but generally they're used for local stuff. A media player, a home-made tablet, robots, and all sorts of other stuff that requires you to be there using it. The PiTunnel app lets you access your Pi remotely, without compromising on security. Read More >>

Why the Hell Should We Trust Facebook to Moderate Its New Kids App?

Facebook announced a new messaging service today for children as young as six. The new app, Messenger Kids, enables Facebook to target parents whose kids are still too young to use world’s largest social network (which requires users to be at least 13 years old). Messenger Kids has parental controls and policies in place to ban inappropriate content and cyberbullying, but that doesn’t make the service exempt from Facebook’s pattern of moderation failures or the broader evils of the interweb. And in the event a child is harassed or exposed to banned content in Messenger Kids, the burden falls in part on Facebook’s human moderators to act. Read More >>

We’re About to Find Out If Mental Health Apps Really Work

Australia's largest ever clinical trial into the effectiveness of mental health apps - specifically for preventing depression in adolescents - just received a big chunk of funding. Read More >>

Facebook Launches New Messenger App for Young Kids – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Facebook — home to rampant harassment, misinformation, and foreign election interference — is coming for your kids. The company announced a new app on Monday for children as young as six years old. The app, Messenger Kids, is a messaging service that gives parents authority over who their kids can chat with. Read More >>

Google Play Has Revealed the Top Android Apps of 2017

It's December now, so there are only 31 days left until everyone keeps forgetting to write down 2018. With the end of the year coming the business world is gearing up with ways to remind you of all the things that have happened since this time last year. Google is no exception, and has revealed the top Android apps from Google Play. Read More >>

Lego’s New App Lets Kids Play With Sets in Augmented Reality

Lego can be quite expensive, but it is a cool toy for kids to play with. If you'd rather not have them mucking about with pricey sets and losing pieces to the depths of the sofa (or cracks in the floor), then you might want to check out Lego's new AR app. Read More >>

Study: Vast Majority of Google Play Apps Are Covertly Tracking Users

A new study by France’s Exodus Privacy and the Yale University Privacy lab has concluded that over three out of four of apps available on Google’s Play Store contain third-party tracking plugins, the Guardian reported on Tuesday. Apps sucking up personal information included some of the most popular ones on the platform, “including Tinder, Spotify, Uber and OKCupid,” as well as innumerable others. Read More >>

The Best Apps and Browser Extensions to Supercharge Your Online Shopping

Picking up a bargain online is a buzz any time of year, but as the holiday season approaches it’s particularly important to get your shopping game on point—whether you want to find the perfect gifts for the family or you’re chasing the biggest discounts, these are the mobile apps and browser extensions to have installed as you enter the fray. Read More >>