The Vast New Aquaman Trailer Teases an All Out Undersea War

You know what they say: it’s better down where it’s wetter. But don’t take it from me—take it from the Protector of the Deep in this wet and wild new look at Aquaman. Read More >>

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The Aquaman Trailer Is Even More Whimsical When It’s Animated

Against all odds, Warner Bros. has managed to make an Aquaman standalone movie that actually looks like it might be the most epic DC movie to date. But let’s all be honest with ourselves for a second: Hot or not, Aquaman’s still a goofy character, and this fan edit of the recent trailer using old animated footage reminds us of that fact. Read More >>

Aquaman No Longer Rides a Sea Horse in His Movie, Because Sea Dragons Are Much More Manly

The rehabilitation of Aquaman’s public perception has been an ongoing process practically since the Superfriends iteration of the character got seared into the collective consciousness in the ‘90s. The upcoming Aquaman movie is no different is still doing PR for the king of Atlantis, which means now seahorses are forbidden. They must become sea dragons. Read More >>

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DC Collectibles Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Aquaman Movie’s Comic-Inspired Costumes

It’s been teased for a good while now that Jason Momoa’s look in Aquaman would evolve from, well, shirtless Jason Momoa and into a suit that’s inspired by the classic look Arthur Curry has in the comics. But now we actually have a chance to get a better look at it, courtesy of a brand new line of statues unveiled by DC at Comic-Con. Read More >>

Here’s the First Lego Set Tying into the Aquaman Movie

It's easy to forget that there's an Aquaman movie arriving at the end of this year. For one we haven't even seen a single trailer, and two most people don't care about Aquaman and consider him a joke character - something Justice League did very little to try and fix. But it's coming in December, and with San Diego Comic Con starting up we have our first look at the film's first tie-in Lego set. Read More >>

We May Finally Know What Aquaman’s ‘Unite the Seven’ Means

A DCEU mystery that’s been going on for over three years might have finally been solved, thanks to the plot of James Wan’s Aquaman. Read More >>

Aquaman’s Going to Be Even More Inspired by DC’s Comics Than You Think

In retrospect, it makes all the sense in the world that Aquaman would be right at home riding on the bonnet of the Batmobile. Read More >>

The First Aquaman Photos Are a Vision of a Sunken Majestic Atlantis and a Mysterious Black Manta

Aquaman is Warner Bros.’ latest entry into the ever-expanding DCEU, but it’s also something much more fascinating on a technical level. It’s an action movie that takes place mainly underwater, something that could either be brilliant or absolutely terrible. While the first images from the film don’t give us an idea of which way the tide will turn, they are pretty to look at. Read More >>

Aquaman is Going to Open Up a Week Earlier in the UK

These days its not uncommon for big budget films, especially superhero films, to be released early in the UK and Europe - compared to the US at least. Which makes a change from the olden days when it would sometimes be easier to import a US DVD than go to the cinema. Marvel has been doing that for a while, and now it seems DC is following suit by releasing Aquaman a week earlier in the UK. Read More >>

Aquaman Won’t Use the Same Techniques as Justice League For Talking Underwater

There’s only one scene in Justice League that really gives us a taste of what to expect when Arthur Curry gets his own standalone movie next year. But even then, it turns out that at least one thing we saw won’t carry over to Aquaman: Specifically, the way these characters talk to each other. Read More >>

Here’s What Happened in the New Aquaman Footage That WB Isn’t Releasing

Since James Wan is still filming Aquaman, it won’t be out for well over a year. Happily Wan sent Jason Momoa from Australia, where the movie is being filmed, to Comic-Con to show fans a little something from the film—but only the few thousand fans who made into the Warner Bros. panel. But that’s not going to stop us from telling you all about it. Read More >>

Mera’s Outfit in Aquaman is Mermaid-y as Hell

Director James Wan is currently in Australia filming his 2018 DC film, Aquaman, and he just revealed a brand new look at Mera, the Queen of Atlantis. It’s very iridescent, very colourful, and it looks like something a sporty mermaid might have in her wardrobe. Read More >>

Zack Snyder Just Dropped the First Glimpse of Aquaman’s Underwater World

Yesterday was Zack Snyder’s birthday, and he’s celebrating by being hard at work on Justice League. But he’s also celebrating by sharing the first, tiny look at Aquaman in action under the sea, and it looks pretty damn majestic. Read More >>

The Aquaman Movie Adds Literally the Only Villain It Could Add: Black Manta

Surprise! But not really. We’ve long assumed that Black Manta would be the big villain of the Aquaman movie, because, honestly, who else could be? But now it’s official, and we know who’s playing him: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Read More >>