Sharp Aquos Crystal Hands On: No Bezel, all Beauty

Japan and the west build phones differently. In the west we want better performance, more dazzling displays, and faster processors. Japan just makes the thing look awesome. And not many have done it better than Sharp. Read More >>

I’d Kill to Have This Sharp Stabilized Camera Sensor On My Phone

After watching this demonstration video, I'm amazed by how incredibly good Sharps' new stabilised camera phone sensor is. It's on the Aquos SH-01D phone, but it should really be standard in every single phone out there. By law. [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>

Sharp’s Japanese Android Phones Will Start Appearing in Europe

Sharp makes quite a few smartphones, but we're yet to see any arrive in Euro-friendly format. But that's about to change, with its 3D Aquos Phone scheduled to arrive on Orange. Orange France, but that's still nearer than Japan. Read More >>

This Insane Sharp Aquos Is the First 80-Inch LCD TV That You Can Actually Buy

Check the size of this monster compared to human beings. It's the Sharp Aquos 80-inch LCD television. 80 bloody inches—6.66 feet! And still, it's price tag is only $5500, which feels low to me given its insane size. Read More >>