Oh Help! Oh No! It’s an Augmented Reality Gruffalo!

Forestry Commission England has had an idea about how to make traipsing around wet woods behind dad slightly more fun for kids -- an augmented reality app featuring the Gruffalo. Which will be nice as long as dad hasn't already got so angry about the endless whinging to use the phone that it was left at home or frisbeed into a trout lake. Read More >>

Asus’ Crazy New Phone Takes 92 Megapixel Photos

Whether it’s the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S7, companies are betting that the future of virtual reality will be ushered in by your mobile device. Now, you can add Asus to that list. The company just announced a new smartphone at CES that takes an adventurous and somewhat experimental leap into the world of mixed and virtual reality — and it actually looks pretty useful. Read More >>

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Can’t Afford Hololens? ZapBox is a Super-Cheap Alternative

With the Development Edition available for a whopping £2,719 and Microsoft still a long way from a commercial rollout, Hololens is but a distant dream for most of us. The $30 (£24) ZapBox, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be. Read More >>

Tim Cook on Virtual Reality: I Long to Be Touched

While tech giants like Sony and Facebook are currently betting big on the future of virtual reality, Apple has so far stayed out of the “giant headset of questionable utility” game. Today, we finally know why: CEO Tim Cook, like all of us, just wants a hug. Read More >>

Israeli Army to Use Microsoft HoloLens for AR Wars

The Israeli army's Systems Department has somehow swung the purchase of two Microsoft HoloLens units, by pretending that the AR system might be useful for training its people in how to do war better. Read More >>

Google’s Standalone Headset May Combine VR and AR

Rumours suggest that Google is indeed still working on a standalone VR headset to shield us from the horrors of everyday life in 2016, with its potential wearable said to be looking at combining both AR and VR technologies in one device. Read More >>

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Pokémon Go Just Made Augmented Reality Mainstream

Augmented reality—the ability to witness an altered version of our world via a smartphone display, goofy glasses, or through a camera—is not new. Thanks to Pokémon Go, though, people might actually start to care about it. Read More >>

Sick of Waiting for Nintendo VR? Blame the Kids

Nintendo IS doing stuff with VR in its development labs, in case you were wondering, although it doesn't appear to be entirely sure that it'll catch on or not, so don't go getting excited about Virtual Boy II just yet. Read More >>

Magic Leap Patent May Reveal Its Upcoming AR Headset

Magic Leap—valued at more than $4.5/£3.1 billion—is one of the most secretive (and exciting) technology companies in the world. Despite its fruitful fundraising campaigns, the company has never released a commercial product and very few people have ever tried its state-of-the-art augmented reality headset. Read More >>

All The Crazy Things Future Contact Lenses Could Do

Though virtual reality is very much the flavour of the year, it’s just a matter of time before something more advanced and less in your face -- so to speak -- arrives on the scene. Yes, we’re talking about smart contact lenses. Read More >>

This Thermal Imaging Helmet Gives Firefighters Predator Vision

Thermal vision might have been made popular by Predator, but infrared imaging is useful for humans as well as alien hunters. Specifically, giving firefighters hands-free thermal vision could save lives, as well as making Hollywood jealous. Read More >>

Samsung’s Smart Contact Lens Makes HoloLens Sound Primitive

Forget Google Glass. Write off HoloLens. If Samsung actually makes anything of its mad-sounding smart contact lens patent, the world could be about to change enormously. Read More >>

The Man Behind Star Wars’ Holochess is Making an AR Boardgame

Forget the hyperdrive, forget the gunner's seat – the coolest thing about the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is its Holochess table. Making a brief appearance in last year's The Force Awakens, it was one of my favourite things about the original Star Wars, and lead to one of the most quotable lines from the franchise: Read More >>

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Sure, Strap a Whole Damn Computer to Your Face in Public

You know what I really really want when I’m on a plane? A computer strapped to my face. Read More >>

HoloLens Devkit Leak Shows Actiongram and Assorted Casual HoloFun

A series of instructional videos and miscellaneous materials showing developers how to get to grips with Microsoft's HoloLens have been put online ahead of time, showing off such concepts as the "air tap" and introducing an augmented reality holographic framework app thing known as Actiongram. Read More >>