Google Abandons Project Ara’s Modular Smartphone Concept

Google is said to have suddenly shelved all Project Ara development, deciding rather wisely, albeit a bit late in the day, that making a modular smartphone out of bits people plug together isn't perhaps the best, or most likely to lead to massive profits, of ideas. Read More >>

This Concept Gives Superpowers to Old Modular Phone Parts

Modular phones are a popular idea right now, even if they're currently failing to deliver on their promise. But there's already a suggestion about what could happen to parts from modular phones, when they're no longer wanted: they could simply slide together to form a supercomputer. Read More >>

Watch the Latest Prototype of Google’s Modular Ara Phone in Action

Everybody from hardware startups to DARPA is pumped about Google's modular Ara phone—when it finally gets here. The device and its hot-swappable hardware is supposed to come out at some point next year, but so far, videos of the neat little thing in action are fairly rare. Thank God the geniuses at Phonebloks like to share. Read More >>

Why the US Military is Pinning its Hopes on Google’s Modular Phone

In the small red brick headquarters, Vanderbilt's Institute for Software Integration Systems (ISIS) is working on a revolution in smartphone technology. It's not better screens, or battery life, or anything for a major carrier. It's a puzzle-piece phone that will (hopefully) change the way the military communicates. Read More >>

Google Reveals More Design Details About its Modular Ara Phone

Google has already been very open when it comes its modular Ara phone, and now a Module Development Kit for the phone reveals more about the device than ever. Read More >>

Inside the Engineering Challenges of Google’s Modular Ara Phone

Ara modular smartphone platform increasingly seriously, and in this video it lays bare some of the challenges it's been facing—and how it's overcoming them. Read More >>

Google Wants its Modular Ara Phone to Cost £30

Google is taking its Ara modular smartphone platform increasingly seriously, and now in interviews with Time Magazine it has revealed that it aims to sell a simple version of the phone for as little as $50 (£30). Read More >>