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This Guy is Better at Archery Than You’ll Ever Be, and He Has No Arms

Feeling proud of yourself for getting to work on time this morning? You won’t be as impressed with your accomplishment when you watch Paralympic archer Matt Stutzman, born without arms, nail a bullseye using his legs and feet. Read More >>

Business Cards That Turn Into Mini Bow and Arrows are Robin-Hood-Ready

He usually took a low profile, but were Robin Hood more into networking he would have surely taken inspiration from this clever bow-and-arrow-transforming business card that design studio Filter created for an Australian video production company. Read More >>

PSA: “Unticketed” Doesn’t Mean Free Olympic Events

LOCOG's just turned hundreds of people away from the opening stages of the Olympic archery because it's an "unticketed" event. Loads of bow-fans turned up to Lords to watch world records fall, but it was a non-public event, and wasn't even shown on TV, despite what scam sites claiming to sell tickets proclaimed. Read More >>

How the Bow and Arrow Took Over the World

If pop culture is any indication, bows and arrows are the weapon of the future. Weird, right? But also delightful: The Hunger Games stars an arrow-slinging heroine. Hawkeye will defend the Earth using a bow and arrow in The Avengers. The summer Olympics will have awesome archery competitions to ogle. And the TV's newest superhero will pull back a bow on Green Arrow. Read More >>