Lost Monument of Early Maya Civilisation Discovered in Mexico

The surprising discovery of a 2,800-year-old monumental structure in Tabasco, Mexico, is shaking our conceptions of Maya civilisation and its emergence as a cultural force. Read More >>

Vaguely Forgotten Door and Passage Discovered During Parliament Renovations

The labyrinthine House of Commons building has given up an old sort-of secret, with those in charge of organising the site's complex renovations uncovering a long forgotten passageway that links one place old posh people hang out in with another. Read More >>

Those Hilarious Internet Reviewers Target Literal Hole in the Wall for Stardom

The NatWest hole is the hottest new tourist destination in the Ilkeston area, as the funny sort of people who are always sniggering at something someone else noticed on Reddit have deemed the intricate brickwork structure worthy of being this year's supermarket tunnel sensation. Read More >>

Northern Ireland’s Eden Project Comes With a Thatched Acorn Centrepiece

The Eden Project's expansion into an eco-getaway franchise continues, with the designer of the planned Eden Project Foyle site in Northern Ireland revealing what the environmental day out may look like if/when built. It won't be the same without Cornish pasties, though. Read More >>

So-Called Experts Warn Against Building a Sea Bridge Over a Bomb Dump

The prime minister has been in the news for suggesting we build a literal bridge with part of the union, this time reviving the old notion of linking Scotland to Northern Ireland via a 20 mile crossing over the Irish Sea that would demonstrate that the UK of today definitely has the ability to pay the Chinese to build something for us. Read More >>

Asbestos and Bomb Damage Hinder Big Ben’s Restoration

The cost of shoring up Big Ben and the tower it resides in has risen by £18.6m, thanks to the work turning out to be a little more complex than a few plasterers on Facebook thought it might be, and the discovery of asbestos, WWII bomb damage, inadequate previous repairs, lead paint, the need for specialist clock mechanism repair work and the impact of additional grime from London's death-smog period. Read More >>

York Fish & Chip Shop’s Chinese Branch Opens for Business

Well they weren't joking about it and have actually gone and done it: there's a brand new branch of York chip shop Scotts open for business in Chengdu, China. Read More >>

The Potential of Green Urban Planning for Mental Health

There is no single solution to the world-wide epidemic of poor mental health; addressing its root causes – like poverty-triggered stress and social isolation – and choosing effective treatment for sufferers remains paramount. One way to potentially partly buffer against the effects of poor mental health is through contact with nature, including the green spaces within metropolises. Read More >>

MIT Confirms a Bridge Leonardo da Vinci Designed 500 Years Ago Was an Ancient Engineering Marvel

Some 500 years after his death, researchers are still discovering just how talented and brilliant Leonardo da Vinci was. Architects and civil engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a 3D printer to create a replica of a bridge da Vinci designed, but never built. To their surprise, not only did it work, but it would have also revolutionized bridge design five centuries ago. Read More >>

Rail Bosses Plan Forth Bridge Climbing Tours

Network Rail is after the influencer pound, and is planning for a future when boyfriends take photos of their girlfriends' bottoms right atop the legendary structure of the Forth Bridge. Read More >>

Before Cranes, Ancient Greeks May Have Used This Ingenious Lifting Machine to Move Heavy Stones

Cranes first appeared in ancient Greece over 2,500 years ago, but new research suggests a primitive lifting machine – a kind of forerunner to the crane – was in use around 150 years earlier. Read More >>

Plans for London’s Dick Shaped Tulip Tower Have Gone Soft

Is it a butt plug? Is it a massive dick? No, it's London's Tulip Tower, and someone has had the good sense to try to quash plans for its construction. Read More >>

Ikea Wins Permission to Build 162 Flats on the South Coast

Ikea and partner Skanska have won approval to build 162 new flats in Worthing, with the local council granting permission for the pair's BoKlok joint venture to go ahead and unpack the massive cardboard boxes and begin construction. Read More >>

The North is Getting its Eden

Eden Project North has moved a big step nearer the actually happening stage, with the £85m project's backers submitting their environmental report to local planners and saying it could be ready to transform lucky old Morecambe by 2023. Read More >>

Researchers Made 25-Tonne Boulders They Can Move by Hand, Giving More Insights Into Ancient Engineering

How were giant ancient structures like Stonehenge, or the towering Moai heads on Easter Island, assembled at a time when cranes and trucks were still hundreds of years away? Researchers at MIT have given more credence to theories that ancient engineers were masters of balance and leverage with a new experiment that produced giant concrete structures, some 25 tonnes in weight, that can be still be manoeuvred by hand. Read More >>