Scientific Data Is Disappearing All the Time

When a study gets published and its results enter our collective body of scientific knowledge it feels like it's there to stay. But without the raw data behind the study, it's hard to revisit the research and use it to take new ideas to the next level. Which is why it's such a problem that old data is disappearing. Read More >>

The Internet Archive’s Scanning Centre Has Been Destroyed by Fire

Yesterday, a huge fire destroyed the Internet Archive’s San Francisco scanning centre, which digitally preserves all manner of books, films and microfilms for future use. Read More >>

What Was Your Most Embarrassing Tweet?

By now, you've probably heard that Twitter's rolling out the option to download your entire archive of tweets. And, hey, that sounds like great news! Read More >>

Sony Still Hasn’t Learnt: It’s Busted Out Yet Another Proprietary Optical Disc Format

Sony’s in trouble; it’s TV business hasn’t made a profit in eight-straight-years and its predicting the biggest loss in the company’s history. It’s even swapped out its CEO and is attempting to shrink its ranges and rejuvenate the company. So why the hell is it releasing yet another bloody proprietary optical disc format? Read More >>

BBC Confirms Its Project Barcelona iTunes-Competitor Is In the Works

We heard rumours that the BBC was planning a download-to-own service, codenamed Project Barcelona, that would let you buy new and classic shows from the BBC’s archive. Now the Director General, Mark Thompson, has formally announced the plan to set-up shop with each show demanding a “relatively modest fee” on-top of your licence fee. Read More >>

With One Click, You Can See Every Google Doodle Ever Made

What's better than some Google Doodles? How about ALL of the Google Doodles all shiny and in chronological order. It's simple: 1) Go to or 2) Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky" without typing anything first. 3) Enjoy. [Big ups to Matt Cherette for the link] Read More >>