The U.S. National Archives Is Hosting a Surprise Facebook Live for Movie Buffs Today

The U.S. National Archives is doing a special Facebook Live at 4.30 p.m. BST today and just sent out a special teaser, with the question, “what’s in the cans?” And now I’ve never wanted to know the answer more to anything in my entire life. Read More >>

The Race to Digitise Iraqi History Before Islamic State Can Get to It 

Like so many bully regimes before it, the so-called Islamic State (IS) has a talent for propaganda. A big part of that effort is documenting the destruction of everything from architecture to historical artefacts, even if they’re unwittingly destroying replicas. In Iraq, the cultural heritage is real — and so is the threat. Read More >>

How Long Will CDs Actually Last?

Once upon a time, CDs were a shiny new technology with a promise of lasting (nearly) forever. In those halcyon days of the 1990s, museums and symphonies began transferring their archives to CDs — a decision that in retrospect may not have been so wise. The catch is that some CDs are durable and others are not; we just had no way of knowing back then. Read More >>

15 of the Weirdest Images in the British Library’s New Digital Trove

Digging through the archives of old libraries is a blast. Depending on the library, you'll find everything from dated architectural drawings to snippets of old children's books. You can just imagine the treasures to be found in the British Library's ancient archive. And, now, you don't even have to get your fingers dusty! Read More >>

Nine Lost Doctor Who Episodes Discovered in Nigeria — Remastered Versions Now on iTunes

The have-they-haven't-they saga of the BBC and the Doctor Who discovery has been solved today, with the corporation revealing that nine previously lost episodes have been rescued from a station archive in Nigeria. Read More >>

11 Amazing Historical Snapshots From One of the World’s Best Archives

The J. Paul Getty Museum is home to troves of fascinating historical artifacts. And last week, the museum announced a project to give the public unfettered access to it. The Open Content Program makes 4,600 high-resolution images available for free and for any use whatsoever. Here are 11 gems to help begin your historical journey. Read More >>

Would You Pay Less for Backup Storage You Can’t Immediately Access?

So Amazon Glacier is here as super cheap storage for "data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable." But that's different from a lot of the storage you might have used in the past. Read More >>

Inside the Project to Immortalise John Peel’s Record Collection

Before even cassettes became kitsch, we had the vinyl record. Our legendary Englishman, John Peel, had more vinyl than just about anyone else. And, as one of the most influential disc jockeys ever to grace the airwaves, he often had them before everyone else. Read More >>

BBC Publishes Evidence of Ancient British Life From… 1986

The BBC's old Domesday Project has been brought back to life, with the broadcaster making all the submissions sent in to its 1986 Domesday Book reworking available for public viewing. Read More >>

British Library Launches Online Archive of 19th Century UK Newspapers

Local newspapers from around the year 1800 onward have been digitised and stuck online by the British Newspaper Archive, taking us back to the days when front pages were heavier on the text than celebrity gusset photographs. Read More >>