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Archos 101 XS Tablet Review: One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

Think Microsoft Surface is the only one that gets to have fun with a keyboard hidden in the tablet's cover? Hell naw, quoth Archos. The 101 XS Tablet is bringing some old-style clickity-clack to the tablet game. If only they'd made it, you know, work. Read More >>

Hands-On With the New Super-Thin Archos 101 XS, Which Has the Transformer Prime Squarely In Its Sights

Archos used to be so ahead of the curve in terms of tablets I think it basically forgot to keep innovating. Recently the French tablet-maker has gone the budget route, but the 10.1-inch generation 10 XS is a break from that mould -- super thin, light, and with a full clip-on convertible keyboard, just like the Asus Transformer series. Read More >>