Behold the Amazing Sea Life Argentina’s New Marine Reserves Will Protect

Brightly-coloured sea anemones. Green-eyed shrimp. Blue starfish. All these creatures can be found in the waters of Argentina’s two newly designated marine protected areas, which together span 25 million acres. Read More >>

Amateur Astronomer Spots Supernova Right as It Begins

Amateur astronomer Victor Buso was testing his camera-telescope setup in Argentina back in September 2016, pointing his Newtonian telescope at a spiral galaxy called NGC613. He collected light from the galaxy for the next hour and a half, taking short exposures to keep out the Santa Fe city lights. When he looked at his images, he realised he’d captured a potential supernova—an enormous flash of light and energy bursting off of a distant star. Read More >>

Search For Lost Argentine Submarine ARA San Juan Hits ‘Critical Phase’ as Air Supply May Run Out

The search for an Argentine Navy submarine lost with some 44 souls on board has reached a “critical phase,” a naval spokesman told Reuters, as the length of the seven-day search indicates the vessel is likely not on the surface and could be reaching the limits of its air supply. Read More >>

Check Out the First and Most Adorable Fluorescent Frog

Aside from its namesake spots, the polka-dot tree frog is just about the plainest looking frog you’ve ever seen—green. That is, until you shut off your torch and hit it with some ultraviolet rays. Read More >>

Argentinian Court Wants to Jail Clarkson Over NumberPlateGate

The curious case of the amazingly coincidental number plate is about to blow up again for the Top Gear crew, the BBC, and Jeremy Clarkson, with Argentinian courts apparently pushing to have Clarkson's inflammatory use of the number plate H982 FKL while driving through the country. Read More >>

Argentina is Using Drones to Hunt Down Tax-Evading Mansions

Officials in Argentina had a sneaking suspicion about property tax evasion, so they sent sent out some camera-equipped drones to look at a mostly-vacant part of town. What'd they find? Oh, just 200 luxury houses that hadn't been registered, according to the Telegraph. That's pretty flagrant. Read More >>

The Story Behind the Foam That World Cup Refs Use to Stop Cheating

If you've been enjoying any of the World Cup matches over the last several days, you've likely seen a new addition to the referee's arsenal: a spray-on foam. And if you're not a football expert, you've probably wondered where it came from. Read More >>

Hitler’s Secret Argentinian Sanctuary Is for Sale

This is the house where Hitler spent the last years of his life; a remote mansion similar to the infamous Berghof located in the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in Patagonia, Argentina, a remote mountainous paradise full of Nazi refugees. That's what the conspiracy theorist say, anyway. Read More >>

Did a Meteorite Really Kill a Woman and Destroy Some Buildings In Argentina?

Some media is reporting that a meteorite or a piece of a satellite struck a woman in Monte Grande, Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing her and injuring eight. Witnesses say that they saw a blue ball of fire striking a house: Read More >>