You Can Now Search the Argos Catalogue by Image

The Argos iOS app has a new trick: it can search by image, meaning you can feed it a picture of something you saw on Pinterest and it'll give you a surprisingly expensive flat-pack high street catalogue shop version of it. Yay! Read More >>

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1/3 off Selected Lego Sets, and Other Black Friday Deals That Just Arrived at Argos

Argos Black Friday deals have just gone live, and as every with this sort of thing there are countless discounts on stuff you may or may not need or want. While it would be impossible for us to list every single one, we have got a selection of new deals we thought you'd be interested in. There's no word on how long most of them are available for, but rest assured all the good ones will sell out before that time anyway. So don't dilly dally. Read More >>

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Get Ready: Argos’s Proper Black Friday Deals Arrive at 9pm Tonight

Like most retailers Argos is very keen on getting your Black Friday business. That's why it's already launched a bunch of different deals for you to enjoy before the festivities (if you can call them that) begin. It's probably also the reason why its kicking off its proper Black Friday sales at 9pm tonight, and not midnight. Read More >>

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Argos Deploys Army of ‘Human Hotspots’ to Trains So People Can Shop Black Friday

Argos is really ramping up its efforts to remind everyone it exists this Black Friday. First we had the shopping shower curtain, which definitely wouldn't be used for more adult purposes, and now we have 'human hotspots' helping people on trains do their shopping. Read More >>

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Here are Some More Black Friday Deals Hitting Argos Today

Black Friday may not be until, well, Friday, but that doesn't stop all the deals coming out early and brandishing the name of the imported shopping holiday. Argos has already revealed a bunch of deals that went live ahead of the big day, and now it's gone and thrown us a few more. Read More >>

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Here Are More Early Black Friday Deals, This Time At Argos

Does nobody know when Black Friday is anymore? Despite the actual day being still a week away, it seems most retailers – if they haven't already – are kicking off their "official" Black Friday offerings from tomorrow. The latest retailer to announce its offers is Argos. Read More >>

Argos’s Shower Curtain Tablet Case Will Definitely Be Used For Shopping And Not Porn

In an unusual approach to Black Friday, Argos has unveiled "shopping-enabled shower curtains to help customers bag a bargain." Read More >>

Argos Lets You Shop With Google Assistant Now

Voice controls are the next big thing, or at least the companies that operate them seem to want us to think that way. Whether they're going to be used for controlling your smart home devices, controlling your TV, or helping your kids cheat on their homework. Shopping is a thing too, and over in the US loads of retailers have added integration with voice assistants, so you can shop for things without all the effort of using an app or going to a proper website. Argos has decided this is a great idea, and now lets you do your shopping via Google Assistant. Read More >>

Unannounced DJI Drones Leak, Thanks to the Argos Catalogue of All Things

There are lots of ways technology leaks make themselves public. Often it's thanks to supply chain images making its way to social media, or retailers who accidentally reveal information a bit too early. Those retailers are usually specific to one kind of gadget, like a phone shop, and not Argos - a shop that sells just about everything. But here we are, DJI's Mavic 2 Pro Drone and Mavic 2 Zoom just leaked, and it's all thanks to an early images included in the Argos catalogue. Read More >>

Now Argos Has Added Lego-Themed AR to its iOS App

A little while ago Lego announced a new app that let kids play with sets in augmented reality, regardless of whether they'd actually purchased them. It was simplistic, but still a nice idea - especially for parents who could see the set in action before buying it. Now Argos is getting in on the action, by adding AR Lego sets to its own app. But only on iOS. Read More >>

Here Are Some of Argos’s Best Christmas Deals on Tech and Games [UPDATED]

It is Christmas, which means many of you will already be sitting around with your family trying not to argue over stupid little things your grandma keeps bringing up. Well that's what I'm doing, and I just assume everyone has a grandma as irritating as mine. Read More >>

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Here are Some of Argos’s Black Friday Deals That Go Live Tonight

Argos has already announced that its Black Friday deals will be going live three hours earlier than normal (9pm, instead of midnight), and now it's revealed some of the many deals you can expect to see. Read More >>

Argos is Trialling Minute-Past-Midnight Deliveries for the Launch of the Xbox One X

When it comes to the next big launch, you have a few choices. You can queue up for a couple of hours at a midnight launch to get your hands on at as soon as possible, or you can choose the convenience of home delivery by waiting a few extra hours. But what if you could get the best of both? Read More >>

Argos Sends Star Wars’ BB8 Back to Space

Argos doesn't just sell toys. It also send them into orbit. Quite literally. Read More >>

12,000 Argos Workers Due a Minimum Wage Payout

Something good is about to happen to people who work for Argos for a change, as the retailer has been outed as the UK's worst staff under-payer -- meaning around 12,000 of its employees are about to get a share of the payback kitty. Read More >>