The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Are Not About to Flip, and Here’s Why

Despite recent panic surrounding the potential reversal of our planet’s magnetic poles, new evidence suggests it’s probably not the impending doom it sounds like. Read More >>

Here Are the Ways Large Asteroids Can Kill You, Ranked

Large asteroids definitely present one of the most colourful and chaotic possible apocalypses. Such an impact would cause quite a cinematic conclusion, combining a plague of wind, tsunamis, heat, and other terrors into a horrible death-fest. Honestly, count me in. Read More >>

Obama Can Mass-Text Message Everyone in the US at Any Time

The President of the United States can mass-message his entire phone-carrying nation at the same time whenever he deems it necessary, a Wall Street Journal video has reminded us. Read More >>

NASA: The Only Thing Stopping a City-Destroying Asteroid is Blind Luck

So you know how we all kind of thought that our odds of getting destroyed by an asteroid were remarkably low? Yeah, that was wrong. According to new research, the odds of a large-scale asteroid impact are actually three to ten times higher than we thought. And the only thing stopping total and utter destruction? Sheer, dumb luck. Read More >>

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10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life on Earth as We Know It

A super volcano that creates a toxic ash cloud covering Earth. Gamma ray explosions. Shifting of magnetic fields. The robots. The bees. And even ourselves. If you want to give yourself a little scare, watch this video on the 10 things that could wipe out life on Earth. The idea of mass extinctions is riveting stuff. Read More >>

Watch a Huge, Newly Discovered Asteroid Almost Graze Earth

This beautiful tracking video shows Asteroid 2013 XY8 buzzing by our planet on Tuesday night. It's estimated to be up to 230 feet across, more than three times the size of the Chelyabinsk asteroid that caused havoc earlier this year. And we only discovered it four days ago. This could have been hairy. Read More >>

Scottish Brewery Creates World’s Strongest Beer (That Causes One Massive Hangover)

So, they say the world is going to end this year, and it looks like a Scottish brewery has got just the right stuff to celebrate the catastrophic event, with a rather potent 65 per cent beer aptly named Armageddon, which just so happens to (apparently) be the world's strongest. Read More >>

Physicists Claim It Would Be Impossible to Nuke an Earth-Killing Asteroid

If you've always assumed that the idea proposed in Armageddon could save us in the face of a crisis, by destroying an asteroid to avert the destruction of Earth, think again. Physicists from Leicester University, UK, have calculated that such a feat would require a bomb a billion times stronger than the biggest bomb ever detonated on Earth. Read More >>

NASA Engineer Explains — Yet Again — Why the World Isn’t Ending

2012 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for the Earth — it's scheduled to end on no less than three separate occasions! If the the black hole and supernova don't obliterate us, the mystical Mayan catastrophe surely will, right? Let's ask NASA. Read More >>