Artists Quit Design Museum in Row Over Arms Trade Event

A group of creatives currently exhibiting their work at London's Design Museum have asked to have their pieces removed from the gallery, thanks to museum bosses taking a large payday from Leonardo -- a rather big military contractor. Read More >>

Bizarre Accident Near-Miss as Pilot’s Artificial Arm Came off During Landing

The pilot of a Flybe flight from Birmingham to Belfast City Airport managed to get himself in a bit of a mess, when his artificial arm somehow came off during a landing back in February. Read More >>

Was Comic Relief Right to Invest Money in Arms, Tobacco and Alcohol Companies?

The weird mixture of comedy and *serious face* stuff offered by the Comic Relief TV nights has been replicated by its investment strategies, with the charity found to have invested some of its money in arms manufacturers, booze brewers and tobacco firms. Let the sad music play. Read More >>

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The Global Arms Trade, Visualised

If you've ever wondered how the arms trade—both civilian and military—pans out around the globe, be puzzled no longer. Google has just created a wonderful little visualisation, which shows all the (known) arms trade between the globe's countries over the past 20 years. Read More >>