Wentworth Miller Is Leaving the Arrowverse

Captain Cold’s reign of frosty terror is being put on ice. Actor Wentworth Miller, who’s played Leonard Snart on multiple seasons of The Flash and also on Legends of Tomorrow over the past few years, has announced that he’s currently filming his final episodes as the character. Read More >>

Arrow’s Return Brings With It a Big Old Problem For Oliver Queen

When we left Oliver Queen at the end of Arrow’s fifth season, he was standing over the smoking ruins of pretty much everything the show had built up over its first five years. Last night’s premiere mostly dealt with the fallout of said explosiveness, but, because this is Arrow, it also threw a familiar giant wrench into Ollie’s life. Read More >>

Arrow Just Can’t Let Go of Flashbacks

Arrow has been saying it was going to phase out the flashbacks for years. After five seasons—matching five years of Ollie was ostensibly “on the island”—it looked like they were finally coming to an end. But it seems the show can’t stop showing us Stephen Amell in a variety of ridiculous wigs that tell us we’re looking at the “past.” Read More >>

Holy Cow, Who Isn’t Coming Back to Arrow at This Point?

Today, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Nyssa al Ghul will make a re-appearance to fight her sister Talia in Arrow’s fifth season finale. Normally an announcement like this wouldn’t be much of a draw, but it has us questioning: why the hell is the CW bringing back so many characters to Arrow right now? Read More >>

Arrow Is Bringing Back a Character We’re Actually Excited About

Stephen Amell, who uses Twitter with the same force as a firehose, welcomed an old friend back to the set of Arrow. And while we are almost certain it’s a flashback and not an actual return, I’m still good with it. Read More >>

Apparently Arrow’s Suicide Squad Was a Test Run for the Movie

When Arrow got its hands on Task Force X, fans were excited to see part of DC comics lore on the show. Then the Suicide Squad movie got announced, and Arrow very quickly had to stop using the characters. Fans have long assumed the movie killed Arrow’s plans for the team, but apparently the movie was responsible for their appearance in the first place. Read More >>

Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: DC TV, Ghost Rider, Injustice 2, and More

Welcome to another bumper edition of The Week in Geek. We haven't forgotten all of the important geeky news of the week, but there's an awful lot of news about DC's TV slate. Read More >>

monster machines
A Quadriplegic Racer Will Steer a Stingray With His Head at the Indy 500

It takes a special breed to enter the Indy 500, but to attempt to do so without the use of your arms or legs is simply out of the question. Until now, that is. With the aid of his semi-autonomous race car, former Indy Racing League driver Sam Schmidt is in it to win it. Read More >>

monster machines
Israel’s National Missile Shield Could Shoot Satellites Out of Orbit

Israel doesn't get on too well with its Arab neighbours, and the threat of annihilation by ballistic missile is always present. To defend itself against this potential threat, Israel has built an Iron Dome-like defence system that covers the entire nation. But if this system can exo-atmospherically neutralise incoming ICBM's, what's to keep it from shooting passing satellites clean out of the sky? Read More >>

Rumour: Lumia 820 and 920 Leak, PureView on the Way to Windows Phone 8

It seems to be that many companies can't seem to keep the lid on their new products, and if these latest leaks are anything to go by, Nokia is set to announce a couple of new Lumia phones, the 820 and 920, as well as bringing over its massive PureView tech to Windows Phone 8 devices. Read More >>

We’ll See Nokia’s New “Arrow” and “Phi” Windows Phone 8 Lumias On September 5th

Looks like those rumoured "generic" Nokia phone designs are going to rear their Windows Phone 8-packing heads at a joint Microsoft-Nokia party event next month. Hopefully they'll be as good as the Lumia 800 and 900, even if they look a bit bland, just with a much better OS. Read More >>