optical illusions
How Can This Spinning Arrow That Always Points Right Actually Exist?

Mathematician Kokichi Sugihara, of Meiji University in Japan, once again proves he’s the greatest illusion inventor of our time. Instead of just creating mind-melting images, he creates real-life 3D objects that appear to ignore the laws of our universe. How can this arrow, that perpetually points right, no matter how you turn it, actually exist? Read More >>

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Mounting a GoPro to a Flying Arrow is Obviously a Brilliant Idea

As YouTube’s Sam and Niko discovered, mounting a small action camera, like a GoPro Hero5 Session, to an arrow isn’t terribly difficult. The hard part is finding a way to stabilise the spinning footage it captures so that you end up with these hypnotic first-person views of an arrow in flight. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Transform an Old Glass Bottle into a Sharp Arrowhead

Junkyard flint knapping is my new favourite thing because it takes a piece of rubbish, and recycles it into something else with just a few taps (okay, more than a few taps). Read More >>

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Magnetic Darts Are Scarily Powerful

Need a weapon? Grab some magnets, nails, and you got yourself a hell of an arrow launcher. The magnets push out the nails so fast that it’s basically a mini crossbow mixed with a nailgun, no batteries necessary. Read More >>

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How to Make Self-Igniting Fire Arrows for Your Next Medieval Siege

When you're tasked with invading a fortified castle, the easiest way to defeat your foes is to burn their home from the inside out. And while we've lost some of the medieval skills mastered by our ancestors, it turns out that creating your own self-igniting fire arrows isn't that difficult thanks to modern technology. Read More >>

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This Compact Crossbow Is Quite Small

There's no governing body proclaiming this the world's smallest crossbow, but it's only slightly larger than a full-sized crossbow arrow so it's got to be up there. Our old pal Joerg designed this crossbow to be safe, with the arrow being fully encapsulated so it won't accidentally shoot off in an unexpected direction. Read More >>

This Sculpture Would Result From 200 Arrows Hitting One Target

What would happen if 200 arrows somehow magically hit the same bullseye? Pfeilschaften, an installation by the Polish artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski and her German counterpart, Bodo Korsig, visualises just that. Read More >>

Nerdgasm Alert: Full Size Lego Avengers Props!

Ken Robichaud has created these awesome, full-sized Avengers props in Lego: Thor's Mjölnir, Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's bow and arrows and the Black Widow's thingamajigs. They are perfectly made. The arch even bends like the real thing! (nerdy scream). Read More >>