I’m Happy to Judge These Animated Vintage Textbooks By Their Hypnotic Covers

Artist Henning M. Lederer has once again brought to life a collection of vintage book covers from the ‘60s and ‘70s by transforming their abstract designs into funky animations. Read More >>

Artist Jazzes up Edinburgh’s Road Signs

Italian artist Clet Abraham is in Edinburgh. The reason we know this is because he's been leaving his little calling cards all over the city's roadside furniture, having all sorts of fun turning white warning rectangles into other things. Read More >>

This Collection of Magic: The Gathering Art Is Out of This Elemental Plane

Magic: The Gathering is home to a world—or rather worlds—of fantastical characters, especially the Planeswalkers, the legendary figures that venture across the multiple planes of reality to summon magical creatures and do battle. This great new art collection from Gallery 1988 celebrates these mighty mages in true style. Read More >>

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Watch This Sculptor Recreate Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Creepiest Scene Using Crayons and a Hair Dryer

If made today, the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene with Major Toht’s grisly demise would undoubtedly be created using a digital stunt double and complex CG fluid simulations. But in the early ‘80s, old-school practical effects were still a Hollywood staple, and using crayons, sculptor Steven Richter demonstrates just how simple it is to make someone look like they’re melting away. Read More >>

Get Lost in This Stunning Sci-Fi Landscape by Kilian Eng

Few people capture a science fiction scene quite like artist Kilian Eng, and rarely has that been illustrated better than his latest art piece. Read More >>

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Portrait Painted by AI Sells For £338,000

A painting made by an artificial intelligence program sold at Christie’s in New York auction on Thursday for $432,500 (£337,874) – far more than the estimated $7,000 to $10,000. Read More >>

This Artist Designs One Fabulous Drawing For Every Movie He Watches

A single frame from every movie you watch, in meticulous detail. That’s the mission of art blog Design and a Movie, which makes fantastic art from the simple joy of viewership. Read More >>

These New Photos of the World’s First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Are Stunning

The creators of the world’s first 3D-printed steel bridge, a 40-foot stainless steel structure titled simply “The Bridge” that looks tantalisingly otherworldly thanks to its unique construction methods, say it is now ready for installation in Amsterdam following its ongoing week on show at the Dutch Design Week from 20-28 October. Read More >>

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Banksy’s Secret Video Reveals How ‘Girl With Balloon’ Shredding Should Have Worked

When Banksy remotely shredded his "Girl with Balloon" during a Sotheby's auction earlier this month, it was both surprising and unsurprising. While the act itself shocked at the time, in hindsight, it lines up perfectly with the mysterious artist's MO. The only hitch being the destruction stuffing up halfway through. Now, Banksy has released a behind-the-scenes video, showing exactly how the shredding should have worked. Read More >>

Pennywise Is Krusty? Pikachu Is Blanka? Pop Culture Icons Cross Over in a New Art Show

In pop culture, even unrelated characters can have something significant in common. They’re both clowns. They’re both purple. They’re both cyborgs. And that middle ground is where artist Alex Solis likes to play. Read More >>

Archaeologists Have Found the World’s Oldest Known Drawing in a South African Cave

Some 73,000 years ago in what is now South Africa, an early human used a red ochre crayon to draw a cross-hatched pattern onto a smooth flake, according to new research published today. It’s now considered the earliest evidence of drawing in the archaeological record. Read More >>

This Pixar and Star Wars Mash-Up Is Almost Too Perfect

The headquarters of Pixar and Lucasfilm are located about 15 miles apart in Northern California. Both companies are also owned by Disney. Those factors would make it seem like some kind of team up is inevitable, and yet, each is doing just fine on its own. However, if they were to collaborate, the result may look something like this. Read More >>

People Are Pretty Pissed Off Over the Neon Threads on This Restored Baby Jesus Statue

In northern Spain, a local priest allowed an amateur artist to restore a series of wooden statues, including one featuring Jesus, Mary, and St Anne. The technicolour outcome, however, had a local official calling it an act of “vengeance rather than a restoration.” Read More >>

Celebrate Some Super Mario Milestones With a Slew of Trippy Artwork

Apparently 2018 is a big year for everyone’s favourite plumber, Mario. It marks the 35th anniversary of the first Mario Bros. game, the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 3, and the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favourite, the Super Mario Bros. movie. So to celebrate, the Bottleneck Gallery in New York is going down the pipe and hosting a major art show. Read More >>