Pornhub is Opening an LA Art Exhibition Now, Called ‘Pornhub Nation’

You have to give Pornhub some credit when it comes to its ability to put together headline-grabbing publicity stunts. Whether it's porn stars on socks, using data to dissect North Korea's porn habits, or opening itself a physical shop to flog its porn-related wares. Now the world's most famous house of smut will be opening up its own art exhibition in Los Angeles, further blurring the distinction of when art becomes pornography. Read More >>

Boston Public Library Put Its M.C. Escher Collection Online, So It’s Time to Redecorate Your Room

If you’re not already familiar with the works of illustrator Maurits Cornelis Escher (better known as M.C. Escher) through jigsaw puzzles or poster sales at your local college, now’s the time to experience the artist’s reality-bending pieces. The Boston Public Library has digitised and shared its entire collection of 88 Escher prints, including many of his most recognisable, but impossible, architectural illusions. Read More >>

Footballer’s Boots Enter British Museum’s Collection

A pair of football boots belonging to modern day goal scoring legend Mohamed Salah are being put on display in the British Museum, as the temple of the old things embraces something new and particularly lurid and plasticky. Read More >>

The Only Good Wearable Records Everything You Miss While Blinking Your Eyes

An eye blink is over in less than a second, which means you can’t possibly be missing much while your eyes are closed, right? But it’s estimated that humans can blink over 28,000 times a day, and as much as 10 per cent of our time awake is spent with our eyes closed. So it turns out you’re actually missing a lot by blinking, which totally justifies a wearable that documents all those missed moments. Read More >>

Someone Used a Robot to Fix the Biggest Problem With Sun Dials: the Sun

Build a better mousetrap, and they say the world will beat a path to your door. But the artists at Studio AATB probably shouldn’t expect much foot traffic after finding a way to use a wall-mounted robot arm to improve one of the oldest ways we have to tell time: the sun dial. Read More >>

This Last Starfighter Artwork Pays Tribute to a Forgotten Era

With any luck, in the coming years, the 1980s cult classic The Last Starfighter will make a comeback. Until then, we can live vicariously through this wonderful piece of art and hope for more like it. Read More >>

The Infinity War Cast Drew Their Own Characters for Charity, and They’re Adorably Terrible

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the cast of Avengers: Infinity War was tasked with drawing their own characters. Although art is subjective, the results are almost universally terrible. But that’s ok, because there’s an undeniable heart to them all. The best part is, though, over on CharityBuzz, all the drawings are up for auction, with proceeds going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. So you can actually own them if one catches your eye. Here are all the drawings. Read More >>

star wars
Made With 28,800 Thumb Tacks, This Star Wars Conference Table Is a Finger-Killing Masterpiece

We’ve all been guilty of raiding the office supply closet for non-work reasons. Maybe it’s to build a paperclip chain, or to cover a co-workers cubicle in sticky notes. But few of us have gone so far as to create a tabletop Star Wars mural using 28,800 painstakingly embedded thumb tacks. Read More >>

Watching This Artist Paint on Water Is Like a Relaxing Massage for My Brain

Popular in Turkey and parts of Asia, ebru is a unique form of painting that swaps a canvas for a liquid-filled pan that’s sprinkled and splattered with vibrant coloured pigments. Using specialised tools, unique patterns can be created by carefully mixing the floating pigments through a process that might be even more satisfying than the resulting artwork. Read More >>

watch this
Watch a Gorgeous Groot Sculpture Grow From a Lifeless Lump of Clay Into Your Favourite Badass Tree

What’s more impressive than Nicholas Brown’s sculptures—which seem to breathe life into giant lumps of clay—is the fact that Brown has only actually been sculpting since 2017. I’ve been using my hands for 40 years now, and I only just recently consider myself proficient in using a spoon. Read More >>

Why Papuan Men Made Daggers From Human Thigh Bones

Up until the 20th century, the use of bone daggers among the Papuan males of New Guinea was commonplace. Many of these daggers were forged from the femurs of large birds, but some were made from the bones of humans. New research shows which of the two materials provided for a superior dagger, demonstrating that, for Papuan men, it wasn’t the strength of the blade that mattered—but rather the prestige bestowed by the weapon. Read More >>

Enthusiasts Want to Build a Full Size Lancaster Bomber to Deliver a Poppy Payload

A group of people with an interest in military hardware and remembering things would like to build a statue for other people to notice from their cars, with the Bomber Gateway Trust seeking permission from the council to build what they hope might be a new national symbol similar to the slightly more artistic Angel of The North. Read More >>

AI Imagines Nude Paintings as Terrifying Pools of Melting Flesh

When Robbie Barrat trained an AI to study and reproduce classical nude paintings, he expected something at least recognisable. What the AI produced instead was unfamiliar and unsettling, but still intriguing. The “paintings” look like flesh-like ice cream, spilling into pools that only vaguely recall a woman’s body. Barrat told Gizmodo these meaty blobs, disturbing and unintentional as they are, may impact both art and AI. Read More >>

Bowie Statue Vandalised Already

That needlessly interactive statue of Aylesbury's adopted son David Bowie has been painted over by angry folk who no doubt spend their time listening to garage mixtapes in studio flats that ironically used to be garages, with the message "feed the homeless first" sprayed in black paint around the homage's base; as if those donating money to have the statue built were presented with a two-option choice about where there money should go. Read More >>