This Gorgeous Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Poster Has Multiple Dimensions of Its Own

A new dimension has opened for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It’s entering the world of limited-edition art. Read More >>

Celebrate 10 Years of Marvel Studios With This Serious Set of Posters

The calendar flipping to 2019 officially marked the end of the 10-year anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—but, screw it, the celebration goes on. Read More >>

The Mona Lisa Does Not Have the ‘Mona Lisa Effect,’ Scientists Claim

The “Mona Lisa Effect” is a term used to describe the perception that the subject of an artwork’s eyes are following the viewer as they move. Scientists now say the actual Mona Lisa simply doesn’t have it. Read More >>

Spanish Selfie Demon is Not Satanic Enough for Locals

Locals in the Spanish city of Segovia are angry with Satan. Not because he's been stealing goats and getting the local girls pregnant, but because a proposed statue of the legendary bad man appears... too nice. Read More >>

Teenager Builds London Out Of Unwanted PC Parts

An 18-year-old artist from Zimbabwe has used e-waste to create a beautiful small-scale model of Westminster out of old computer parts. Read More >>

Pop-Up Walking Dead Exhibition Has Actual Zombies

London's Old Truman Brewery is hosting an exhibition dedicated to patchy zombie TV horror The Walking Dead, in which some actual painted-up zombies will wander around recreations of locations from the series. Read More >>

Two Artists With Wildly Different Styles Create Stunning Posters of Your Favourite Video Games

The late, great Roger Ebert once expressed the controversial opinion that video games can’t be art. And while he was certainly entitled to that point of view, there are cases where it’s factually false—like a new art exhibit that’s soon to open in Los Angeles. Read More >>

CES 2019: Wacom’s New Touchscreen Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

There’s long been a far-fetched rumour that Adobe intentionally leaks pirated copies of Photoshop and Illustrator to hook young, aspiring artists on its software before they transition into careers as professional designers. Still, many of the professional design hardware remains quite expensive for students and other people who don’t have a business to pay for their kit. At $649 (~£507, UK pricing TBC), the latest version of Wacom’s touchscreen drawing tablets, the Cintiq 16, is now the cheapest way for aspiring artists to master what has become an industry-standard design tool. Read More >>

climate change
Melting Chunks of Greenland Are Bringing Londoners Face-to-Face With Climate Change

Any Londoners walking past the Tate Modern art gallery this month found it difficult not to stop and stare at a new addition to its courtyard: huge chunks of ice, harvested from the shores of Greenland, had conspicuously materialised. Appearing on 11 December, these 24 icebergs, gleaming with characteristic white-blue brilliance, have been thawing ever since, their meltwater quietly slinking away into the Thames. Read More >>

New Tube Map Released With Terrifying Cover, Walking Distances

At first glance, we genuinely thought someone had left something NSFW in the racks of pocket-sized tube maps. Turns out it's just the new cover design: Read More >>

Artist Makes Global Warming Worse by Melting Ice on Purpose

Artist Olafur Eliasson has had an idea for something clever to do and say it's art. He's shipping massive chipped-off chunks of ice sheet to London, so we can watch, live, as the ages-old ice melts away because of all our fridges, cars, cows and radiators. Read More >>

These Villainous Character Art Mashups Will Bring Terror to Every Fictional Universe

What’s better than a good bad guy? Two good bad guys rolled into one. Two great tastes that taste evil together. Read More >>

augmented reality
Google’s Virtual Vermeer Museum Is a Legitimately Cool Use of AR

It used to be that the fastest, easiest way to view the paintings of Johannes Vermeer was a Google Image search. Now you can just download an app and view the 36 works widely attributed to the artist in an augmented reality museum from the comfort of your home. Read More >>

The Watercolour Artist Whose Paintings Help Save Rainforests

Earlier this year, Peru established Yaguas National Park, a 2 million acre Amazonian preserve that’s both a biodiversity hotspot and a spiritual nexus for local indigenous people. Its protection was the culmination of a battle hard-fought by indigenous groups and their many supporters—including a watercolour painter at the Field Museum in the US city of Chicago, Illinois. Read More >>

The KLF Offers Discount MuMufication to Toxteth Residents for Black Friday

K2 Plant Hire Ltd, the art group that came about because of a pre-pack administration of the artists formerly known as the KLF, has a Black Friday deal going on at the moment too. It will preserve the cremated remains of residents of Toxteth in a red brick for a one-off bargain price of 99p for over-80s, or £9.99 for under-23s. Usual price £99.99. We've been waiting for MuMufication to come down to that price for ages. Read More >>