Even Random Paint Splatters Can Be Valid Computer Code (If You’re Using Perl)

As technology becomes more central to our lives, kids are increasingly being steered towards careers in programming with things like toys that promote coding. Is there still room for the arts in a world run by apps, AI, and computers? It turns out there might be a closer connection between the two than you’d think, as a software engineer discovered that random paint splatters are actually valid Perl code in disguise. Read More >>

game of thrones
Game of Thrones Season 8 Is About to Begin, So Savour the Moment With This Art

It’s almost here. After almost two years of waiting, the final season of Game of Thrones begins April 14, which means you only have a few more days to bask in this moment before any character you love could be brutally murdered at any second. Read More >>

Can You Pick Out All the References in This Mega Twilight Zone Poster?

Think you know The Twilight Zone? Time to put that knowledge to the test with a little Where’s Wally? flair. Read More >>

The Masses Finally Appreciate Modern Art

London's Tate Modern has become the UK's most popular day-out attraction, beating the British Museum for the first time. It'll be all them Banksys popping up all over the place, innit? Read More >>

Here’s an Incredibly Slick and Surprisingly Affordable Way to Convert Paper Drawings Into Digital Files

One day, the idea of making marks on sheets of flattened tree guts to share ideas with others will be laughable. But for now, the experience of writing or drawing on a piece of paper still feels more natural than it does on a glass or plastic tablet. Moleskine’s new Adobe Creative Cloud connected Paper Tablet strives to be a bridge between the two, letting you sketch on paper and then immediately edit and manipulate a digital version of your work in Adobe Illustrator. It works remarkably well, as long as you’re not expecting the same experience that £1,000 hardware offers. Read More >>

Big Ben’s Blue Hands Ungloved

Part of the massive heap of scaffolding that's been ruining London's views for tourists for years has been removed, with the first of the Elizabeth Tower's refurbished clock faces revealed for the first time in its deepest Prussian blue finish. Read More >>

British Museum Says We’ve Been Getting ‘The Scream’ Wrong All This Time

Art experts have explained to us common folk that the subject of Edvard Munch classic The Scream is not actually screaming at all. If you hang around with art historians you may already know this or have formed this opinion all by yourself, but it's probably going to be news to the rest of the country. Read More >>

This Marvel Fan Art Is Bright, Vibrant, and Beautiful

Sometimes you look at a piece of fan art and think, “No, that has to be professional.” This is one of those times. Read More >>

Plymouth Immortalises Unknown Actress in 7 Metre Tall Statue

A 9.5 tonne bronze statue is arriving in Plymouth by boat, as it's too big to get in by road. It is not of a famous local, and has instead been designed to represent the entire genre of all that is women, as women have traditionally been underrepresented in the worlds of casts and having statues made about them. Read More >>

Captain Marvel is Even More Alien in Unused Concept Art

Captain Marvel has two identities. She’s Carol Danvers, Air Force pilot, human woman of Earth. She’s also a Kree warrior, an elite pilot fighting a galactic war. This concept art emphasises that second identity – portraying her as something fundamentally more alien than we see in the films. Read More >>

This Star Wars Celebration Poster Is a Breathtaking Commemoration of the Beginning of the Rebellion

Star Wars Celebration is almost here, which means it’s time for some fantastic art. And this print, by Michael Pasquale, is one of the best I’ve seen. Read More >>

10 Horror Films That Contain Equally Horrifying Works of Art

Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw stars Jake Gyllenhaal as an art critic who becomes engulfed in weirdness when paintings by a mystery artist take Los Angeles by storm. That got us thinking about other horror movies featuring sinister and/or strangely animated artwork—so here are our favourites. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek: Discovery Inspired This Fan to Produce Some Amazing Sketches and Paintings

Art begets art. And, in this case, a love for Star Trek inspires some beguiling sketch work. Read More >>

These Award-Winning Botanical Photos Belong in Alice in Wonderland 

Some photographers like to capture people; others like to capture the stories of the botanical world, from our backyards to our gardens and wildlands. That’s the premise behind the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew’s International Garden Photographer of the Year Award, whose winners were announced Friday. Read More >>

Spider-Gwen Is a Rock Star on This New Limited Edition Poster

It’s been over a month and we’re still not over the excellence that is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And whether the movie sent you down the rabbit hole of related Spider-Man comics or not, you will definitely appreciate this new Spider-Gwen poster. Read More >>