Smoking Nottingham Building is Art, Not on Fire

Italian artist Lara Favaretto had an idea for something to do and call art. She's enjoying a run of her latest project at the Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, in which steam is pumped out into the surrounding streets. This probably says something important about life, feminism, war, genital mutilation, Donald Trump and veganism, but to passersby it also says SHIT THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE, so people are calling the fire brigade on some art. Read More >>

Handmade Alien Flipbook Animation Explains Everything You Need To Know About Xenomorphs

No time (or inclination) to go and watch Ridley Scott's latest stab at messing about with the Alien franchise? Don't worry, talented artist Serene Teh has you covered with this amazing flipbook animation. Read More >>

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Something Wonderful Happens When You Mix Microwaves, Soda, and Wood

The next time you accidentally spill soda, or water, plus a little baking soda on one of your cutting boards, don’t complain about having to clean it up. Instead, tear the safety cover off your microwave and use it as a high-voltage power source to etch a cool lightning pattern into the mess. Read More >>

Famous Meteorite That Nailed a Person Has Finally Been Sold

The only thing worse than getting struck by lightning or a large, flying bird is getting struck by a meteorite. Thankfully, the changes of this happening to you are incredibly low—according to National Geographic, there is only one confirmed case of a meteorite striking a person. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the offending space rock, called “Sylacauga,” just sold today for one hell of a price tag. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Latest Workplace Tech Demos Creep Me Out

If you’re an employee under the heel of a giant corporation you should probably be terrified by the vision of the future of connected gadgets that Microsoft just revealed at its Build developer conference here in Seattle. Read More >>

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This Stretchable Sculpture of The Notorious B.I.G. is Actually Made From Thousands of Sheets of Paper

Artist Felix Semper’s latest work, a bust of Notorious B.I.G. he calls Big Poppa, looks like it was carved from a giant chunk of heavy stone. But it’s actually made from thousands of sheets of paper that have been all glued together— allowing the sculpture to be stretched and elongated, but still able to return to its original form. Read More >>

Find Out All the Stories From Reddit’s Massive Collaborative Art Project

Earlier this month, Reddit pulled off one of its greatest accomplishments ever: getting users to spend 72 hours painstakingly making art together one pixel at a time. Now, one Redditor has created an atlas that documents the stories of each individual art project that contributed to this glorious mess. Read More >>

A Naked Statue Is Causing Outrage In A Hampshire Village

A naked statue of Archimedes, the greek mathematician and inventor who first approximated pi, could distract drivers in Ellisfield with his nudity, claims one outraged resident. Read More >>

Is This Art Gross?

Screw Rembrandt, Picasso and all that boring old guy paint-on-a-canvas stuff. The future of art is bacteria, ants, and the smell of sweat. Read More >>

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Watch This Talented Carver Turn a Lincoln Penny Into a Morbid Masterpiece

Michelangelo’s David is undoubtedly a masterpiece, but would the artist have been as adept with a chisel were he working on a tiny copper penny instead of a giant slab of marble? Using a magnifying scope, artist Shaun Hughes managed to skillfully turn Lincoln’s head into a remarkably detailed skull. Read More >>

Flat Owners Try to Block Tate Modern’s Viewing Platform

Five people living in the Neo Bankside development in London are taking the Tate Modern gallery to court, in an attempt to stop tourists and locals hanging around on the viewing platform and gawping in through the large glass windows of their modern flats. Read More >>

Singing Clock Will Welcome People to Birmingham

Birmingham's doing some art, and it's quite a big and expensive one. It's a £2m singing clock, one that combines thousands of voice samples to create a unique sound for each time of day. Read More >>

This Sketch of Josh Brolin as Cable Makes Us Even More Excited for Deadpool 2

I’m pretty sure this is how casting for superhero movies works out, right? You get drawn as the character first, and then you sign the multi-picture deal. Either way, Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld’s take on Josh Brolin as the character is pretty damn awesome. Read More >>

Google’s New Tool Means You, Too, Can Draw

Being creative requires two big elements: idea and execution. It's immensely frustrating being the kind of person who has great ideas but can't make them happen, especially if you don't have an orchestra of talented minions to conduct like Steve Jobs. Read More >>