Pennywise Is Krusty? Pikachu Is Blanka? Pop Culture Icons Cross Over in a New Art Show

In pop culture, even unrelated characters can have something significant in common. They’re both clowns. They’re both purple. They’re both cyborgs. And that middle ground is where artist Alex Solis likes to play. Read More >>

Archaeologists Have Found the World’s Oldest Known Drawing in a South African Cave

Some 73,000 years ago in what is now South Africa, an early human used a red ochre crayon to draw a cross-hatched pattern onto a smooth flake, according to new research published today. It’s now considered the earliest evidence of drawing in the archaeological record. Read More >>

This Pixar and Star Wars Mash-Up Is Almost Too Perfect

The headquarters of Pixar and Lucasfilm are located about 15 miles apart in Northern California. Both companies are also owned by Disney. Those factors would make it seem like some kind of team up is inevitable, and yet, each is doing just fine on its own. However, if they were to collaborate, the result may look something like this. Read More >>

People Are Pretty Pissed Off Over the Neon Threads on This Restored Baby Jesus Statue

In northern Spain, a local priest allowed an amateur artist to restore a series of wooden statues, including one featuring Jesus, Mary, and St Anne. The technicolour outcome, however, had a local official calling it an act of “vengeance rather than a restoration.” Read More >>

Celebrate Some Super Mario Milestones With a Slew of Trippy Artwork

Apparently 2018 is a big year for everyone’s favourite plumber, Mario. It marks the 35th anniversary of the first Mario Bros. game, the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. 3, and the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favourite, the Super Mario Bros. movie. So to celebrate, the Bottleneck Gallery in New York is going down the pipe and hosting a major art show. Read More >>

Original Pickled Humans Exhibit Sets up Permanent Home in London

The Body Worlds exhibition, which tours plastinated and skinned human remains around the world to both the horror and amazement of locals, is setting up a permanent home in London. That'll be a nice thing for the tourists. Read More >>

Meet the Canadians in Oil Country Opposing a Huge Pipeline Project

Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline may have hit a snag Thursday, but that’s not stopping activists from taking action to raise awareness about the expansion project—and make sure it’s finished for good. Read More >>

This Fan Artist Turns Pop Culture Into Mythological Icons

When we say pop culture is iconic, we don’t usually mean it this literally. Read More >>

climate change
An Underwater Sculpture in the Maldives Is the Perfect Monument to Climate Change

The Maldives are the lowest lying nation in the world. The highest point is just eight feet above sea level, meaning the country’s culture and fate are intimately tied to the vast ocean surrounding it. Read More >>

These Imaginative Sci-Fi Worlds Somehow Feel Like Home

Sci-fi worlds are usually fairly recognisable. Maybe they’re shiny, gloomy, or desolate. But either way, there’s almost always a monochromatic, hard-edge feeling to them. That’s not the case, though, in the imagination of Matt Gaser. Read More >>

Museum Visitor Falls Into Giant Hole That Looks Like a Cartoonish Painting on the Floor

Like a real-life version of a Looney Tunes cartoon, a visitor to a Portuguese museum was injured last week when he stepped into an art installation resembling an inky void. Currently on exhibit at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Descent Into Limbo by Anish Kapoor includes an actual eight-foot hole that’s painted black—so it appears to have no depth at all. Read More >>

You’ll Want to Go Drinking With This Life-Sized, 3D-Printed Tyrion Lannister

That’s what I do, I drink and I print things. A 3D printing enthusiast has unveiled his latest creation, a life-sized version of Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones — which now gets to chill in his backyard drinking booze and sharing bawdy tales by the fire. Only don’t let him get too close. He might melt. Read More >>

These 3,800-Year-Old Peruvian Carvings Look Like Modern Emoji

Archaeologists in Peru have uncovered an ancient wall relief dating back to the Caral civilisation – the oldest known civilisation in the New World. Though whimsical in appearance, these ancient symbols held very serious meaning. Read More >>

E. Coli Bacteria Made This Image of the Mona Lisa

Scientists created this picture of the Mona Lisa using genetically modified E. coli bacteria. Such teeny little artists! Read More >>