Walking Through This Lamp-Filled Room Is Like Swimming With Jellyfish

It’s a simple idea for an art installation: Fill an entire giant room with glowing lamps from floor to ceiling. On paper it sounds an awful lot like your grandma’s living room, but walking through teamLab’s Forest of Resonating Lamps exhibit feels a lot more like drifting through a giant swarm of jellyfish. Read More >>

New Concept Art Shows Off Black Panther’s Wakanda and Thor: Ragnarok’s Villain Hela

Included on the Doctor Strange digital release are a couple of looks at the upcoming Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok movies. These looks are in the form of concept art, which almost entirely focuses on the technologically impressive capital of Wakanda and people who want to hurt Thor. Read More >>

virtual reality
Making Virtual Reality A Group Activity

Software developer Drew Gottlieb wanted to make creating art with virtual reality somehow even more magical - by including the people watching. Read More >>

Is David Hockney’s Trollish Logo For ‘The Sun’ An Act Of Revenge?

Veteran artist David Hockney is a household name for a reason: he's incredibly talented. So when The Sun unveiled the one-off reworking of its logo that they'd commissioned from Hockney and it came out looking like something a preschooler made in MS Paint, questions were understandably asked as to whether Hockney was taking the mick. And it turns out he might have a reason. Read More >>

Making Things From Old Skateboard Decks Turns Recycling into Art

Jerry McNamara’s Day By Day is a short documentary that focuses its lens on artist George Rocha of Iris Skateboards in San Francisco. Rocha takes stacks of old, unrideable skateboard decks, glues them together, grinds ‘em up, and then transforms them into functional objects like furniture, tables, tap handles, and, yes, even “new” skateboards. Read More >>

Selfie Exhibition Examines History of Doing Things Right Yourself

People always used to shy away from the camera lens in the olden days, saying things like "Please, no, I'm hideous" and "Point that thing at me again and I'll kill you" -- until the ability to delete photos, repose, smile the way that hides your wonkiest teeth and try again was introduced by the digital era. Now everyone seems to be happy with their faces as long as they can spend half an hour getting it to look best. Hence an art exhibit looking at the history of the selfie. Read More >>

Watch the Seconds Blink By on This Freaky Eyelash Clock

If you were to stumble across this freaky ring of hairs hanging on a wall you’d probably dismiss it as another confusing piece of modern art. But if you were to give it more than just a passing glance, you’d notice that some of its hairs were moving, because it turns out this piece is actually a functional clock. Read More >>

Bob Dylan Painting Appears To Have Ripped Off A Blogger’s Photo of Blackpool Pier

Bob Dylan may be a world famous musician and Nobel laureate - but it appears that his paintings need a little bit of help. Read More >>

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Watch an Artist Turn Scrap Metal Into Animal Sculptures

Here’s a nice little portrait of artist Alan Williams and how he turns random metal parts like the keys of a typewriter or a bicycle pedal into these intricately designed sculptures of animals. It’s definitely cool to see him work and transform recycled man-made machine parts into creatures that exist in nature because you get to see how his art connects one world with the other. Read More >>

These Magical Sculptures Look Like Animations But They’re Actually Real Objects

Artist John Edmark has done it again. With the clever use of a strobe light, he’s created sculptures that move like weird computer animations but are actually real, 3D printed objects that physically exist. It’s a bit hypnotising but so, so cool, because they move and grow and essentially come alive in such a bizarre way. Read More >>

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Watch an Artist Sculpt Wonderfully Wacky Sculptures

Meet Wilfrid Wood. He’s an artist who specialises in sculpting heads and figures that are never boring, because they go far beyond the safe and traditional look many of us are used to seeing. Wood’s sculptures are often wacky, definitely fun, and always wildly expressive, like he’s managed to capture a person’s very specific reaction and emotion and feeling in each piece. Read More >>

Being Stuck Inside This Laser-Filled Room Would Be a Great Way to Lose Your Mind

This immersive laser beam installation seems like the perfect place to pop a pill, stare at some lights, cleanse yourself from sin, and maybe even just leave your soul behind. The room is so vast and the lasers come from everywhere, so it must be a hell of a trip. Like you’re trapped inside a machine. Or the future. Or another dimension entirely. Read More >>

Hull Goes Arty With Non-Functioning Turbine Blade Installation

Hull is the UK City of Culture for the year 2017, somehow, and it's celebrating this national victory by installing a massive new piece of public art -- a wind turbine. Part of a wind turbine. One blade. But a very big one. Read More >>

These Random Objects Are Organised in a Very Colorful Way

There are two types of people in this world. People like Adam Hillman, an artist who sees colorful patterns and gradients in random objects, and the rest of us dull schmucks who just see Post-it notes, lollipops, and breakfast cereals without ever imagining them to be something else. Thankfully, Hillman is generous enough to share his artful vision with us and it looks really, really cool. Read More >>

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Mixing Liquids Under a Microscope Creates Wildly Colourful Worlds

Wenting Zhu mixed together paint, alcohol, water, fizzy drinks, and ink remover in weird combinations, stuck them under a microscope, and ended up with awesomely mesmerising effects. Read More >>