MIT’s New Plastic Muscles Could Bring Us One Step Closer to a Real-Life Westworld

We strive to make robots in our own likeness because, as far as we can tell, humans are best adapted to deal with our world. And thanks to researchers at MIT, who’ve found a way to use cheap, nylon plastic as an artificial muscle, we’re now one step closer to creating artificial humans—and opulent fantasy theme parks. Read More >>

These Artificial Muscles are Made of Gold-Plated Onion Skin 

While scientists have made extraordinarily strong artificial muscles, they hadn’t been to pull a subtler challenge: muscles that can contract and expand while also bending, just like human muscles. That’s until onion skin came along. Read More >>

Skeleton Muscle Bot Brings I. Robot’s Future One Step Closer

Eerily reminiscent of the design of Sonny and the other NS-5s in I, Robot, Kenshiro is the University of Tokyo's latest attempt to create a humanoid robot that accurately mimics human movement. And the researchers there believe the best way to build an artificial human is to simply copy our anatomy, particularly our muscular and skeletal systems. Read More >>