Virgin Media Gets Vodafone’s ‘Gigafast’ Advertising Slapped Down by the ASA

Virgin Media's been telling tales on broadband rival Vodafone, and got a webpage advertising its speeds pulled for being misleading. Read More >>

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The ASA Is Cracking Down On Influencers’ Ads-In-Disguise

We don't follow anyone from Love Island on Instagram, but apparently a lot of people do, and those people are being duped into thinking their favourite fake-tanned, fake-toothed, fake-nailed, fake-haired celeb is being genuine. Read More >>

No, You Can’t Leave Work Early Just Because You Had A Red Bull, Says ASA

A set of tube ads for Red Bull have been pulled by the Advertising Standards Authority because they implied Red Bull could help you get your work done faster and go home. Read More >>

Advertising Standards Bans Vodafone Broadband Ad

A series of TV and radio advertisements for Vodafone's home broadband services featuring Martin Freeman have been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The ads state that "Vodafone guarantee your home broadband speeds or money off until it's fixed". Acting on a series of complaints, including one from BT, the ASA has banned the ads on account of unsubstantiated claims. Read More >>

Advertising Standards Has Ruled Amazon Prime’s “Guaranteed Next Day Delivery” Claims are Misleading

Well this is a serious blow for Amazon. After years of declaring that thousands of products have "guaranteed next delivery" for Amazon Prime members, the Advertising Standards Authority has decided it's had enough. It's expected to vote that these claims are misleading, which would effectively ban the retailer from saying Prime members get "unlimited one day delivery". Read More >>

Jaguar Advert Banned for Glamourising Going a Bit Fast

An advert which showed a Jaguar hammering around mountains on both the left and right sides of the road has been banned, after advertising watchdogs decided it made driving look way too much like fun. Read More >>

Does This Marmite Advert Leave a Bad Taste In Your Mouth?

Love it or hate it, you can't deny Marmite is a powerful brand. And when it decided to take a very cheeky poke at some sensitive subjects in its new "End Marmite Neglect" ad campaign, it seemingly ruffled quite a few feathers. 250 in fact. For an ad, in less than 24 hours. Impressive. Read More >>

Are You Offended By This Banned Ad?

The ASA has swung the ban hammer at this advert from drinks brand "Pussy". Apparently it's sexually explicit, which is ironic given what the ad is actually saying. But is it really offensive? Read More >>

ASA: No T-Mobile, Your “Unlimited” Data Isn’t Actually Unlimited

The advertising watchdog has just given EE's budget arm, T-Mobile, a big slap across the chops over its claim of "unlimited" data on its Full Monty plans. According to the ASA, it's not actually unlimited because T-Mobile employs traffic management, which makes it, err, limited. Read More >>

Rooney’s Nike Advertising Tweets Banned For Being Too Sneaky

In a rather unfortunately timed announcement given the footballing events of last night, the Advertising Standards Authority has moved to ban forms of subtle Twitter advertising as practised by Nike and its favourite son Wayne Rooney. Read More >>

TalkTalk Mumbles an Excuse For Misleading Broadband Speedchecker Data

TalkTalk's the latest ISP to get itself in trouble with the Advertising Standards watchdog, after its own speedchecker was found to be exaggerating the download rates users could expect to see if they signed up for a connection. Read More >>

Apple Rebrands “iPad 4G” as “iPad With Fast Mobile Data Networks”

Apple has once again tweaked the text that accompanies its New iPad sales listing in the UK, removing all trace of the difficult "4G" term and replacing it with more vague wording when it comes to data connectivity abilities. Read More >>

Apple’s iPad “4G” Marketing Ploy Now With the UK’s Advertising Watchdog

We've already seen Apple referred to Australian advertising watchdog over claims that its "new" iPad comes with 4G connectivity features that can't be used on the country's network, now it appears our Advertising Standard Authority is investigating the same case in more depth over here. Read More >>

Network Three Slapped Over Misleading iPhone 4 Google Ads

Mobile network Three is this week's tech representative on the Advertising Standards Authority's naughty step, after it was found to be buying misleading Google ads to help sell iPhone 4 contracts. Read More >>

ASA Tells an Idiot How Vacuum Cleaners Work

Here's a great example of how miserable it must be working for the Advertising Standards Authority. A member of the public complained that a Dyson ad that claimed its cylinder cleaners featured "no loss of suction" was misleading, because if you never emptied a vacuum cleaner it would lose suction eventually. Read More >>