Sainsbury’s and Asda May be Blocked From Merging

The Competition and Markets Authority has been weighing up the pros and cons of allowing Sainsbury's and Asda to conduct a super-merger of themselves, and appears to be slowly moving towards blocking the deal entirely. Read More >>

Asda Now Does Takeaway Pizza

Getting takeaway pizza just got a lot cheaper with the news that Asda is teaming up with JustEat to deliver its £6 pizzas to your doorstep. Read More >>

Asda’s Supermassive Mince Pie Crust Can Deflect All Complaints About Sugar and Obesity

Asda is trying to do to the mince pie scene what Cadbury has already done in the chocolate world with its supersized £1 bars that are now apparently the normal amount of chocolate to eat in one go, with the new normal in Asda mince pies this year being a gigantic 435g pie that costs £1.50. It has a lattice pastry topping, though. That shaves off a few carbs. It's practically ketogenic. Read More >>

Fancy White Chocolate & Caramel Cheese? Asda Thinks You Do

Asda is launching a truckle of Wensleydale cheese with... salted caramel and white chocolate. 'Scuse us while we hurl up our breakfasts. Read More >>

Asda Moves to Make a Giant Sausage the Centrepiece of Christmas

Look, right, the reason this is on a so-called tech site is because sausages are made by machines. I know this because Gregg did an Inside the Factory all about the making of sausages, and it was all stainless steel and surprisingly high-tech machinery churning out the beloved meat tubes. Hence Asda making a foot-long pig in a blanket is definitely tech news you need to know. Read More >>

Cambridge Asda Phased Out 5p Bags, so People Started Pinching Baskets

These days a lot of supermarkets have decided they don't want to sell flimsy regular plastic bags every time you go in to do your shopping. They've been offering sturdier bags for life instead, though the downside is that they cost more. Obviously the easiest solution would be to remember to bring your own bags, but one Cambridge Asda found a lot of people just went home with baskets instead. Read More >>

ASDA Says it’s Christmas So Here’s a Roald Dahl Rip-off Advert

The twee avalanche of corporate communications designed to get you to buy your turkey from a particular supermarket is underway, with ASDA the first of the major food sellers to declare it Christmas. Read More >>

The Best Wine in the World is In Asda for Less than a Fiver

Get down to your local Asda and stock up on La Moneda Reserva Malbec from Central Valley in Chile (2015) right now. The £4.37* bottle of red has been named the world’s number one wine at the Decanter World Wine Awards, beating around 16,000 rivals to the title. Read More >>

Asda Backs Out of Black Friday 2015, Opting for ‘Sustained’ Special Offers Instead

Asda has ruled itself out of this year’s Black Friday madness, and the firm claims its move will benefit both the supermarket and consumers alike. It says the decision has nothing to with the chaos and violence that comes hand-in-hand with the retail event, but customer needs instead. Read More >>

Pay for Shopping at Asda and Sainsbury’s With Your Phone in 2015

With Apple Pay lurking just over the horizon, waiting to devour a bourgeoning mobile payments market, time is running out for smaller mobile money managers to gain a steady footing. Mobile payment platform Zapp has sured up its defences today, announcing that a number of leading UK retailers will use its technology from 2015 to process payments. Read More >>

Man Pays £450 for a Loaf of Bread — And Doesn’t Notice

Shopper John Brown popped into his local ASDA to buy bread, eggs and jam, three of the four cornerstones of a healthy diet (the fourth cornerstone is sausages, which we assume he already had at home). Three days later his bank refused to let him withdraw cash, and only then did he realise he'd been charged £450 for a loaf in an ASDA misprice/checkout catastrophe. He's getting a refund. [Metro] Read More >>

A Super-Secret Asda PS4 Offer is Your “Shhhh!” Deal of the Day

The PlayStation 4 is about to drop, which hopefully means we'll see nerds punching each other's lights out like an update version of when mothers used to riot in a bid to grab a Cabbage Patch Kid for their dreadful offspring. Even if they're not queueing up, gamers might accidentally assault their postmen out of pure adrenaline. Read More >>

Asda’s Alcatel Mobile Costs Less Than a Portion of Fish and Chips

You barely get change out of a fiver for a sandwich these days, but head down to Asda and you could walk away with a brand new mobile phone in exchange for your crisp £5 note. It's admittedly a bit rubbish but, well, FIVE POUNDS, making it the nation's cheapest phone. Read More >>

Asda’s Mental Patient Costume and Tesco’s Gay Best Friend Inflatable: Harmless Fun or Hateful Hype?

Yesterday, supermarket giant Asda came under fire from mental health groups when it came to light that, alongside back to school essentials, its George clothing line's website was also selling a "Mental Patient" Halloween fancy dress costume. Read More >>

Ready to Pay the Annual FIFA Tax? Cheapest Places to Buy FIFA 14

You've had the pleasure of playing FIFA 14 on your iOS and Android devices absolutely free for the past few days, but you're going to have to cough up the cash if you're looking to nab a copy of the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions. On sale today, we've hunted down the cheapest UK high street deals (and a handful of prices from the biggest online names too) to help you keep some cash in your pocket this weekend. Read More >>