Here’s What People Thought of YouTube When It First Launched in the Mid-2000s

When YouTube first launched 15 years ago, a lot of people weren’t sure what to make of it. Anyone can upload a video to this service? Why do I want to hear what some obnoxious teenager has to say from their bedroom? Read More >>

Who Should Play Steve Jobs Now That Christian Bale Has Quit?

After a solid week of coming to terms with the fact that Steve Jobs is Batman, we've found ourselves in a Job-less world once more. Now that Christian Bale's thrown in the tiny circular glasses, we ask you, dear readers, who's your Jobsian ideal? Read More >>

Lenovo’s Yoga “Multimode” Tablet Had Ashton Kutcher as its “Product Engineer”

You're on the market for a new tablet, you've scoured the web for spec sheets and pricing, and you're still stuck on which is best for you. What's a dead cert to swing your choice towards one tablet over another? Knowing that ex-Mr Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, was "product engineer" on one of course! Read More >>

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This New TV Spot For Jobs Shows Ashton Kutcher Can Actually Act

By now we've seen the trailers and watched the behind-the-scenes clip and learned all about the method acting and all that, but what we haven't done is really figured out if Ashton Kutcher can really be Steve Jobs. Brace yourselves, folks: He's pretty good. Read More >>

New Jobs Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Ashton Can Definitely Act Like Steve

Waiting for the new Jobs flick has been a rollercoaster of managed expectations for Apple fans. Is it going to suck? How can actor-bro Ashton Kutcher possibly play a legend? This latest clip has got me feeling more excited than ever about this tribute piece. Read More >>

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Of Course They Made an Instagram Trailer for Jobs

Here's one of those things you'd always think was a joke but turned out to be real — the filmmakers behind Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie have made an Instagram trailer. Read More >>

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This Is the Poster for the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Biopic

This psychedelic take on an iconic photo is the official poster for jOBs. Wild. There'll be lots of drugs in this one, then? [The Loop] Read More >>

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Following Steve Jobs’ Insane Fruit Diet Put Ashton Kutcher in the Hospital

Ashton Kutcher, method actor, truly goes the distance to capture the essence of a character. In the case of portraying Steve Jobs for the upcoming indie flick jOBS, Kutcher put himself on a diet of strictly fruits, nuts, and seeds, mimicking Jobs 'fruitarian' lifestyle. Read More >>

jOBS Movie Review: a Satisfying Experience

Today I saw jOBS at Sundance, the story of a young Steve Jobs, the now legendary co-founder and CEO of Apple Computer. And although I know it may be exaggerated, it was the experience I wanted. Read More >>

First Look at jOBS, the Steve Jobs Movie Starring Ashton Kutcher: This Is Actually Pretty Good

I don't know if jOBS—the biopic of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher—will be a good movie per se, but this clip makes the upcoming film look surprisingly decent. Read More >>

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11 Hours of Hell: The Time I Was a Steve Jobs Movie Extra

The night before I'm supposed to pose as an extra in Jobs, the first biopic to begin filming in the wake of Apple icon Steve Jobs' untimely 2011 death, I stay out until 2 in the morning. When I order a big bottle of Spanish cider at 1:15, five hours before my alarm is set to go off, and five hours and 45 minutes before I'm supposed to be on set, I justify it by remembering how Jobs spoke often and openly about his "important" experiences with recreational drugs. "Steve would have wanted it this way," I think, pouring myself another glass of the cloudy cider and starting in on another story. Read More >>

Hollywood-Backed iOS App Vyclone Pioneers Social iFilmmaking

The video featured above was created with Vyclone, the filmmaking app for iPhone and iPad that launches publicly today. Read More >>

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Hollywood Steve Jobs Returns to Disgrace Apple’s Magic Garage

Ashton Kutcher's cinematic opus, jOBS — yes, it's spelled like that — is getting real. How real? People who look nothing like the characters they're playing have entered the Jobs family home, where Apple was born. Read More >>

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You Can Appear in the Crappy Steve Jobs Movie for Minimum Wage

If you're looking to break into Hollywood, have a style sense trapped in the 70s, and don't mind being involved in the train wreck Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs biopic, your chance has arrived. Just reply to this sad Craigslist ad! Read More >>

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That Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Movie Sounds Pretty Awful Already

Ashton may or may not be the perfect fit to play the world's favorite tech tyrant, but the rest of the film seems terrible and terribly boring. Even the title is horrendous. Read More >>