Apple’s Version of ASMR is Like Nails on a Chalkboard to Me

Once again, Apple has made shivers run down my spine – but not in a good way. Today, as part of its “Shot on iPhone” campaign, Apple released a series of four ASMR videos to its YouTube channel. There’s some lady whispering about weird shit, a dude carving wood, crunching noises on a hike, and what’s supposed to be soothing rainfall. Read More >>

Lynx Tries Whispering Male Body Positivity for its 2019 Adverts

Former bad boy of advertising Lynx is a reformed character nowadays, don't you know, to such an extent that it's putting its 2019 advertising money into a series of ads that encourage men to but headphones on, listen very carefully, and experiment with shaving parts of their body only usually depilated by workers in specialist trades. Read More >>

ASMR Cigarette Lighters Are A Thing Now

ASMR – that thing the internet loves where people whisper to you on YouTube and make noises with tactile things to give you tingles – has officially jumped the shark, because American brand Zippo has unveiled a range of ASMR lighters. OK then. Read More >>

Watching This Artist Paint on Water Is Like a Relaxing Massage for My Brain

Popular in Turkey and parts of Asia, ebru is a unique form of painting that swaps a canvas for a liquid-filled pan that’s sprinkled and splattered with vibrant coloured pigments. Using specialised tools, unique patterns can be created by carefully mixing the floating pigments through a process that might be even more satisfying than the resulting artwork. Read More >>

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Let the Calm Wash Over You as This Dam Opens Its Spillway for the Very First Time

Behold the majestic Banja Dam in Albania. It’s a huge hydroelectric project that hit a big milestone over the weekend—its reservoir reached over 550 metres above sea level. To release some of the excess water, dam operators opened the spillway for the very first time and filmed the event from the air. The dang thing just keeps. On. Going. Read More >>

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Let Your Brain Take a Nap While This Guy Builds a Kickass Japanese Utility Knife

What a week it has been. Time to go into an elective waking coma while this guy makes a crazy-looking knife with skill and precision. Read More >>

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Lose Yourself in the Mixing of Colours and Shapes

We’ve seen the space oddity of mixing colours and paint together before. What makes this one especially fun to watch is the soothing sound of the liquids merging and the bubbles popping. It’s really easy to lose track of time when you’re watching the colours and shapes go by. Read More >>

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Seeing Tomatoes Get Unsliced is Satisfyingly Bizarre

It has all the makings of those ASMR-triggering videos we all love to feel on our scalp and spine but it’s also a little bit unsettling too since the whole video moves in reverse. Read More >>

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Watching These Videos May Make You Feel as Good as Doing Drugs

If you’ve experienced it, you know what I’m talking about, although you might not have known the name for it. It’s when a sound triggers a physiological response from your body—perhaps a slight tingling that starts at the nape of your neck. It feels gooooood. But what is it? Read More >>

Enough of the Dirty Talk: Why Dismissing ASMR as Porn Isn’t Helping Anyone

If you’ve ever found something strangely compelling, or realised you’ve drifted into a zombie-like trance while someone has been describing something to you, you might have been experiencing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR. Read More >>