Jeff Bezos Begins Installation of His Bonkers 10,000 Year Clock

Depending on the day, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is either the richest or second richest human on Earth. And while he’s trying to figure out how to use some of that money philanthropically, he announced today that construction has begun on the giant clock in the middle of nowhere that he put up $42 million to build. The 10,000 Year Clock is intended as a symbolic reminder that we should consider the long-term impact of our actions. Read More >>

Foxconn May be Deploying Robots to Speed iPhone 6 Assembly

As well as employing most of the adults in China, gadget assembly specialist Foxconn is said to be turning to robots to further speed the snapping together of electrical components for its partners in the west. And Apple could be the first robot-assembly customer. Read More >>

Canon Plans On Replacing Humans With Robots

It's official: robots are taking over. While for years now, we have enjoyed the knowledge that our beloved expensive Canon DSLR cameras have been cared for and manually-assembled with a delicate touch by the fine craftsmen and engineers at the company. But that reassurance might soon be over, as Canon look forward to the future of robotic assembly. Read More >>