Sonos Finally Figured Out How to Get Google Assistant to Work on Its Smart Speakers

If you own a Sonos One or a Sonos Beam, it’s about to be a lot more useful. Today, Sonos will push a software update to those models that will give them Google Assistant support. That makes the Sonos One and the Sonos Beam the first smart speakers that support both Assistant and Amazon Alexa, although you can’t use both at the same time on a single speaker. Read More >>

Virtual Assistant Lets You Imprison Your Anime Girlfriend and Feel Loved

Like a mix between Her and the Black Mirror Christmas Special, the Gatebox is a creepy personal assistant that puts the emphasis on personal and doesn’t seem to do much assisting. Read More >>

As Siri Exits Beta For iOS 7, We’ve Got to Ask: Who Actually Uses It?

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that every tech company copied but no one seems to ever use, is now no longer a beta product. All references to "beta" status have disappeared from Apple's Siri pages. It's finished. But is it any good? Read More >>

Google Now for iPhone
Google Now’s Just Hit the iPhone

Arguably the best thing about Android (at least for me) is Google Now, Google's awesome, pre-empting intelligent data assistant. Now it's finally available on the iPhone, free and built into the existing Google Search app. Download it now. Seriously. Now. [iTunes] Read More >>

Siri for Android Sucks Even Worse than Siri for iPhone

Want a digital personal assistant like Siri but without all that iPhone? You're not alone. Cluzee, a new app for Android, promises to fill that void. Unfortunately, Cluzee needs a little more time in temp school. Read More >>

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Demo
Real Life iPhone 4S’ Siri Demonstration Is Pretty Damn Impressive

Apple's demos of the new iPhone 4S' Siri smart assistant are very impressive, but they're just controlled demos. got their hands on an iPhone 4S and played quite a bit with in a public place. It's still very impressive. Read More >>

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Apple Predicted Siri 24 Years Ago So Perfectly It’s Scary

This just blew my mind. Back in 1987 Apple made a video about a future computer that would have a touchscreen with a computerize assistant you could talk to. They were off in their prediction by only 18 days. Wow. Read More >>

This Is How the New Apple iOS 5 Assistant May Work

Tomorrow you will see Assistant working on iOS 5 and, presumably, the iPhone 4S. Assistant is an artificial technology that interprets what you are saying, like the Enterprise computer. It's like, magic, they say. This video mockup shows how it works. Read More >>