Alexa Will Pretend it Understands When You Are Sad About a Major Sporting Event

The developers in charge of Amazon's Alexa speaker thing or whatever it is are about to unleash new speaking options, with which the virtual assistant will attempt to do a better job of reacting to requests and issuing news in the right tone of voice. Perhaps it will sound apologetic when it says it can't do something unless you pay Amazon more money. Read More >>

Bored Men are Talking Dirty to Their Virtual Assistants

Bored and supposedly lonely men are said to be turning to the robotic and slightly female tones of Apple's Siri assistant and its ilk for company -- and maybe more. Read More >>

RIM Getting in on the Siri Clone Scene With BB10 Voice Assistant

RIM is set to jump on the clumsy voice control/personal assistant bandwagon, with developers reporting that the latest BlackBerry 10 OS alpha code has been updated to feature a selection of voice-activated personal assistant features. Read More >>