Google Reinstates Co-Star App After It Claims ‘Anti-Astrology’ Bias

Popular astrology app Co-Star has been reinstated on the global Google Play Store after it was unceremoniously struck off due to alleged metadata violations in a very Scorpio move. Read More >>

YouPorn Launches a Sex Zodiac Page Because That’s Why We Came to the Site. For Some Light Reading

Sometimes, browsing through porn categories when you don't know what you're in the mood for but your balls are about to burst out of your scrotal sack is a stressful affair, but YouPorn has got you covered. Read More >>

What’s the Best Astronomical Object in Your Zodiac Sign?

It’s true that astrology is not science—there is no evidence to support that personal traits or mystical truths have anything to do with the Sun and the planets’ locations in the sky at the time you were born. But there is an intersection with astronomy, the real science behind the Sun, the stars, and what goes on in our night sky. Read More >>

No, NASA Did Not Just Change Your Zodiac Sign

NASA did not just rewrite the zodiac chart. But here’s why so many people are convinced that the agency did—and the real story behind the rumour. Read More >>

The World’s Oldest Computer May Have Been Used to Predict the Future

Discovered in an ancient shipwreck near Crete in 1901, the freakishly advanced Antikythera Mechanism has been called the world’s first computer. A decades-long investigation into the 2,000 year-old-device is shedding new light onto this mysterious device, including the revelation that it may have been used for more than just astronomy. Read More >>

No Human Has Seen Tonight’s Full Honey Moon in Nearly 100 Years

Tonight the world will experience the first full honey moon in almost 100 years. It will appear golden and huge in the sky, so pay attention because it will not happen again until June 2098. Read More >>

Get All Starry-Eyed With This Indestructible Tyvek Constellation Map

I am useless when it comes to constellations; identifying Orion's Belt and the Dippers (Big and Little) is about as deep as my skills go when it comes to eyeballing the heavens. This Crumpled Sky Map by Palomar seems like it would be an awesome tool to help me and my fellow heavens-blind folk educate ourselves in the ways of the cosmos. Read More >>