NASA Astronaut Shares Harrowing New Details About Failed Soyuz Launch

Nick Hague is back in the United States following last week’s aborted launch of a Soyuz-FG rocket. The NASA astronaut has now described the incident to the Associated Press, explaining what happened after the Russian-built capsule flew away from the failing rocket at speeds reaching 4,000 miles per hour. Read More >>

NASA Announces First Crew for Commercial Space Travel

NASA has announced the first astronauts who will head to the International Space Station on a commercially built spacecraft. Read More >>

Buzz Aldrin Is Suing His Family for ‘Elder Exploitation’

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, has filed a lawsuit against two of his children and a former business manager in an effort to retain control over his finances, business affairs, and legacy. Read More >>

Astronaut Slated to Be First African-American ISS Crew Member Unexpectedly Grounded

Astronaut Jeanette Epps, slated to be the first African-American crew member on board the International Space Station, will not be flying in 2018, according to an NASA announcement. Read More >>

The United States Has Lost One of Its Greatest Astronauts

Veteran astronaut Paul J. Weitz has died at the age of 85. Among his many accomplishments, Weitz served as a pilot aboard the Skylab space station, commanded the first flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger, and logged nearly 800 total hours in space. Read More >>

Astronaut Pee and Sweat Could Be the Key to Getting Humans to Mars

In The Martian, Matt Damon used his own shit to fertilise potatoes and survive the Red Planet. While we all know Matt Damon isn’t actually an astronaut, we do know that human excrement is very much real—and it could be integral to getting real humans to Mars in the near future. Read More >>

Boeing Starliner Astronauts Are Going to Have the Most Space Punk Boots

Astronauts are golden retrievers of human beings. The rest of us have to live vicariously through their resplendent existences while we sit back and watch hours of cats reacting to fidget spinners. Now, Reebok has decided to make our astronaut envy even worse—it’s finally revealed the space boots for Boeing Starliner astronauts and goddamn are they fly. Read More >>

Skip Astronaut Training and Explore the ISS Right Now in Google Street View

Sometime between your marine biologist and professional ninja phases, you probably dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid. But have you seen all the work that goes into actually becoming one? Save yourself years of G-force training and wearing onesies and just shortcut your way onto the International Space Station, which became available for tour through Google Maps’ Street View yesterday. Read More >>

Germany’s ‘Die Astronautin’ Competition Is as Badass as it Sounds

Image: HE Space
Although it sounds like The Hunger Games in space, Germany’s “Die Astronautin” competition—which means “the astronaut”—seeks to put the first German woman into space. In March 2016, 400 women entered the competition, and yesterday, aerospace recruitment agency HE Space announced it had selected its final six candidates. If the private mission succeeds in securing funding, one of these badass ladies will head up to the International Space Station (ISS) for 10 days in 2020. Read More >>

The Story Behind This Astronaut’s Viral Photo Is Even Cuter Than His Dogs

Leland Melvin is a star in every sense of the word. The retired astronaut, NFL draftee, and literal dog whisperer has a resume most of us could only dream of. Now, he can add “bringer of internet joy in these dark and troubled times” to that very long list of accolades. Read More >>

How Astronauts’ Brains Are Changed By Spaceflight

Spaceflight is not for the faint of heart—literally. The first results of NASA’s twin study, released just this week, revealed that space physically impacts astronauts on multiple levels, right down to shifts in gene expression. Now, a group of scientists at the University of Michigan have released research that suggests spaceflight alters astronauts’ brains. Read More >>

First Genetic Results From Scott Kelly’s Year In Space Reveal DNA Mysteries

After recent events, we’re all ready to hop aboard the next flight to Mars. But before us Earthlings embark on a seven-month journey to the Red Planet, we need to understand how the harsh conditions of space can affect our bodies. Read More >>

Singed Spacecraft That Carried British Astronaut To The ISS Goes On Show At The Science Museum

The lightly-toasted space capsule that carried British astronaut Tim Peake safely to the International Space Station and back again has gone on display at London's Science Museum. Read More >>

NASA’s New Astronaut Suits Are Straight Out of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Someone at Boeing has been on a serious Kubrick kick, as evidenced by the new spacesuits for its NASA Starliner astronauts. The blue suits, which were revealed today, combine a retro flare with a modern feel. Read More >>