Why Google’s Modular Project Ara Smartphone Was Delayed

We won’t see Google’s awesome Project Ara smartphone until 2016, and there’s a surprisingly simple reason for that. It fell to pieces when people dropped it. Read More >>

Fast and Furious’ Justin Lin Directs Live Action 360 Video for Google

Following from last year’s beautiful Duet, Google just pushed out a sweet little short from Justin Lin, best known as the director of the Fast and Furious. Read More >>

This Drawing App is the Coolest Look Yet at What Project Tango Can Do

It's been almost a year since we learned of Google's experimental 3D-sensing tablet and phone technology, Project Tango. But now that Tango is in developers' hands, we're finally getting a look at what talented people can do with a radical technology. Read More >>

Project Ara Hands-On: Google’s Modular Smartphone Lives Up to its Name

Modules! They look really cool. Sadly, that's about all I was able to take away from a brief hands-on opportunity with Google's beautiful, exciting, not-coming-to-a-store-near-you-anytime-soon Project Ara modular smartphone. Read More >>

virtual reality
Google’s Reality-Bending Tablet Turned My Supermarket Into an Icy Playground

Imagine you're part of a big supermarket brand. How do you convince customers you're cool? If you're not waiting around for one of your employees to become a viral teen hearthrob, how about thrusting them into a virtual reality world? In the latest example of VR advertising, Google and Target have teamed up to let shoppers explore a winter wonderland as they stride down the aisles. Read More >>

Project Tango Hands-On: Computer Vision is So Much Cooler Than You Think

Google's Project Tango tablet can see in 3D, but I didn't really understand why I, human person, would actually care about the technology beyond an abstract appreciation of the ideas behind it. Until I strapped one to my face, with an Oculus Rift-like head mask. Read More >>

How Moto Tech and Pixar Brains Turn Phones Into Storytime

If you own a Moto X, chances are last autumn you noticed a small, red hat appear in your notification tray. You either assumed your phone had been hacked and set it on fire, or you boldly clicked the mysterious chapeau and were whisked off to a 3D world that was like being inside a Pixar movie. Read More >>