New Higgs Boson Discovery Could Help Solve Cosmic Puzzle

Scientists can’t take pictures of the Higgs boson. But they can find proof of its existence by watching “E=mc2” play out in hundreds of millions of particle collisions per second and detecting how it decays into other particles they do know how to spot. Now, six years after officially discovering the Higgs boson, particle physicists are announcing that they’ve spotted the Higgs in another way. Read More >>

Oh Great, Boston Dynamics Has Unleashed Its Atlas Robot to the Great Outdoors

Boston Dynamics, the company voted most likely to spawn the Robopocalypse, has released a pair of new videos showcasing the latest abilities of its synthetic creations. Read More >>

Remember When People Laughed at the ATLAS Robot When It Fell Over? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!

Watching ATLAS evolve and master new skills is as fascinating as watching a child develop. Except the humanoid robot, seen here in the lab at Florida’s Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, is gaining new capabilities faster than any human should be comfortable with. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics Made a Robot Baby Giraffe That Can Do Your Dishes

Boston Dynamics, better known for the hulking robot brute known as ATLAS, has just revealed a considerably smaller creation that looks like a cross between a golden retriever and a baby giraffe. But forget about it just replacing your family pet: SpotMini looks like it can replace your housecleaner too. Read More >>

Toyota Is Buying Up Robotics Companies. Could Boston Dynamics Be Next?

In March, the Toyota Research Institute bought up Cambridge (Massachusetts)-based startup Jaybridge Robotics, and according to Tech Insider, they may be expanding with another famous Massachusetts company: Google’s Boston Dynamics, the maker of the Big Dog and Atlas robots. Read More >>

Google is Reportedly Selling Crazy Robotics Skunkworks Boston Dynamics

It’s been a little over two years since Google (now Alphabet) decided to add robotics lab Boston Dynamics to its portfolio. Now it’s putting the company that built Atlas up for grabs. Read More >>

Atlas The Robot Can Enlist in the US Military Anytime He Wants

Back when Alphabet was known as Google, the company bought Boston Dynamics, makers of the amazingly advanced robot named Atlas. At the time, Google promised that Boston Dynamics would stop taking military contracts, as it often did. But here’s the open secret about Atlas: he can enlist in the US military anytime he wants. Read More >>

Atlas is Done Taking Your Bullshit in The Best Terminator Mash-Up GIF Yet

Ever since Boston Dynamics released new video of the Atlas robot getting bullied with a hockey stick, people have been making mash-ups about the robot uprising. But I think Imgur user exgexg has made the best one yet. Read More >>

The LHC’s Seen an Intriguing Glimpse of What Could Be a New Particle 

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider have seen the first traces of what they believe could be a new fundamental particle. Read More >>

Watch Boston Dynamics’ Robot Run Outside Oh God They’re Coming For Us

Possible cause of the upcoming singularity, Boston Dynamics, is secretive about its robotics projects, but new footage shows their machines in action — and the results are highly unsettling. Read More >>

Today’s Incredible Robots Are the Killing Machines of the Future

We love to marvel at the advanced robotics projects funded by the US Department of Defense because they’re so impressively—if clumsily—getting around and doing stuff like real humans. Motherboard’s latest documentary is an important reminder that today’s nerdy research will create the weapons of tomorrow. Read More >>

This Boston Dynamics Robot Montage Set to Scarface’s ‘Push It To The Limit’ is Perfect

Boston Dynamics' robots increasingly resemble something from a Hollywood film. So this montage of the automatons in action, set to the iconic piece of 80s movie soundtracking that is Push it to the Limit from Scarface, is so very right. And so very wonderful, too. Read More >>

We’re Definitely Going to Regret Training ATLAS Like the Karate Kid

We can't help but be both utterly impressed and extremely worried about the progress of humanoid robots like ATLAS. For some reason the folks at IHMC Robotics decided to start teaching ATLAS how to balance on one foot and do the Karate Kid's famous crane kick. If that move brought down the best fighter that the Cobra Kai Dojo had to offer, what chance does the rest of humanity stand? Read More >>

ATLAS is Getting Faster and Faster at Simple Human Tasks

Oh sure, we all pointed and laughed at ATLAS when it was first revealed, stumbling over simple obstacles. But it was because deep down we all knew that like our original iPods, it would quickly evolve into something far more capable. And here we are, just over a year later, and ATLAS is already tackling simple obstacles with ease. Read More >>