Why NASA IS Sending an Atomic Clock Into Space

On 22 June, NASA will send an atomic clock the size of a football (though much heavier) to space onboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. Read More >>

Scientists Use Spinning Neutron Stars to Calibrate Atomic Clocks

The European Space Agency is syncing up atomic clocks with distant, rapidly spinning neutron stars, called pulsars, according to a release. Read More >>

Scientists Build Atomic Clocks Accurate Enough to Measure Changes in Spacetime Itself

Physicists have created atomic clocks so precise that they can measure deformations in spacetime itself, according to new research. Read More >>

DARPA Is Funding Time Crystal Research

You probably scratched your head last year if you read about time crystals, likely 2017’s most esoteric, widely covered popular science story. Even if you understood how they worked, you might not have known what use they could have. Time crystals, systems of atoms that maintain a periodic ticking behaviour in the presence of an added electromagnetic pulse, have now piqued the interest of one well-funded government agency: the US Department of Defense. Read More >>

Portable Atomic Clock Makes First Measurement

With a new, “portable” atomic clock, scientists are measuring not what time it is but changes to time itself. Read More >>

Scientists Break Quantum Record, Entangling 3,000 Atoms Together

Quantum entanglement is an odd phenomenon that can connect two or more particles over even vast distances. Scientists have now managed to entangle not two, not 100 (the previous record), but 3,000 atoms with a single photon, opening the door to atomic clocks more accurate than ever. Read More >>

Physicists Just Created the World’s Most Precise Clock—Ever

We know that the universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old—give or take a few hundred million years. Which seems like a decently accurate reading. But a new pair of clocks, which can measure time at a 10^18 fractional level, makes our own measurements look like child's play. To have the same level of precision as these twin timepieces, we'd have to be able to specify the age of the known universe to within less than one second. Read More >>

Real Scientifical Gangstas Build Their Own Atomic Clocks

Seriously? You care enough about temporal accuracy buy an atomic clock but you don't know how to build one? We won't tell.Thankfully DIY Physics has a great tutorial on how to build your own with parts from eBay. Read More >>