Scientists Calculate the Pressure Inside a Proton and It’s Higher Than in a Neutron Star

The pressure inside the particles that make up every atom in the universe could be greater than the pressure inside the densest stars, according to a new measurement. Read More >>

Scientists Create Mind-Bending Rydberg Polarons, Atoms Full of Atoms

Some of the most exciting, mind-blowing physics happens when things get really, really cold—such as atoms clumping beneath the shell of a far-out electron. Imagine a bunch of people huddled under an awning, except the people are atoms, and the awning is... also an atom. Read More >>

Heaviest Element Should Completely Subvert the Rules of High School Chemistry

At the bottom right-hand corner of the periodic table sits a fantasy world. Until recently, these elusive elements’ names were just fancy translations of their numbers. They’re enormous and can only be produced in the lab. They only stick around for a few seconds at most before radioactively decaying into smaller elements. Read More >>

How Small is an Atom, Really? (Or How to Make Your Head Explode)

Kurzgesagt has a neat new explainer: "How small is an atom?" I watched it. It does a great job at giving you an idea of how small atoms are and how they work. But it doesn't matter, because my brain just plainly refuses to believe any of this. Hulk head hurt. Hulk smash atoms. Oops, Hulk make nuclear detonation. Read More >>

Can Atoms Ever Touch?

There's a very commonly held view that atoms can never touch: bring them together slowly, and you reach a point where they begin to repel. But in this video, Professor Philip Moriarty explains that really isn't the case. Read More >>

Listen to the Sound of Atoms Bonding

You'd be forgiven for thinking that a large tuning fork, a nail, some Blu-Tack and a guitar amp sounded more like the contents of a DIY music studio than a science lab. But they are, in fact, all the ingredients required to listen to the sound of atoms bonding. Read More >>

These First Photos of Atoms Bonding Were Taken Totally by Accident

What you're looking at above is the exact moment that atoms form a covalent bond. It's the first time this intricate single-molecule transformation has been captured in the act. It's a breakthrough, it's informative, in many ways it's beautiful. And it was taken by sheer dumb luck. Read More >>

IBM Fools Around With Atoms and Makes a Rubbish Film

IBM has made a film. Only instead of hiring Gerard Butler and Helen Hunt to portray the potential for atom-level processor power, the tech company has organised actual individual atoms to create a stop motion stick boy story. Read More >>

The World’s Tiniest Clock Is Made From Just One Atom

We've gotten pretty good at clocks. The nuclear clocks that exist right now are super accurate, so what more could you ask for? Something simpler. How about a clock that's just one, single atom? That's exactly what researchers just figured out how to make. Read More >>

The New Star Trek Is Beaming In Some Serious Atmos(phere)

Good news trekkers, trekkies, audiophiles and ciniphiles -- the next installment of J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot sounds AWESOME. Paramount Pictures announced today that Star Trek will add to the (short) roster of films which are optimised for the new Dolby Atmos system such as Brave and The Hobbit. Read More >>

Atom Crash Produces Hottest Man-Made Temperature Ever

An atom-smasher called the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) has just snagged a Guinness World Record for reaching the hottest man-made temperature ever—250,000 times hotter than the center of the sun. Read More >>